Alternate parking is a form of reality programing.  It is device-ive in that, it not only forces one to conform to a particular set of actions on a regular basis, it punishes the individual for failing to conform on a regular basis.  It is militaristic in nature, it is not reward based training.  It is all penalty if you think about it.  The smallest penalty is the cost of gas, the larger penalties include wear on your car, and of course there is always the most extreme penalty is skipping it entirely.  No matter what you don’t really have a choice but to be a part of the traffic system, as a piece of traffic, but what systems are really receiving traffic?  Ultimately all of these small penalties wear on your vehicle and where will you ultimately end up?  They would hope simply back for more of the same thing.  Maybe a new bell or whistle here or there, but nothing really new, just new as it would seem to be new to you, but ultimately just the same thing, still just a car that doesn’t actually escape anything, leaving no choice but to really take alternate parking for what it’s worth, where after work you get home and try to relax but are forced to get up and try to cross the street shortly thereafter.  How many people would stay at work late?  How many would go to some other activity?  How many would end up getting drunk and come home late?  I imagine there are some positives but in avoidance of a negative?  It could be a motivating factor for some but I’m having a hard time judging any punishment as any kind of acceptable training.  It’s really ultimately dehumanizing activity at its finest, or poorest, and to imagine any ultimate benefit is unnerving at best, because the people who are doing what they want anyway and don’t need any such motivation are ultimately successful because they escaped the confines of the system and used the time to their advantage.  What if you are already doing that, then why would it ever be prudent to force anything on anyone in a periodic non chaotic fashion?  I can’t really even consider it good training for anything besides obedience, and it’s so primal and debasing to any human characteristic that there is ultimately no positive consequence of it besides keeping people stuck where they are.  You go out and see your car there, get in, drive it across the street, get out as if you aren’t going anywhere and arrive right back where you left.  To speak in terms of alternatives, there are very few.  It is fundamentally not a beneficial activity toward training well adapted capable individuals except those that would be bound in chains and confines without any freedom to really live at all.  Those that support and enforce repetitious activities are almost always fraudulent in nature, and I do not endorse any repetitious activities besides possibly running on your own feet.

But who is the real culprit?  The deception is spread so thinly that most people fail to detect it, are so use to accepting it, that they simply accept it, and it’s in this very practice that nothing get’s accomplished.  Tho whose benefit is such an consequence.  How powerful are their interests?  Can you think of any practical conglomerates that share a mutual vested interest in keeping people trapped right where they area?  How many people trap themselves in a routine that is ultimately maladaptive and never even realizing it become addicted to a way of existence that is ultimately of no benefit to any real sane individual in any real meaningful or human way, rather only visible as a pocket book dispensing something for very little in return, and as little as possible at that.  And you can really invest a lot in people and ultimately feel like you’re getting something in return, however lots of the time they tricked you and the value you’re getting isn’t worth what you paid for.  I’m glad none of you have really paid me in any significant way because of this I can keep giving you nothing for free.  Be careful if you take out your pocket book.  You might be surprised and get what you wanted, but a lot of the time you will be shocked and surprised by just how expensive what you really want is.  Not necessarily because it’s even more valuable necessarily but because it costs so much more than the crap they would try to tell you is the same thing.  Most things you’ll find in stores are mere simulations of a real product.  Small fascinations, and while a real product exists, somewhere, everyone tries to sell you mere simulate, and if you can tell the difference then you would be set because you would never become trapped in their system that is designed to make them rich and you poor, as slowly as possible that you might not notice, yet as fast as they can get away with.

