Spying on someone covertly using traditional means might even be moderately acceptable in a primitive society. Using advanced conventional or post conventional means to spy on individuals however is indistinct from treating them as animals. If we live in an advanced society where we have rights, then we have the right to know what is being done to our bodies. We have the right to know every last detail, with nothing left in the dark for any reason or any conceivable risk would be unacceptable. It would be considered profoundly unjust to employ the use of any such technology on anyone who doesn’t know and understand fully the consequences of that technology. Because they are unaware that you are doing it doesn’t make it OK. Since when has society been so accepting of anything that it doesn’t know?

Ultimately the consequence of caging people like animals is running a zoo. If you are trying to build an advanced society, then the rules are considerably different. When it comes to policing and spying on individuals increased technology always make it easy to be radio collared an not even know about it. People can get away with horrible invasion of privacy and individuality. Being spied effectively means someone is downloading your personality remotely, and broadcasting this information before you even get a chance to. It severely limited ones ability to really accomplish anything productive or advanced for society. By treating the members of society like cattle your ultimately assigning them the same fate. The very assignment of hierarchy is invalid. It is only a primitive animalistic society that would even attempt to do such things and degrade individual sanctity in such a way.

The problem with ones identity being stolen is in spite of all of the hype it has little or nothing to do with bad guys versus what you would think to be good guys abusing technology to get an unfair edge by simply spying on people because they have nothing better to do. In spite of there being little if any actual risk that’s greater than living in a primitive society where the constituent members are treated like animals, it is more likely that greater harm is caused by subversive and high tech spying which is much more likely to frustrate and organize people than the low tech conventional historic counterpart.

Ultimately the tipple phase electromagnetic wall reduction scopes and various other means of tracking and monitoring individuals are both primitive and unjust. The technology is simply too advanced, and even if it had FDA approval, the difference is when a food is approved as safe, it still might not be, and you still have a choice. Ultimately you still need to have a choice before you accept someone else putting some radiation through your body inadvertently. To not have a choice in the matter is unacceptable, and i means that your just an animal at the whims of some other animals secret spying game that they think is fundamentally important and not somehow fundamentally draining the resources and interests of that individual. There is nothing ultimately worse than subversive spying because it only makes better criminals, and until someone has the technology to automatically return fire on any detected high levels of radiation then I’m not sure there is any alternative but to develop such technology, because until there is a legal way to fight back all that’s ultimately left is to play someones pet until the opportunity arises to destroy injustice and break out of the police state we are creating for ourselves, a world where ultimately we accept that we will become animals and ultimately accept that we will eventually become disobedient when left in any caged scenario regardless of who is implementing the cage having any interests of value or not, the point is moot that there is greater service in trusting your captor. The captors want what is good for them, and ultimately when your trapped in their very expensive cage you can’t help but get the feeling that your life has no value and that the only good that you can actually accomplish is destroying the cage. This is a pitiful imitation of a modern society of empowered individuals who are capable of making choices about what effects them that is slowly being exchanged for a society where we are all someone else’s animals in someone else’s game who is slowly leading us toward a future where we won’t be necessary.

There is no technology that is beyond an individuals understanding that can be used on that individual. The provisions for bypassing this type of regulation are many but none of them are valid or acceptable. Without notifying the individual before hand and having them read and accept a document there is no right to use any type of advanced dangerous or experimental technology in so far as the individual believes such technology to be dangerous to their own well being property and possessions including their own body and own life. Any globally mandated approval for any type of technology us fundamentally unsound, especially considering newer and newer technologies will be more difficult to track, on a long enough timeline any type of advanced technology will ultimately be used against you, and you have every right in the world to not just know about it but also to fight back and prevent it from occurring to you. Being xrayed without your approval is tantamount to being brutally kidnapped and dragged into someones basement where they get to cut you up to find out what makes you tick. There is no form of technology that anyone should be exposed to whom does not wish to be exposed to. Being exposed to such technology without ones approval or understanding is valid means to fight back for ones life. Just like being exposed to a bullet means that now you can shoot back to save your own life, being exposed to any form of directed radiation in fact means same thing, the only problem being it’s so difficult to detect without employing the use of other technology.

Is there a right hands for all of this technology? My own hands. That’s the only acceptable answer, but obviously you wouldn’t want someone like yourself sitting across the street watching you all day pointing their device at your most valuable parts for laughs while your simply their remote victim and little more, sitting somewhere outside your detection secretly toying with your life, living with their own delusions of power. There is no human being who you can trust to use such a technology responsibly. This is why advanced technology brings out the primitive side of society more profoundly than it frees us from our primitive confines. You can attempt to rely on advanced technology to save you but it might simply send you back from where you came unless your society also advances in such a way that it could contain members that could ever be trusted to use such a technology for a good reason. The only time that it would make any sense is to use on an individual you are at war with, however to use it before you are at war, merely because you expect that there will be war, will only and certainly bringing about the very war you are seeking to create, and it’s fundamentally unacceptable to create wars just as it’s unacceptable to release advanced technology to just a few people and hope they can be trusted to not alter the future drastically and detrimentally.

Where you look for an enemy where there is not one it will become necessary to create one in response to all of the looking you will ultimately cause what you are looking for out of fear, your fears will become reality. Someone will always capitalize on the fear. They are the real criminal, but by capitalize I mean there would have to be an awful lot of money involved, such as all the money, that is, too much money that you would never even notice it missing because it is unfortunately too massive to sit around and be watched all day.