The latest version of VidzBigger for Google Chrome supports the HTML5 Video Element on YouTube TestTube. Featherlight is also supported although you will loose the ability to comment. Sorry to those who tried to post a comment and happened to scroll in the last 24 hours… these things happen… but did you try undo before uninstall?

The recent chrome updates seem to have included o3d support! This is great news for the canvas element to have a 3d context. I am excited about performance of this option in Google OS.

Do you have any dreams for the future? I often think about the steps that it takes to get there. Sometimes very small changes can make a huge difference for the future. Even examining something from a slightly different perspective can drastically alter your results. Its important to not forget a critical perspective on an issue, yet its very easy to examine problem from only a few easily accessible angles.

I find that its crucial to have a variety of perspectives. Even very small insight gained from a particular perspective an yield important shifts on other aspects of the end result of the combined perspectives, yielding to a particular effect or actionable consequence of your accumulated efforts to understand and effect progress towards your ultimate goals.

It’s difficult to achieve everything alone. No perspective is a complete island in and of itself. Its unfortunate that given infinite time you might invent the wheel, but would still never invent everything alone. Without help innovation can still be achieved, but it is the total accumulation of all innovations that yields the present day challenges and entices new innovations to brighten our everyday existence with new fruits of the compounded efforts of the tireless individuals new insights and angles on problems that confound us each day saving our time and efforts by spending each resource more wisely further freeing us from confines and limitations that entrap us. Making it ever easier for new solutions to come about.

So what qualifies as a solution? Many things can satisfy a particular problem from the perspective of the individual. However are these satisfactory solutions, however effective, leading you towards your ultimate goal? It’s unfortunate when things are simplified to the point where they are only evaluated on an individual level. Since even the smallest actions and thoughts can have compound consequences on a larger set of actions and conclusions, even the smallest steps often have gross implications for the approach to an end result, often ignoring alternate approaches to the true ultimate goal.

While its easy to conceive of approaching goals in a straight line approach, its easy to chase goals around in circles this way, never actually achieving that it is that you ultimately want more than anything, to be aligned in a state of confronting and achieving your goals, rather than ever chasing them, though you may circle ever closer.

It often helps to gain an overhead perspective, which can yield light on new angles to look at your goal which will help you catch up with your goals. Lots of times you can’t look directly at your goal in full detail from where you sit today, as much as you’d like to achieve the highest possible definition of your goals, the easiest way to build a bigger picture is to examine what you want from different angles or perspectives, which often times have the effect of shifting your perspective on the goal in such a way that you at least feel closer to attaining it.

Its nice to approach goals linearly, although you never actually achieve them completely in the manner you set out. There are always opportunities that present themselves which can either speed or slow your progress towards your goals. It takes a lot of recognition to consider the impact each factor will have on your path towards the goal, that really it’s most important to consider that the path becomes the goal.

This means that going down the wrong path can make it very difficult to achieve your goals. While its necessary to achieve a variety of perspectives on the ultimate goal, and important to analyze the implications of a variety of perspectives, taking some perspectives too seriously can seriously derail your progress towards a particular goal. Perspectives are distracting, but perspectives are right, and its often worth your time to examine perspectives that do not completely derail you from your overall goals since examining the path more often than not yields new insights which simplify or enrich the path providing a better path in the future.

In the interest of wrapping this up for now, and not leaving you completely adrift consider that you are in control of not only the choices that you make, but the choices that you make can provide you new means to control even more choices that you make automatically without any thought or control. While many behaviors are automatic we as humans have the ability to contrast any automated response with an alternative action and a new result, on the fly, and can make changes rather quickly that have a positive impact on our abilities to make further decisions.

We can make decisions so quickly that it’s important to note that most important decisions are worth examining from a number of perspectives that will be useful towards achieving your ultimate goal. Even incompatible perspectives can still yield interesting or arguably useful goal shifting results. The more clearly we can picture and define our ultimate goals the easier they will be to achieve.