So you see the modern corporate individual as a fraud, and ultimately an anonymityzing factor where none of the individuals accept complete responsibility for being an asshole, and they just get away with it on mutual agreement that no one will really catch them.  This however is merely a joke they tell themselves, that they are aware enough to actually pretend they know what to expect next.  Sure they may have a great deal of experience, but a lot of the times you’ll find these people simply expect the same thing, and they actually think a lot about how to keep things that are working from changing on them, and hence once terrible things get started off on the wrong foot, it’s ultimately consequent that things will either loose control or need to be adjusted to satisfy the realities that lie in wait for the individuals who pretend they aren’t responsible for doing anything yet murder innocent people on a daily basis and get away with it because the corporate name is so trusted that no one in their right mind dares to think that the friendly brand name on the television would be killing people for profit just for the thrill of it, that you would condone or approve of what is happening and allow them to get away with it?    How can anyone approve of it?  Ultimately the real crime is that people do not understand what is being done to them, and ultimately that they accept it without question, but who is really at fault for that?  What is with all of this training that slowly materializes into an individual, how is it that you can guarantee that individual is fully actualized and actually the most useful possible tool except but to understand the most effective way to use them just seems wrong, to even presume one knows how to best use anyone is really arrogant and unfair, and ultimately enslaving of individuals.

What is it that people really need to do what you want is the ultimate question, but to think that anyone has a good answer to either satisfy what you really want or what they actually need to do what you can’t even imagine you want, except that in the first place to presume you do know what is good and what is wrong.  Strange things happen though when profit seems like good, and investing seems like loss if it would free you from the harmful cycle of being profitable with no regard to consequence.  People become trained into maladaptive ways of life that its a lot more difficult to combat once the harm has been done, and it actually seems false-fully more profitable to keep things how they are, when profit is measured by the numbers, and the real cost on culture and society is ignored, then the consequences are very real for the individuals involved, both the victims and the victors that successfully robbed them will find no solace or success in continuing doing what they have been, though wealth might seem like victory the real hollowness of the pursuit will catch up with you, whether you can sense it or not, when for profit is for not.

When you think you have won you are most vulnerable.  When you think you know what you want because you have been trained into accepting that as food you are vulnerable.  When you have been drugged by some chemical additive and do not know it your mind is vulnerable to falling for it, however if it’s not ultimately good for you, and rather good for keeping you eating more of it and coming back to refill because it doesn’t satisfy any useful requirement except that you feel like doing it, to fall for the trap that so many intelligent minds have set up for you and never realize that you were being hunted.  To not see clearly the shameless horrific nature of the whole monstrosity that masquerades as a healthful helpful being, pretending to stay within the confines of sufficient laws while meanwhile exploiting every loophole they can get away with as corporate entities 10 to the 100 times more intelligent than any individual yet baseless and degraded in every humanly considerate aspect of their activities merely getting by with the maximum accepted levels ove deviation while pretending and convincing the public that they are in fact perfect, while meanwhile merely being a representation of perfect designed to convince you, however without any ultimate fundamental beneficial nature because they stripped that away from themselves when they tried to seek to be powerful and in control and get rich off the perilous victims who either don’t realize their enemies or were taught foolishly not to look their enemies in the eyes, but to accept this fake truth painted over their tainted core as if they were really there imaginary representative perfect individual brand name product they place on the shelves or in the airwaves and microwaves that go through you which they broadcast needlessly for little reason except that you have come to accept and even expect that from them, while all along remaining connected to the idea that they are there for your benefit, while in reality the motivations behind their actions for profit reasons are almost always quite far from your ultimate best interests that you may or may not even be aware of.

When it comes down to it there are many many countless individuals in this world that are worth supporting and have very useful purposes, however the problem comes in adequately rewarding these individuals because for profit and for the one who generates profit are not seen for what they are, and the training is so pervasive that most individuals accept whatever they get as if it were a reward.  You never know what they are really putting in there though, and they try very hard to convince you that you know everything there is to know about it, but you’ll find if you ever really try to look at something that no matter how many ways you look there is always more than you think is there, and that if something is trying to hide particularly well that you won’t be able to spot it through any of the glasses they would sell you because it’s designed to remain invisible and their deception is often more complete than you will be able to give it credit for if it works for them, chances are it slipped right by you.