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  • admin 8:32 pm on May 17, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: lense

    I performed further serious scientific study more with my Fresnel lens today. After I stopped my head hurt a little bit from all the xtreme brightness. I always wear eye protection but its not quite enough. I recommend welding goggles to anyone who gets serious with the concept of light amplification, and even those probably aren’t enough at the levels I’d like to get to. In any case I continued to melt rocks of various sorts which created all kinds of interesting fumes and various scorching effects.
    I also just realized wordpress completely sux at HTML! Why should I have to hack the engine so that it doesn’t insert line breaks and paragraphs in my HTML! Code on one big line is the only way to make it work… or the comment hack…. although I bet it still puts newlines inside the commented area, lol… also no photo next previous browser…. so enjoy a zillion tabs (middle click)

  • admin 5:22 pm on May 13, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: lense

    Sorry for not updating in a while! I know there have been a few bug reports and I know what I’m going to do to address the issues. I’m still trying to get my regular work done so I can pay my bills this month. Once I get back to cable internet I’ll be able to test and update stuff productively without starving (not that you need worry about me before yourself). Today I melted some rock with a Fresnel lens that I got for xmas last year it was cool, the rock I selected actually glowed red hot at the point the sun hit, melted completely, and the spot turned to a black glass like coating. The entire rock was impossibly hot to the touch. I was impressed considering its just a 14×14 or so lens. I focused it better today than ever before which has something to do with the intense amount of heat generated, enough to turn the rock molten is more than I’ve seen before, I was impressed! Time of day may have had something to do with it sun was very high in the sky. The rock was making popping noises like crazy which I am still trying to explain (as moisture escaping is the only explanation I’ve heard but I don’t believe either). The rock I believe was found in what is standard order of what I know as “crusher run” rock that was in my driveway which packs hard since it is full of clay like tiny particles along with larger gravel which is what I selected to toast this time. I’m visiting home but I’ll be back sometime next week in full force.