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  • admin 3:52 pm on April 8, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization, compromise, failure, strategy

    Alternate parking is a form of reality programing.  It is device-ive in that, it not only forces one to conform to a particular set of actions on a regular basis, it punishes the individual for failing to conform on a regular basis.  It is militaristic in nature, it is not reward based training.  It is all penalty if you think about it.  The smallest penalty is the cost of gas, the larger penalties include wear on your car, and of course there is always the most extreme penalty is skipping it entirely.  No matter what you don’t really have a choice but to be a part of the traffic system, as a piece of traffic, but what systems are really receiving traffic?  Ultimately all of these small penalties wear on your vehicle and where will you ultimately end up?  They would hope simply back for more of the same thing.  Maybe a new bell or whistle here or there, but nothing really new, just new as it would seem to be new to you, but ultimately just the same thing, still just a car that doesn’t actually escape anything, leaving no choice but to really take alternate parking for what it’s worth, where after work you get home and try to relax but are forced to get up and try to cross the street shortly thereafter.  How many people would stay at work late?  How many would go to some other activity?  How many would end up getting drunk and come home late?  I imagine there are some positives but in avoidance of a negative?  It could be a motivating factor for some but I’m having a hard time judging any punishment as any kind of acceptable training.  It’s really ultimately dehumanizing activity at its finest, or poorest, and to imagine any ultimate benefit is unnerving at best, because the people who are doing what they want anyway and don’t need any such motivation are ultimately successful because they escaped the confines of the system and used the time to their advantage.  What if you are already doing that, then why would it ever be prudent to force anything on anyone in a periodic non chaotic fashion?  I can’t really even consider it good training for anything besides obedience, and it’s so primal and debasing to any human characteristic that there is ultimately no positive consequence of it besides keeping people stuck where they are.  You go out and see your car there, get in, drive it across the street, get out as if you aren’t going anywhere and arrive right back where you left.  To speak in terms of alternatives, there are very few.  It is fundamentally not a beneficial activity toward training well adapted capable individuals except those that would be bound in chains and confines without any freedom to really live at all.  Those that support and enforce repetitious activities are almost always fraudulent in nature, and I do not endorse any repetitious activities besides possibly running on your own feet.

    But who is the real culprit?  The deception is spread so thinly that most people fail to detect it, are so use to accepting it, that they simply accept it, and it’s in this very practice that nothing get’s accomplished.  Tho whose benefit is such an consequence.  How powerful are their interests?  Can you think of any practical conglomerates that share a mutual vested interest in keeping people trapped right where they area?  How many people trap themselves in a routine that is ultimately maladaptive and never even realizing it become addicted to a way of existence that is ultimately of no benefit to any real sane individual in any real meaningful or human way, rather only visible as a pocket book dispensing something for very little in return, and as little as possible at that.  And you can really invest a lot in people and ultimately feel like you’re getting something in return, however lots of the time they tricked you and the value you’re getting isn’t worth what you paid for.  I’m glad none of you have really paid me in any significant way because of this I can keep giving you nothing for free.  Be careful if you take out your pocket book.  You might be surprised and get what you wanted, but a lot of the time you will be shocked and surprised by just how expensive what you really want is.  Not necessarily because it’s even more valuable necessarily but because it costs so much more than the crap they would try to tell you is the same thing.  Most things you’ll find in stores are mere simulations of a real product.  Small fascinations, and while a real product exists, somewhere, everyone tries to sell you mere simulate, and if you can tell the difference then you would be set because you would never become trapped in their system that is designed to make them rich and you poor, as slowly as possible that you might not notice, yet as fast as they can get away with.

    So you see the modern corporate individual as a fraud, and ultimately an anonymityzing factor where none of the individuals accept complete responsibility for being an asshole, and they just get away with it on mutual agreement that no one will really catch them.  This however is merely a joke they tell themselves, that they are aware enough to actually pretend they know what to expect next.  Sure they may have a great deal of experience, but a lot of the times you’ll find these people simply expect the same thing, and they actually think a lot about how to keep things that are working from changing on them, and hence once terrible things get started off on the wrong foot, it’s ultimately consequent that things will either loose control or need to be adjusted to satisfy the realities that lie in wait for the individuals who pretend they aren’t responsible for doing anything yet murder innocent people on a daily basis and get away with it because the corporate name is so trusted that no one in their right mind dares to think that the friendly brand name on the television would be killing people for profit just for the thrill of it, that you would condone or approve of what is happening and allow them to get away with it?    How can anyone approve of it?  Ultimately the real crime is that people do not understand what is being done to them, and ultimately that they accept it without question, but who is really at fault for that?  What is with all of this training that slowly materializes into an individual, how is it that you can guarantee that individual is fully actualized and actually the most useful possible tool except but to understand the most effective way to use them just seems wrong, to even presume one knows how to best use anyone is really arrogant and unfair, and ultimately enslaving of individuals.

