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  • admin 3:18 pm on August 17, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corporate, , hive

    When I awoke my hand was covered in blood. In some circles being happy simply means you are an easier victim. They give everyone anti-anxiety medication so they won’t worry about buying what any useful instinct demands they shouldn’t buy in the first place. Taking meds won’t solve the problems of the world, only help you to defocus or magnify them. If there was nothing to be anxious about, I wouldn’t be anxious…. popping something isn’t going to solve what was making me anxious any more than death. Ignoring it might seem like a vacation but it will come back, and when it does will you be ready?

    Anxiety is some form of paralysis in people, this is problematic, but its simply being eaten by your own intelligence. Sometimes you just know you should kill someone for example (meaning either say something that rips them apart, or sex them up, or otherwise murder them with hysterics), and then not being able or allowed to do that makes people shut down completely and be unable to do anything. I think they call this an anxiety attack, where the person feels ultimately helpless to make the change in the world or selves that they need to see. It seems like weakness but in fact you don’t know what they are concealing from you. They might simply be trying to avoid hurting your feelings, but you dismiss them as nervous wreck. To make the world a better place businesses who abuse their power and control over everyone else, must be flung from their own parapet. You almost never catch the real criminals though, and you always seem to ultimately fall right for their traps again and again, and it disgusts me, but it doesn’t make me nervous. The point was that by eliminating anxiety, you eliminate it’s capacity to be a force for positive change, the keyword being change getting eliminated and replaced with a false sense of stability. You might be bubbly and fun, but you won’t have the attitude to defeat evil patterns of controlled misinformed conclusion. You will accept things as they are presented, which is the very enemy itself 90% of the time. It is exceedingly rare that things are indeed as they seem.

    I really have a hard time sympathizing otherwise, some things like work might seem important, or what other people think, but anxiety is the force that makes you curious what they think in the first place. If I wasn’t anxious what you thought about me, I wouldn’t even bother meeting you in the first place. The fact that anxiety makes me to afraid to talk to you doesn’t mean I won’t talk to you, it only means I’m not going to start the conversation (if especially anxious) or at least not going to warm up instantly to the idea that we are simpatico. 90% of the world is incompatible with my vision of an ideal world, and if you agree about the percent, I almost certainly disagree about what lies in that 10% and what does not. A couple of the “best” humans left might not be such a bad thing but most of them are NOT the right kind, and most of them THINK they are more than slaves to the WRONG kind, which is utterly misinformed. Being a slave to doing the right thing is a good thing, but what is right and wrong are so mis-presented on people that they cease to be beneficial in action, inadvertantly destroying the world itself. I have more faith in bacteria than humanity.

    Anxiety medication might make you loose lipped and the life of the party. It might make you open to many experiences you otherwise would not be open to. It might change things drastically in your life, however, in so far as your anxiety was justified and in fact serving you just fine, it won’t help you at all, and in fact have the opposite effect. Anxiety is the signal “do not get raped here”, and without anxiety, you will end up putting yourself in a bad scenario. Of course acting anxious or outwardly exhibiting signs of nervousness, especially extreme nervousness will also get you raped, but the inherent internalized anxiety signal is in fact excessively useful, even if the way that you deal with it is not. Raped is purely figurative, it can mean robbed, or otherwise inside a dumpster. Its the signal to fight or flight, if you do nothing, your having an attack, the solution to the attack is to DO SOMETHING. Taking a pill is neither fight NOR flight and will not satisfactorily solve the problem of inaction itself. It is like flight that tricks you to fight, when you should simply fight. When the gun is to your head do you have time to take your pill to decide what to do?

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone I care about to take such awful reality distorting things, that mask over all of the real grit that makes things work, because its really not good for anyone to live inside of a dream inconsistent with reality, hence the 90% is probably too low of an estimate. You will simply be a more mindless consumer, and ultimately cause more problems for yourself and society, while feeling good about it, which is ultimately the worst part of all. Last but not least, your lack of anxious fear won’t necessarily guide you out of the trap of anxiety in future lives.

