accidents happen while doing actual work

would you rather travel four miles or kilometers?


To select more than one tab at a time would be a dream, to be able to right,middle,shift or control click and drag and touch multiple tabs to select them, then grab the last one and drag them all out into a new window at once for instances when you have more than 25 tabs open its often very helpful to split them into multiple windows because nothing is readable anymore or there is too much scrolling involved. Who wants to separate a window like this one tab at a time! The power to combine windows would also be significantly improved, say you have two windows open with 5 tabs each that you wish to combine into one superwindow. Its rare that I have fewer than 15 tabs open at once in both FF and Chrome. My text editor has over 80 tabs open until my computer crashes and I loose everything (I resort to the alphabetical open files list and open file by name features which are way faster than browsing directories or tabs IMHO) plus my text editor is far more effective at maintaining backups and handling crashes (as long as the files are unsaved) than w7n7. Touching a tab twice would deselect it in case the preview or snap to tab indicated that you didn’t want that tab. Then you could drag them all into a new window at once!