    What is it that people really need to do what you want is the ultimate question, but to think that anyone has a good answer to either satisfy what you really want or what they actually need to do what you can’t even imagine you want, except that in the first place to presume you do know what is good and what is wrong.  Strange things happen though when profit seems like good, and investing seems like loss if it would free you from the harmful cycle of being profitable with no regard to consequence.  People become trained into maladaptive ways of life that its a lot more difficult to combat once the harm has been done, and it actually seems false-fully more profitable to keep things how they are, when profit is measured by the numbers, and the real cost on culture and society is ignored, then the consequences are very real for the individuals involved, both the victims and the victors that successfully robbed them will find no solace or success in continuing doing what they have been, though wealth might seem like victory the real hollowness of the pursuit will catch up with you, whether you can sense it or not, when for profit is for not.

    When you think you have won you are most vulnerable.  When you think you know what you want because you have been trained into accepting that as food you are vulnerable.  When you have been drugged by some chemical additive and do not know it your mind is vulnerable to falling for it, however if it’s not ultimately good for you, and rather good for keeping you eating more of it and coming back to refill because it doesn’t satisfy any useful requirement except that you feel like doing it, to fall for the trap that so many intelligent minds have set up for you and never realize that you were being hunted.  To not see clearly the shameless horrific nature of the whole monstrosity that masquerades as a healthful helpful being, pretending to stay within the confines of sufficient laws while meanwhile exploiting every loophole they can get away with as corporate entities 10 to the 100 times more intelligent than any individual yet baseless and degraded in every humanly considerate aspect of their activities merely getting by with the maximum accepted levels ove deviation while pretending and convincing the public that they are in fact perfect, while meanwhile merely being a representation of perfect designed to convince you, however without any ultimate fundamental beneficial nature because they stripped that away from themselves when they tried to seek to be powerful and in control and get rich off the perilous victims who either don’t realize their enemies or were taught foolishly not to look their enemies in the eyes, but to accept this fake truth painted over their tainted core as if they were really there imaginary representative perfect individual brand name product they place on the shelves or in the airwaves and microwaves that go through you which they broadcast needlessly for little reason except that you have come to accept and even expect that from them, while all along remaining connected to the idea that they are there for your benefit, while in reality the motivations behind their actions for profit reasons are almost always quite far from your ultimate best interests that you may or may not even be aware of.

    When it comes down to it there are many many countless individuals in this world that are worth supporting and have very useful purposes, however the problem comes in adequately rewarding these individuals because for profit and for the one who generates profit are not seen for what they are, and the training is so pervasive that most individuals accept whatever they get as if it were a reward.  You never know what they are really putting in there though, and they try very hard to convince you that you know everything there is to know about it, but you’ll find if you ever really try to look at something that no matter how many ways you look there is always more than you think is there, and that if something is trying to hide particularly well that you won’t be able to spot it through any of the glasses they would sell you because it’s designed to remain invisible and their deception is often more complete than you will be able to give it credit for if it works for them, chances are it slipped right by you.

  • admin 6:31 pm on March 10, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization, personal freedom, society

    Spying on someone covertly using traditional means might even be moderately acceptable in a primitive society. Using advanced conventional or post conventional means to spy on individuals however is indistinct from treating them as animals. If we live in an advanced society where we have rights, then we have the right to know what is being done to our bodies. We have the right to know every last detail, with nothing left in the dark for any reason or any conceivable risk would be unacceptable. It would be considered profoundly unjust to employ the use of any such technology on anyone who doesn’t know and understand fully the consequences of that technology. Because they are unaware that you are doing it doesn’t make it OK. Since when has society been so accepting of anything that it doesn’t know?

    Ultimately the consequence of caging people like animals is running a zoo. If you are trying to build an advanced society, then the rules are considerably different. When it comes to policing and spying on individuals increased technology always make it easy to be radio collared an not even know about it. People can get away with horrible invasion of privacy and individuality. Being spied effectively means someone is downloading your personality remotely, and broadcasting this information before you even get a chance to. It severely limited ones ability to really accomplish anything productive or advanced for society. By treating the members of society like cattle your ultimately assigning them the same fate. The very assignment of hierarchy is invalid. It is only a primitive animalistic society that would even attempt to do such things and degrade individual sanctity in such a way.

    The problem with ones identity being stolen is in spite of all of the hype it has little or nothing to do with bad guys versus what you would think to be good guys abusing technology to get an unfair edge by simply spying on people because they have nothing better to do. In spite of there being little if any actual risk that’s greater than living in a primitive society where the constituent members are treated like animals, it is more likely that greater harm is caused by subversive and high tech spying which is much more likely to frustrate and organize people than the low tech conventional historic counterpart.

