Windows 7 Libraries - how uncool is that? One of the most annoyingly frustrating things about windows 7 is the shear uselessness of most of the alleged “paths” locations will report as containing “files” while meanwhile the path doesn’t actually exist in any meaningful sense for use anywhere in the system besides another explorer window. Maybe you like the idea of cloning a wacky path in another window but paths rarely if ever have any usefulness in the context of other explorer windows. Paths are most useful when you’re not in explorer at all.

Fortunately there is relief. You can in fact avoid ever having to see useless paths, at least unless you try to perform a search. It is fortunately simple to change the default location of the explorer icon at least by modifying the shortcut. You can simply place the path to the directory you want to start in after explorer.exe in the target box of the shortcut’s properties window. More Info

Unfortunately you will still be affronted with a myriad of shortcuts to these completely useless paths. Lets say you want to save a file to a very deep path inside of my documents, but you have the folder open and have navigated there already but in your stupidity you happened to click the “documents” button under “libraries” when you were trying to find the file to open in a half hour ago. Now your folder from which you opened the file has a polluted path that starts with the imaginary location Libraries\Documents\… and when you try to save a file to the location Libraries\Documents\…..\filename.exe you will ultimately fail since the folder Libraries basically never exists in the location you are residing in. Attempting to use \Libraries doesn’t help either. There is fundamentally zero way to access anything via this folder, and I’m not sure how anyone can even contemplate using it in a casual manner. Even if you do try to use it it’s still hopelessly slower. I’m not sure why this feature even exists in the first place, or if it could even be argued to be a feature at all. Other than protecting helpless users from posting the full path to the file on the internet Libraries just take up space and if anyone out there knows how to remove them then the more power to you. Registry Changes