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  • admin 8:43 pm on May 7, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: fixes

    There are some bugs I want to fix, since the video does not load as HD unless the link is flagged with the HD before you click it. I want to enforce HD on page visit instead of depending on the links being correct. This should fix all issues with HD and is probably the simplest solution.

    From the YouTube MyVideos page right now, the videos are flagged as HD when available but the link does not work because these are loaded with a youtube JavasScript call. Instead of loading the link HREF which is set to the &fmt=22 link and should display HD, the onclick even fires which loads the page without &fmt=22. I need to either remove the onclick events from these locations, or try the other method of enforcing HD on load instead of relying on the links being loaded normally. The problem partially boils down to a youtube bug which still exists I think, where if you put fmt=22 and there is no fmt 22 but there is an fmt 18, you get an fmt 6 even though you requested HD…. which means I’ve had to check to see if fmt 22 is available or not before appending fmt 18 to all links. When you are signed in the preferences under account setting should give you the HD version all the time so if thats not working, this might be something to report to youtube unless you only notice the problem while VidzBigger is enabled. The youtube HD settings are relatively new feature still and probably only work from certain places.

    If you mouse over a link and the status bar at the bottom says fmt22 but when you click it the URL bar does not say fmt22, javascript was used to load something different than the link’s href.

    Fullscreen mode changes wmode of the flash object to transparent! This is required to detect mouse clicks (and to scroll when mouse is over video). This is much more CPU intensive, and since dbl click fullscreen requires this, and its even more pixels, its even more intensive.

  • admin 3:00 pm on May 2, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: fixes

    A bug with Double Click Fullscreen was reported by GumbyX I’ve determined that the bug is caused when “Always show extra controls under video” (display) is checked. I posted a quick update which resolves this conflict.