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Definitions for global warming are generally too scientific to participate in - but, earthquakes and mass death cannot be another disregarded statistic. We’re talking about people, just like you and me.

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Does it make you LOL too?? We should ignore it because its impossible to understand is just about the biggest joke ever. It’s actually dangerously simple though.

WHY would you EVER burn one of the most precious resources. How can it be considered profitable to eliminate any resource? Is it even conceivable that it’s legal to make money by destroying a resource??? Its all very simple and outrageous, it’s not a scientific conspiracy, its just plain stupid. It’s not just anyones oil, it’s everyones oil and our future could very well depend on its continued existence if rocket boosters are all you scientists can justify implementing. and the waste of it is really not tolerable for anyone. Practically any use of it whatsoever is simply waste, but if your going to just waste it why would you pay these scum that steal it and try to sell it to you in the first place.

As far as I’m concerned no one owns anything that is outside of a 3 foot radius of where they are standing. Bullets kind of cheap cheated this simple truth into convincing people they own thing that are quite distant. If there were a group it would be better that they killed each other fighting over it than to have them team up and defend it and try to sell it to you, but to think they actually own it in any true sense besides they will force you to comply if you try to steal it they will sick the law on you which by the fact that it protects them is arguably more crooked than they are, is a major joke of the centuries.

In the future when everything is wasted all I can think is they will look back and possibly realize that same asshole who has been screwing them over the entire time is still alive and still controlling them. It always happens eventually, and it never ultimately lasts, but the sale of any resource that is depleting cannot be sustainable or acceptable practice from any official standpoint on the issue…. However there is really no one who can be trusted to use the resource at any point in time because since it only supports more human life and expansion of the species it’s arguably not really good for our ultimate well being with and harmony on this planet.

And while I say arguably a lot I really don’t mean that you could argue with it, you could try to argue with it but ultimately you don’t have a position that you undermine from yourself, nor a position someone else undermines from you. All spending of true resource a loss of position. Burning oil is just as illegal as burning money, you just don’t realize it yet.