Any additional stimulus plan is no fun for anyone stimulus plans will all be complete failures at the end of the day…. look good now for more problems later. Temporary jobs in failing industries help no one in the long run.

Media sucks I am proud of her making the announcement and look forward to see what she does with her time now as she transitions into bigger and better things. They are just being hard because she trash talks the system and people who think she is wrong about the decision, but the system deserves it, if she can do more for people elsewhere then that is where she belongs, wherever that may be, I expected a little more of the media’s analysis

How to Become More Successful
I thought it was pretty good article, but there are definitely some limitations, sticking with what is considered by society a success may not necessarily be a good thing, so you may have more money and happier friends and feel happier but that doesn’t make you any better at sword fighting so in terms of survival are you going to trust your hired swordsman or yourself? Money cannot buy existence. The types of people who are most successful are the least reliable of all as far as I’m concerned they will just forget about me since all they need to be happy is money after all and anyone so shallow to be successful by exploiting the low modern standards of what is “environmentally approved” for the planet is probably doing more harm than good no matter how hard they try, if they still drive fossils or use electricity especially, and by my own definition I’m evil but only less evil than you because I have less money and spend less on evil things as a result (though proportionally we may be equivalent). If I was successful enough to have extra money I would be a lot more careful where I spent it and what types of technologies on, invest in clean energy producing systems, own my own home, ect, while at the same time it is to some extent that very headache I avoid since so many charities do not live up to their names anyway. I have a hard time believing anything is more than a brand name trick to get ones money anyway, and that successful people make a habit out of tricking the weak, in spite of how fun these people might be, have no conscience, and as a result, lack the capacity to be friends. You could say that I repel success, but really what I do is make it especially challenging to be successful, so that if one does meet success, at least it was well earned. I suppose my main argument is classifying thing simplistically that you are either successful or your are not, meanwhile I think its important to distinguish between successful at doing positive things versus successful at doing destructive things, and even the people trying to do positive things and being successful are more likely than not, on accident or lack of consideration, doing destructive things without even realizing it, and this I can neither fathom or support, although it happens all the time. Success is like a double edged sword, ultimately desirable but not without a price, and its important to own up to and be prepared to pay that price or one might never allow themselves to be successful. And for some reason you think that by “price” i mean like a bill you can pay at the end of the month I’m not sure I want to be friends. Ultimately I hate that if I was successful and I had to meet rich successful people I would criticize them openly if I thought they deserved it and they would end up feeling betrayed (and myself at least socially murdered) for putting everything on them but I’m a believer in putting everything on everyone whether they can handle it or not…. if their brains explode then clearly reality was not meant for them, because reality is certainly a lot more than anyone fits into their own brains on their own. I mean people will always read what I write and say ‘This Person Thinks Like That!’ ‘This Person is Definitely My Enemy’ because ‘They Think Just Like the Evil People Tricking Us’ but if you look closer I Reveal Twisted Nature of their Thought Process, which is of more value than anything else I could offer you even if its not particularly empowering in and of itself (even if I have to beg you to pay for it), I’m trying to make this world a better place by increasing awareness of what it really is to be a corporate predator. If people misunderstand and come out thinking I am the real predator here, they would be right in some sense since I can think like they do, and I also crave $$$ which spells food to me, but very wrong in attributing any of the blame for the corporate state of things on me (UPDATE: Except in so far as I finance their activities…). I suspect that I do not earn money because I reveal just how evil I can be, whether I act on it or not, that maximum evil will always stick with people and they will not trust me, while without any trust there is no way I would really feel comfortable advancing from this stage in the first place. My purpose in life is to make people more aware of evil, whether they think I am personally evil or not is of no consequence to me, I know my intentions to eliminate evil through enlightenment. If your friends see you associate with someone like me who thinks like I think they will likely be more suspicious of you, most people do not to link to me because they consider first how it would make them look. I intentionally design everything so that the average person would think I am retarded, but that hopefully if they tried to criticize me would fall for the built in trap and reveal they are themselves retarded (even if they miss it themselves). I want people to know just how sick my thought process is that they are surprised by how little evil I personally do with it if they were to ever find out the truth, but I don’t want to fascinate more evil, but rather help innocent people spot and destroy it. If evil can be lured out in public then its easiest to destroy, but its at the consequence of those in the society that empowers it. I don’t think that information can be good or evil, only what you choose to do with it, and its that choice that ultimately takes you somewhere. Misinformation is almost the same however I classify it as always evil. Small cherry flavored lies are no better than the truth, and I will continue to classify any lie as evil in spite of how much good it might do simply because the complete truth is the only thing that fascinates good and not evil, and even if its an impossibly high standard the perfect and complete truth must be realized before doing anything or else action will almost certainly contain evil. If you realize how silly this is you will act and learn, in the study of the + and - consequences, but please not only as they relate to only you, or only humanity. $$$ make me happy but what I have to do to get them often does not, because I need more traffic to make more money, and it is this very traffic that my every sentence would seem to repel rather than attract and the inherent limitations of text as a communication medium present a conundrum, because to me text is more of a tool that you use to hack sense into human brains including ones own than a link to a shared reality. Try as it might, text will never represent me, although sometimes it gets surprisingly close.