(beta).  YouTube for the extra wide screen!

VidzBigger Features Video

  • Automatically Scale Video to Largest Possible Size
  • Fixed Position Video
    • Scroll down to read comments without missing video
    • Cross reference video and comments with ease!
  • Support for either 2 or 3 column layout
  • Support for Left, Center, or Right video alignment
  • Support for monitors as small as 1024 pixels wide
    (1280 or wider required for 3 column layout)
  • Optional Automatic High Quality Video [when available]
  • Optional Disable Auto-Play of Videos
  • Easy Download Links for FLV, FLV HQ, and MP4
  • Easy Update Checker

  • Sample Screenshots and Videos taken at 1680 x 1050 (of old youtube layout)
See VidzBigger in Action

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2 Column Mode YouTube in Firefox F11 Fullscreen Mode with Widescreen 3 Column Video YouTube Dimming Feature

Instructions | Download