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  • admin 12:53 pm on October 30, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
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    Its always been the bane of computers that you can’t move the mouse and click things with the actual mouse using code, as much as a “security risk” that would be, the fact that I have to manually repeatedly click the same things all the time and have no way to automate it is very irritating aspect of computing considering thats precisely what computers are best at. It seems like you would have to use a camera and a hacked mouse building a simulated human to actually click things the way it should have been built in the first place. Either that or just record the input stack and play components of it back when you touch the initial position again, or dual USB your mouse with the second one sending feedback back to the mouse about the current position (and ideally information about whats under it so that it know what signal to send back). If your reaching for a button it should detect that your reaching for it and click it before you get there. Its like every program is a game, and they don’t allow cheating when your using your every day applications either. What a waste of time for everyone! An infinite amount of wasted time adds up between each person wasting it. I constantly want to build one button that clicks 3 things. WHY are we locked into doing it the way it was designed? What if its poorly designed for most intricate tasks efficiently. I don’t know why people must think its a game and that they actually enjoy clicking or typing the same things over and over again. I think it would be relatively easy to get around with enough time & money. If I could never click or type a day in my entire life again, I wouldn’t, I would click and type almost an infinite amount of stuff to make it so I’d never have to do it again. I really don’t understand people. They have much money invested in keeping people locked into doing things a way thats inhuman and unnatural in the first place, with the false assumption that repetition is fun. Stare at this dial all day and click this button when it gets to 20. Do you seriously need to waste a human life doing that, instead of having that human clean up pollution for example. There are far more profitable activities that have nothing to do with making money by polluting the entire world so you have the only clean fish tank, and people actually support that type of behavior as well, blindly, but they do, standardize pollution as “acceptable level” and monopolize their caged industries by eliminating natural alternatives from not just marketplace, but from existing at all, leaving no choice except to fall into “the way things are” as its presented, but reality of the limiting situation lies in wait for all parties involved, whether they profit in the short term or not, problems don’t go away on their own, and hatred of the activities and practices of the past is inevitable, even if its still occurring today and considered “modern”. Most are invested in preserving the way things are no matter how twisted and wrong it might be. Selling tomorrow for a today that’s less and less worth living in, until it becomes impossible that pure beings exist, their very essence pollution, and as long as they’re still rich they’ll tell you that its the way it should be. Even if someone built a bot today, would they want to share it with everyone? I think almost the only way to do any sort of computing is inside a buffer that can be manipulated in any way imaginable. Its the difference between computing and television, but extrapolated to infinity and about ultimate freedom, but not through slavery. Then one might call it a game, whereas anything that impinges on the freedom of other entities isn’t. Just because you can enslave millions doesn’t mean you’ll profit from it. The worst type of slave is the one that believes in what they are a part of as being freedom, that creating more enslavement is never ultimately good for anyone. Enslave nature an it will stop producing its fruits for you. Enslave ants in pavement and they will stop working for you. Enslave yourself to a way of life and you will stop enjoying living. Keep thinking your right in spite and one day you’ll be wrong, have eaten all your friends and earth, and left in space alone.

  • admin 7:30 pm on August 19, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
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    > If we can know something about the underlying causes then we are in a better position to do something about it.

    You could call it an underlying deficiency in respect for the efficiency of earth, and that every human invention must live up to that efficiency or its merely a sample, not worthy of mass production which compounds the problems of the underlying inefficiency. There is an unbalance of power where humanity has grasped so much from the world against odds with itself that the forces of nature struggle to keep up with re-generating abundant resources for us to live happy non-disruptive lives on natural cyclically regenerating lands of the planet, that people aren’t even happy with the simple life anymore, that they thrive on overpopulation, that they continue to threaten our entire history and everything that created us to this moment including all conceivable future of life itself. It has been a problem for generations, the lack of vision or clarity about the position people inhabit in the universe, that now is always the best time to act on moving forward from destructive systems for something that exhibits more respect and mutual benefit, to as a species be more than a parasitic force versus the resources of the planet, to give back something more without disrupting what has just as much a right to be as we do, that we would not exist without. However companies try to engineer themselves into that position, where people respect companies as much as life itself, and its not a complaint but a humongous incongruent lie that they actually deserve benefit for your existence any more than the planet itself, which they often neglect with your every dollar paid. There is tax, which most of goes to defense, which drives the same parable, entrapping most of what could drive forward the practice of effective mutually beneficial existence with the planet. About 10 percent of that might be invested in forms that try to expand horizons in non destructive or increasingly less destructive directions. Whatever is being done, on the lowest levels of control, is simply not enough to combat the horror that is humanity that we might become the potential we have to be. Our universe to be depends on it. The slower we act, the less future is. To advance beyond limitations of efficiency or all might perish within them.