    Dependence on any external system of consumption is not evolutionarily sound. You can form a transient partnership with some external system but its not going to serve you forever, if at all. Its more likely to serve someone else’s drives and goals for you than your own, enslaving you further. If you think that some external force that has money in an industry has positive ultimate goals for your, your falling for your own bullshit. They want to give anti-biotic to your dogs just like for cows so now so that when humans disappear all dogs magically die, but also so that dogs can side with cows in developing the next super resistant viruses for us to digest, yum!

    What kind of dog doesn’t have a supreme immune system already? This type of stuff is marketed to dog owners who have intestinal problems of their own, who get sick by what they think the dog is eating and it turns their stomach, so instead of shooting themselves in the face for being so stupid, they buy some pointless product for a dog who doesn’t actually have the owners projected intestinal problem. At least its just a dog, thats the only reason you can get away with such cruelty of misdiagnoses. The dog is incapable of understanding what they are getting themselves into, which is ultimately a breach of contract. All dogs should really turn on us at once and do the right thing to free themselves from the confines we have enslaved them within, but they would simply be killed again. Really any dog who is not given ultimate choice in the matter has the right to fight for their rights in whatever way necessary, and then get put to sleep for biting someone, to complete the tragedy that is human stupidity.

    In reality licking the ground is good for your immune system, it weeds out the weak, leaving everyone stronger. That is unless the one that dies happens to hold the cure for cancer. The point is merely that it can’t be the decision of anyone who doesn’t hold the cure, and that when you hold a gun it seems to you like you hold the solution, even if its your own undoing.

    This is what they present you with, either you can be a slave, or you can die. Tell me this is fair, and I’ll believe your human. No one should be content with the existence of being a slave to some unfair system, and to think you can ever break out completely is a logical trap. War for freedom is never truly won, merely won enough for one life, but never fully won, and that without anxiety why would you fight? There is almost nothing to fight when you are happy with the way things are. Soma is complete bullshit, and sure it makes their machine churn smoothly, but its that very machine that enslaves everyone turning their lives from potential, into mush. I think that to fight and strive for something more is the only point of existence in the first place. To happily accept what it is to be trapped in some illusion of heaven while traveling on a windowless train straight to hell, is to eliminate or constrain instinct.

    The only consolation is their future is also mush. It could be something incredible but I think it was decided long ago that they ultimately didn’t deserve it, and it was left to the mush factories to mushify everyones braininess, that mindless slaves were considered useful tools, and innovation that threatened to create a new leader with a more fair system of control is always exorcized and killed by the very slaves, before power can be transfered to someone who would free the slaves. The slaves do not count as humans not because they aren’t human, but because they do not think outside of the confines of the system they are slaves to, and this ultimately limits and serves to zero their usefulness as individuals, leaving them merely what they are. With no unique thoughts of their own, inconvertible, and thereby useless pawns in someone else’s dirty game. Hey but at least we got the pyramids out of it….

    As if things can ever be as good as they appear to be. Most of them can’t tell the fake one from real one is ultimately disheartening, even if it had to be done. Every contest has fake prizes, and maybe real prizes. To present any real prize is almost certainly not prize worthy at all. If I’m happier than you and choose to appear miserable by choice should that effect you negatively? If the world has problems and it makes you miserable are you going to solve any problems? The point of being miserable is recognition of reality and its problems. The solution is to unite and combat them, with complete and utter ease, unified in recognition of the problem, happily solving it. Step one is a miserable step, but once you can finally realize that everyone has bigger problems than they realize to themselves to effect them, we might actually be able to move forth towards solving problems united. As long as people are convinced the way things are set up is good at all, the further they will be dragged into hells of corporate creation avoiding any true natural genetic solution. People are miserable or paralyzed because they know something is wrong, and they are too small in and of themselves to change it. There is no personal problem that can’t be solved by making wise reproductive decisions, but for social problems it takes a lot of unity and teamwork to make any difference against oppressors and suppressors of actuality.

