(beta).  YouTube for the extra wide screen!

Some Possible Future Features

  • Support for other video sites in addition to YouTube (vote:, google video, liveleak, metacafe, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, Suggest More).
  • When the Mouse is over the Video, the video should either step frame by frame, or the window entire window should scroll on mousewheel (SOLVED via wmode transparent - see "enable double click fullscreen" under JSAPI, or using Google Chrome...).
  • Vote to make preferenes savable, linkable and applyable with a single button...? its done... theoretically... all I'm looking for is a sponsor or donor
  • Position fixed needs less impact on performance, and no transformations during scroll
  • Suggest Features you would like to see!
Notes on delaying the future: while many people try to draw the future out and hold off on possibilities until later, the one thing that the future will present you with if you capitalize on opportunity today you will find more opportunities to embrace tomorrow, however often times if you are better able to do something tomorrow, with more consideration, thoroughness and justice, it may be best to do something else today, for a better tomorrow.