Jun 9, 2009 I read something about using a different notation from
var z=new Array(1,2,3,4) to
var z=[1,2,3,4]

Using UE http://www.ultraedit.com/support/tutorials_power_tips/ultraedit/regular_expressions.html
new Array(^(*^))

shortenz your codez automatically.

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Full object notation
javascript:var testts={’key1′:’value1′,’key2′:2,’key3′:3,’key4′:’four’};alert(testts.key3);

24 items replaced… If you ever want to search and replace to reduce array code or other types of code, don’t waste time doing it manually, I definitely recommend using a fast approach to solving consistent problems versus wasting human labor manually entering each option. Especially considering the column mode editing powers, integrated copy path file name/quick open from location (ctrl q) features, tabs of open files, and the list of open files, along with function list (f8), you can edit just about anything and everything all at once without ever having to close anything. HEX find and replace hexadecimal data in binary files. Auto recovery after system crash including the entire editing session. Fully configurable toolbars and blazing speed, you’d have to be crazy to edit in anything else.