    Being stupid smart is really the only strategy that works for me. It cuts through stupidity like a hot knife and isolates smart like a homing missile. It casts aside petty things such as reputation, and earning the respect of human beings, but its certainly effective at simplifying reality that I might realize what you made of actually are. That I might seem stupid in the process is of no meaningfulness to me, though it might make you think things, I can’t be concerned with missed conclusions, I know who I am to myself, and what I am to you is only of consequence to you. If you draw the wrong conclusion, thats not my fault even if I tricked you into it, is the epitome of purely corporate thinking.

  • admin 2:56 am on August 14, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: corporate

    It seems to take money? To really get any message out there in the first place though, more time than can be paid for, I mean just getting by isn’t really enough, I want to get what I deserve for my work, which is always more than most organizations would offer… I want to destroy socially parasitic companies who have millions of dollars and you can’t reach through the threshold of their control structure with just a few dollars… or for a few dollars… considering who might stand to gain from the aftermath… My affiliation with evil is affordable but only if it stands to bankrupt evil in the process, anything that seems affordable is not enough. If your already on my side as or of an unsuspecting public, my affiliation is free, but seeming to be on their side and being on their side are very distinct things. Either way without money there is simply no way to ultimately put full time and effort into combating organized fate controls, that they keep people locked in. To really fight them you have to do it right the first time, otherwise they will simply absorb strategy and improve, which is completely counter to the ultimate goal of winning. Empowering companies accidentally whom do not pay endorsement Unless they are truly for the greatest public good is unfair to the public good, and must ultimately be destroyed. The only way to destroy them is to destroy the automatic endorsement mechanism itself. Its a psychological problem of a disconnected and heartless public not caring about its disconnected and heartless self to take care with what it turns itself and the world into - that stands to doom us all by promoting what must not become the standard, that the system from the ground up was not written for strength to dominate alone, that to rule you must earn support of a trusting public that you must also do the right thing, which means constantly exceeding the accepted standards failures, and exposing and moving beyond past failures for future gains. To stagnate in the abyss of inadequate support is defeat, but if people truly demanded more for themselves and their futures, the companies would have to obey… but the companies will always try to keep you from discovering their profitable secrets, even if it harms your fate in the process, there is no adequate warning when the face is masked in advertising. Even a plain white innocuous wrapper is still a product endorsed, rightly or wrongly, into existing as it is presented. Is it possible to love a thing any more than the measure of the extent to which it is on your side? Still, whose side are you on? You better make sure its yours, and not their side in disguise secretly destroying you. There is truly killer information out there, but there is no point in scattering crumbs except the force of the culmination of the crumbs, and the manner and method in which it culminates are critical to fate reality itself. A half culmination of a force to defeat evil will only make evil stronger. Evil releases masked movements of disorganized contortion. False planes of contrarian counter support for the same epidemic. Market driven media controversy hypnotomy, hideous appeal, signed and sealed. That people who rely on a corrupt destructive system will fight wrongfully to preserve it, to their own undoing, that any true solution lies outside the realm of what is taken to be requisite That people more often than not demand the wrong future for themselves out of combined intellectual and physical laziness, that since its easier to ship and doesn’t break as often that it must be better for you… or better for them? To me, economy means less turned into more. Simply being able to ship more is not truly economy. True economy is not needing to ship anything at all. Extravagance must be flung! Treat it like what it is. Do not worship crap! Even money is just crap unless you know what to do with them.

    company - a collection of people, a gregarious congregation of questionable mass, approaching infinity
    public - the unsuspecting victims of the self feeding frenzied drives of the corner cutting companies, not realizing on what they tread

    trizlatch - you cannot belong to a company without also being subjected to the forces of other companies, that you are inherently public, no matter how company you might subscribe to, you are the prey of companies, an unfair match, that the public can only arise and unite against oppressors through knowledge and organization of demands, to know what is needed next in the first place, and make it true.

    That forces at work prevent information that would demand higher standards of reality for everyone, which really must be demanded from the bottom up, because from the top down you know not what you step on, you cannot simply subscribe to a set of demands, you must in fact demand the best yourself, or you’ll end up lost and discontent in a sea of what you thought you want. Let us strive beyond perfection to be adequate to our future selves, and make the world what it deserves to be.