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  • admin 6:21 pm on June 1, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ads

    YouTube MetaCafe DailyMotion VidzBigger Download Page

    Various video sites included in VidzBigger, compete for prevalence of being featured and prioritized for both updates compatibility and user experience. On the downloads page (steps 1-3) for example I have this Icon that features different click-able sub-icons:

    Step 4 - Enjoy VidsBigger!  Click here to Try.  See full instructions (below)!My Idea for this (there was a hint before) includes the site that contributes the most being featured largest and center-most, while each subsequent site in order of their contributions is featured less prevalently. As far as I know its a pretty original idea and allows competition over a flexible size ad-space. I like being able to feature YouTube like it is now since YouTube support is obviously the best and that’s what most of my audience uses, plus the quality and variety of media is generally the best, however it is possible to stake some competitive influence over this in whatever denomination you desire and I can easily scale your image relative to the value you contribute! There are a lot of video sites out there, and other than the user following there are other ways to scale your presence in VidzBigger.

    In the future I’ll make all the links that come from my site like the on the downloads page and the one in the player more clear using something like ? so that you can easily monitor the differences made by minor adjustments in the size of graphics in what appears to be one button, the larger the size of the box you have the more likely it will be clicked. VidzBigger may help bring more traffic to your site that would otherwise go to a different video site, and what you do with that traffic is up to you. Please specify a site you would like to have escalated with your payment or donation.

  • admin 1:07 am on May 3, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ads

    Recently I began an advertising partnership with Kar who offer a simple, fast, and easy way to compare rates on auto loans in your local area! They host a simple process where you fill out a form and are promptly contacted with auto deals and loan rates nearby for any of the models you request!

    Just visit the KarDeal Contact Form and enter your details, then in a matter of hours you will receive offers and or quotes just minutes away right at your fingertips. If you provide all the extra details your credit will be pre-approved!

    I happily endorse the use of the KarDeal Service through my site, and through my targeted video advertising system. If you view a video that has any major make or model in the video title with VidzBigger you may notice an ad! Also they can be found on the side of the videos page or on the loops page.

    Take a minute or two to fill out the Kar Deal Contact Form and compare deals on a new car in your local economy today! You’ll be happy you did knowing that by making your Auto search easier you help support VidzBigger!

    If you know anyone who is looking for a New Car, Send them this link!

    Thank You!