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  • admin 2:00 am on May 28, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
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    To hopefully satisfy some curiosity about where your donations go, I want to include my monthly budget that I have to earn each month to stay out of debt. Here is my list of monthly expenses.
    Rent - $435
    Gas/Electric - ~$80
    Internet Service - $30
    College Loans - $500
    Food & Transport - ~$400
    Monthly Total: $1,445 (i have already spent more than this developing vidz bigger)

    I’m not sure what you think it would take for me to earn that much per month (or more than that) on my own but I’m open to any suggestions! I am thinking about providing incentives to donate or other ideas such as donation levels that optionally remove ads for a month or a year or more depending on the level. I was thinking that the donation process should be more like one of those games you put a quarter in and it does some type of trick for your entertainment. Ideally that’s how you can think about it. The more support I can achieve, with just a little bit from everyone, the more stuff I can do to enhance and flex the global intellect and provide a more clear picture of the world and what’s at stake every day, to make this life richer experience for everyone and everything involved.

    I’m open to other ideas as well… T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, Whatever you want, I can dream up. I’ll even do contract website work for you if you want. There isn’t a code base or DBMS out there I can’t find my way around comfortably. I can work on just about any project on any time frame if its big enough or quick enough to be worth my time estimating it for you. I get results pretty fast, in college I would always race everyone to get done with programing practices and finish first with a result I knew was perfect before submitting it. I’ll always work with you to achieve the results you are looking for, and I dare you to try to offend me with feedback or criticism, for these are the fruits not the pits of labor, because ultimately its very important to me that I know that you are getting exactly the solution you are looking for. There are people out there who may have more facts memorized than me but I can accomplish anything I put my mind to on a specified timeframe and the intuition to take approaches that lead to solutions in the least amount of time with the least amount of extraneous calculation or over engineering or guessing. I go straight to the source and get results right away, and find bugs in code without even looking at it, and solve difficult programing problems in my dreams before I wake up in the morning. Ideally I prefer to work flexibly however with plenty of time for feedback and review, and letting the client perform testing themselves if desired to further reduce cost to you. I prefer to do all my work over email since I think its simple to point out changes and new text to copy and paste or any specifics digitally, plus it takes the least of my time to process. It seems foolish to me to even attempt to do web work via phone, when copy and paste is what saves you the most time of all! If your a phone type person who really needs it I may allow one phone call if its a particularly huge project, but do not plan on managing projects with me this way! Thinking that saying something on a telephone somehow creates a more permanent or real reality than email are completely insane. You can’t go back and read your phone conversations later, so they are practically useless wastes of time to me without any visual reference point in space at all. Anything that you think is worth saying that you can’t write down and take seriously wasn’t worth saying in the first place! It frustrates me greatly when people think they can say something on the phone that they can’t just type the same exact thing, then they call and say it and it didn’t merit a phone call, but enough of my ranting… be detailed as possible and I will be as accurate as possible! I’ll worry about imagining every possible inflection of what you are trying to say and computing the correct solution, this is all part of the fun, and certainly no cause to include a telephone. If you must then record your words and email them to me and I can play them back at any rate. Do not worry about overwhelming me with details or emails. If you enjoy describing things in words then I’m definitely your person (and I’ll keep practice to type good :p ). Let me know your big challenging Ideas and I can come up with a simple cost effective solution! I’ll very gladly do any of the following, but I can do a lot more than these, these are just my favorites! Please contact me for:

