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  • admin 11:28 pm on October 9, 2012 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: colorpick, firefox, vidzbigger

    Miraculously we are back online again. There are a lot of reasons that it took so long that I won’t bother going into, but it’s good to be back, and most of the data has been recovered, so the history of videos back to around page 116 are completely new(ly published)! We may have lost a few months but it could be worse.

    As for plans I am planning on a VidzBigger for GM 1.0…. we the vidzbigger community are still battling with the firefox bug that makes videos restart when their css position is changed to fixed. To get an idea of how the new version will work, the chrome extension of VidzBigger somewhat illustrates the change of video css position while video is playing. If you want to use the old version’s method instead that’s your prerogative (and still supported) however maintaining support for the old version is increasingly time consuming and difficult and not financially viable. You will notice that in the Chrome version that there is a tab of “unsupported” features and also under Display there is “Classic Configurable Column Mode (on reload)” which brings back the possibility of 3 column layout. The gains of this edition were too minimal on other platforms to merit release across the board in the minimal time that was available to work on vidzbigger this year.

    The major benefit of the new display method is that the video is never removed from the page and then added to the rigid vidzbigger display framework. Removing page elements and adding them to the rigid vidzbigger framework allowed a lot of layout flexibility, and JSAPI features, but had a nasty habit of breaking other page functionality. The new method leaves page elements to flow as they are, and simply uses CSS styling to make them act like vidzbigger without moving them into any foreign dom framework. The good news is that most users will not be effected by this approach. The bad news is firefox cannot perform this method seamlessly without some hacks, since changing the video’s css position from relative to fixed as is required by vidzbigger layout engine restarts the video, however this is an age old problem, and may not be a big issue for many users. Also I may attempt to use document-start to mitigate this issue.

    Time that can be spent in development is minimal. I am up to my neck in debt and financial obligations as usual and do not expect VidzBigger will become profitable any time soon, however I expect I will find some time for a major update, hopefully by sometime early next year. As always I have tons of plans but very little means with which to implement them.

    Sorry for all the boring details however since some people may be interested in the plans moving forward with this, that’s what I have in mind. I am considering that we may need to trim a lot of the old features out of VidzBigger so that the new version performs as fast as possible. It has been a long considered option that I may eventually release a lite version of the program, however it has always been the goal of VidzBigger to never remove features or functionality, but it seems like the speed of hardware does not allow for this.

    In other news, check out my new site and you will see that I have released a windows and mac OS version of my ColorPick program. This tool should be useful for web developers and visual artists, and there is an easy to pirate free demo version available on the download page. An official license for a single location costs $0.99.

    Thanks for checking in and I hope this has been informative and held your attention.

  • admin 10:04 am on March 1, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: vidzbigger

    VidzBigger is set up so that it works great for me. I have very poor internet connectivity and I don’t always use all of the features. I tried to include a way for anyone to configure it so that it will work great for them too, but this isn’t something I can predict or entirely care about, it’s not a priorty because the majority of people using VidzBigger never paid to use it. The only thing that’s for sure is that I will maintain it in so far as it continues working well for me in terms of watching YouTube. If you want things re-arranged where it works well for you before it works well for me, then it’s pretty clear to me that you haven’t earned it. If you want VidzBigger set up your way, I want you to know that it’s entirely possible to achieve this, just like in the real world surprisingly, dollar amounts can influence the direction and priorities of development of new features, so if there is something you really want to see it might be as easy as donating. By donating you sponsor development of VidzBigger in the way that you want it to be. By default VidzBigger will be the way that it works best for me. VidzBigger has nothing to do with you unless you choose to use it or choose to participate in it’s development.

    By default VidzBigger will report the video you watch to our servers. This is used to track popular videos and suggest them to other members inside and out of the VidzBigger community on our homepage. Try it out I’m sure you’ll discover some fascinating videos. It would be very simple to blacklist any given video from showing up and could be a simple inexpensive fee to accomplish, and I would recommend this practice for all copyright video up-loaders to spend a dollar to keep it out of the list. I would charge 10 cents if it were economical to accomplish the transaction, ten blacklists for a dollar isn’t all that bad of a deal if you ask me, it’s probably too good. While most of the time the videos that show up are fairly innocuous every once in a while a video that hits the homepage becomes banned due to copyright reasons. This is unfortunate, and it’s not the intention of VidzBigger to in any way cause videos to go offline. Luckily VidzBigger community has been kept so small that most people don’t bother looking at the homepage however as it grows it’s obvious more options will need to become available, and you should know upfront that I’m willing to develop anything your willing to pay to have developed.

    Primarily I created VidzBigger so that I could read the comments without missing the video. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it for free rather than try to develop an extension that could be sold for a dollar value. Because it’s free you don’t have any right to not like it. You can either like it or not use it. If you had paid something I would agree that any negative opinions would be valid and important. Bugs are important to find and fix, but still not every bug is significant enough to my usage of the program to fix for free. Some people will dislike that the default setting in privacy seems backwards to them, but I assure you that in this day and age it’s really not backwards, and without the privacy setting the way that it is, the homepage would truly be a lot more lame than it is. Imagine if only people who thought they knew good videos to watch shared their statistics with YouTube server when it comes to generating YouTube recommendations for what you get to watch next? You must realize how horrible it would be if only those who thought they had something to share made a difference, because all you would get would be a lot of spam and less quality. Only popular videos get shared and never is there any public association with your identity for anyone to find out what you watched except for you, and that’s only if you create and remember to log into your account.