    • Firefox Userscript Development and or other browser extensions
    • CSS Template Creation from raw graphics (any template system or custom) Graphic Creation or graphic improvement from a basic sketch layout you provide - adding that professional touch.
    • PHP Website Development (Perl,ASP, ASP.NET, VB, C++, Java ect are OK but less fun, but it depends! some projects are cooler than others!)
    • Database - Experience with MySQL, MsSQL, PgSQL and various other DBMS, any complexity of joining or query and code optimization for heavy load. Finding, tracking, and improving slow areas.
    • JavaScript Development - Any kind of cross browser compatible custom JavaScript functionality or installations… compatibility is number one goal! Any AJAX type functionality you can dream of.
    • Site Level SEO - I don’t paste links around the web promoting your site for you… but as far as making sure the site itself is readable and followable by search engines and contains the correct metadata is a high priority.
    • Flash Development - AS2, AS3, Anything that can be done with flash (custom components from scratch) or just throwing stuff together or updating that which you already own.
    • PDF File format - just recently getting to know this monster, its not so bad as people make it out to be
    • DirectX- can you believe I actually know all about 3d matrix transformations and mesh tessellation! I feel like I couldn’t exist without them. iPhone app development is certainly within my capacity but my mac is offline now
    • Integrating any 3rd party toolkit or API into your website - Most anything like this is probably trivially simple unless a lot of customization is required.

    I guess sorry about the whole phone rant…. but you seriously have no idea how many days of my life I’ve wasted on the phone when clients call unexpectedly and want to just chat about everything unrelated and not billable. I do not like to divulge information for free, since I am still (very clearly) paying for this information myself (via college loans above)! People extract all sorts of crap on the phone and I dislike it severely. What I will provide given a detailed estimate, with my questions answered, a base price level we can discuss, and if it sounds reasonable, then we can go into details and work out a complete estimate breaking down time into project tasks. I’ll either work on a fixed budget and deliverable we agree to or flexibly based on number of hours. I will need a portion of payments upfront before beginning work, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent per our arrangement.

    So yeah if you have any other suggestions for additional real life donation incentives or you would like to get the web working for you, I can probably help with or simply just about anything, but I can’t do it for free! Please contact me if you would like me to take a look at a project you are working on and estimate the cost of a solution!

    I also have experience posting soap or xml data to the following:, DTX, LeadPile, and many more

  • admin 10:20 pm on May 18, 2009 | 1 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , moneys

    There are definitely different types of growth. Growth can be defined as expansion of power or ability. An increasing tenacity to act and achieve successfully. Some growth could be qualified as beneficial. To earn this classification the growth must perform efficiently, that is, improve ultimate results without damaging the system that achieves results. Most people believe a thing qualifies as growth by merely meeting the first part of that qualification, that results seem measurably improved, however fail to realize that growth is generic in nature, and what seems perceptually according all available channels to be growth, can just as easily be either malignant or cancerous. That is to say simply, growth is not always beneficial, especially when the scale is large and the measurement of success is dollars. Dollars are a counter intuitive measurement of success. Many corporations simply cheat and mislead the public inadvertently making everyone stupider, or cheat by using various chemical solutions to problems that end up destroying species that have survived longer than we have as a species. Sure the economy looks like its doing good, but economic success is not a measurement of growth, and economic growth is just as easily a measure of failure as success. The economy could do very well up until the point that the suns rays are blocked from the earth (or worse yet, the opposite) and life ceases to exist here, except at that time whatever seemed to work obviously never actually worked for us, but rather was against us all along, and people were too stupid to recognize this, that they were hurting themselves more than helping, as easy as the decisions seemed. The easier the decision seems the less likely it should be taken lightly. The failure of humanity is not that we fail to achieve genuine growth, but that we fail to achieve genuine growth on every level. That there exist levels where growth is measured incorrectly, that is, via dollar signs, the reality could be that our ability to exist and persist as a species is in fact shrinking. The value of existing is lost on some beyond the span of their lifetimes. This means that growth is measured short of nearsightedly. The advancement is seen as advancement but in fact it may be inhibiting more growth than it is producing, even though it is producing dollar signs today, the chances of it producing dollar signs tomorrow are in fact diminished via crushing and ignoring that which actually fascinates natural growth! Its like forcing growth, and measuring success by the size of the ball of cancer that develops, and acting like this is somehow success that is being measured. This is not in fact the case. Any corporation that measures their growth indirectly by how much they damage the environment (dollars made via damaging the environment) is not only ripping the future out from under themselves, but also ripping the future (and dollars) out of the hands of everyone else! There is no cause for supporting such industries that gamble the future to make a profit today. Being rich today actually has very little value in this world compared with being rich in a richer future. There is little if any practical value to being rich today, since there is almost nothing in this worth that you can spend your money on that doesn’t serve to destroy the future of this world anymore. I challenge anyone to think of examples of spending that do not in some way inhibit future growth, in spite of short term gain within your life span. Several examples include Financial Bailouts of industries that either pollute (auto) or cannot be sustained (federal reserve) since an exponential increasing supply of money almost guarantees that none of it will have any value when it collapses. Bailouts in general mortgage future generations counting on them to solve impossibly hard problems of today, but this strategy will never work without exponentially increasing education as well, and as we all know too well there is some practical limit of advancement that can be achieved given the relatively fixed time frame that is a lifetime. Most things are more important than being successful in this lifetime since being what people qualify as success in this life time is generally in fact being one of the largest looser failures in the world, manipulating every precious resource out of the grasp of the future to make a quick dollar today, dollars which will have no value in the future since nothing will be left of any value in the world. We have more today than we will ever have in the future if we keep letting people make poor decisions spending money & resources, and the only way people will make the only correct decisions to guarantee they aren’t perusing malignant or cancerous growth is if they are far smarter than today on every level of action they take and dream they hope to achieve. It takes a smart person to recognize and support the right thing in the sea of misconception that is what we consider social framework of today. I recognize that not only could this be so much more than it is, but also that it should not be the way that it is, because its not good for anyone, even if it seems like it is right now. Overpopulation is perhaps the number one cause of insustainability we have today, knowing full well that most corporations view overpopulation as the only way to increase demand for their worthless products we wouldn’t even need if there was a sustainable level of population in the first place. If you think the greedy rich and powerful aren’t poised to run this earth and country and life itself into the ground, you are mistaken. Life is so much greater than us, and so much greater than any of these powerful people who have tricked you into earning your trust. Be wise what you spend your money on because you may very well be investing in your own end even if it seems like you live another day, your children may not, and may be even more confused about it than you are now. Please support what can change the world in a truly positive sense and ditch what can not, because as nice as things seem sometimes, our situation here on earth is dire and closer to an end than anyone thinks, and whatever can increase awareness of this fact is more likely than not all that matters in this world. I hope to do everything I can to compete against all the money in the world. If you cannot think of or suggest anything better than please donate or tip this creator to pursue a better tomorrow for everyone. If you have a particular wish or reason then please specify! There is entirely too much power in all the wrong hands.

  • admin 8:27 pm on May 17, 2009 | 1 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: moneys

    I’d like to proudly report that I’m just now aware that VidzBigger earned its first cent! I’m not exactly sure when this happen but someone clicked some adsense they were interested in at some point in the month of may. I couldn’t be more pleased to finally see it amount to something I can eat (well, once I reach the payment threshold lol)!

    Queries Clicks CTR eCPM [?] Earnings
    AdSense for Content top channels 1,938 2 0.10% $0.00 $0.01
    AdSense for Search top channels 20 0 0.00% $0.00 $0.00

    This is a small drop in the bucket of the long way in even breaking even (I estimate $5,000+ in raw hours of work easily) however its a start at least, and it does feel pretty good to realize this just now that I feel less cynical for a second, 4,999.99 sounds much better than 5k! then slap myself in the face for glowing since by next week it will be more hours than that anyway, however thanks to everyone who has helped and supported VidzBigger thus far. It would not be where it is today if not for your help and support! To me, as of now, VidzBigger is worth at least 4 times what it cost me to make, and possibly much more than that given whats planned, so its not as if I feel exactly cheated, its just that the investment has no practical value when I’m not watching videos, and I plan to spend most of my life not watching videos! I’d rather make videos to watch. If your interested in supporting VidzBigger please donate. Do not click ads you have no genuine interest in! Isn’t 60% too low? I wish I knew how much they made per click i got paid for? I guess once I reach the threshold I’ll have to try something else….. lol Lower payouts on lower value ads is OK if the percent stays consistent…. at 80 rofl but only by relative comparison, even that’s pretty damn low if you ask me.