    Ultimately the tipple phase electromagnetic wall reduction scopes and various other means of tracking and monitoring individuals are both primitive and unjust. The technology is simply too advanced, and even if it had FDA approval, the difference is when a food is approved as safe, it still might not be, and you still have a choice. Ultimately you still need to have a choice before you accept someone else putting some radiation through your body inadvertently. To not have a choice in the matter is unacceptable, and i means that your just an animal at the whims of some other animals secret spying game that they think is fundamentally important and not somehow fundamentally draining the resources and interests of that individual. There is nothing ultimately worse than subversive spying because it only makes better criminals, and until someone has the technology to automatically return fire on any detected high levels of radiation then I’m not sure there is any alternative but to develop such technology, because until there is a legal way to fight back all that’s ultimately left is to play someones pet until the opportunity arises to destroy injustice and break out of the police state we are creating for ourselves, a world where ultimately we accept that we will become animals and ultimately accept that we will eventually become disobedient when left in any caged scenario regardless of who is implementing the cage having any interests of value or not, the point is moot that there is greater service in trusting your captor. The captors want what is good for them, and ultimately when your trapped in their very expensive cage you can’t help but get the feeling that your life has no value and that the only good that you can actually accomplish is destroying the cage. This is a pitiful imitation of a modern society of empowered individuals who are capable of making choices about what effects them that is slowly being exchanged for a society where we are all someone else’s animals in someone else’s game who is slowly leading us toward a future where we won’t be necessary.

    There is no technology that is beyond an individuals understanding that can be used on that individual. The provisions for bypassing this type of regulation are many but none of them are valid or acceptable. Without notifying the individual before hand and having them read and accept a document there is no right to use any type of advanced dangerous or experimental technology in so far as the individual believes such technology to be dangerous to their own well being property and possessions including their own body and own life. Any globally mandated approval for any type of technology us fundamentally unsound, especially considering newer and newer technologies will be more difficult to track, on a long enough timeline any type of advanced technology will ultimately be used against you, and you have every right in the world to not just know about it but also to fight back and prevent it from occurring to you. Being xrayed without your approval is tantamount to being brutally kidnapped and dragged into someones basement where they get to cut you up to find out what makes you tick. There is no form of technology that anyone should be exposed to whom does not wish to be exposed to. Being exposed to such technology without ones approval or understanding is valid means to fight back for ones life. Just like being exposed to a bullet means that now you can shoot back to save your own life, being exposed to any form of directed radiation in fact means same thing, the only problem being it’s so difficult to detect without employing the use of other technology.

    Is there a right hands for all of this technology? My own hands. That’s the only acceptable answer, but obviously you wouldn’t want someone like yourself sitting across the street watching you all day pointing their device at your most valuable parts for laughs while your simply their remote victim and little more, sitting somewhere outside your detection secretly toying with your life, living with their own delusions of power. There is no human being who you can trust to use such a technology responsibly. This is why advanced technology brings out the primitive side of society more profoundly than it frees us from our primitive confines. You can attempt to rely on advanced technology to save you but it might simply send you back from where you came unless your society also advances in such a way that it could contain members that could ever be trusted to use such a technology for a good reason. The only time that it would make any sense is to use on an individual you are at war with, however to use it before you are at war, merely because you expect that there will be war, will only and certainly bringing about the very war you are seeking to create, and it’s fundamentally unacceptable to create wars just as it’s unacceptable to release advanced technology to just a few people and hope they can be trusted to not alter the future drastically and detrimentally.

    Where you look for an enemy where there is not one it will become necessary to create one in response to all of the looking you will ultimately cause what you are looking for out of fear, your fears will become reality. Someone will always capitalize on the fear. They are the real criminal, but by capitalize I mean there would have to be an awful lot of money involved, such as all the money, that is, too much money that you would never even notice it missing because it is unfortunately too massive to sit around and be watched all day.

  • admin 8:00 am on February 27, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization

    I generally disagree with people’s own interests. It’s difficult to resolve the disparity between their interests and what would serve them best. Their interests rarely seem to serve them with as much faith as is placed in those interests, the ultimate consequence of supporting these short term interests is rarely actually beneficial for the individual and rarely even aligned with the individuals interests except in the most superficial of ways. People spend a lot of money fighting against interests that stand to lend them some benefit. It’s very strange what people decide to support or go against. Very rarely is this based on anything except some gut feeling about what side they could take and feel best about in front of the people for who they expose themselves to scrutiny. This means that most people are simply guilt-ed into taking a position. It’s not about thinking thought or standing up for what’s right as much as it’s about seeming that they are standing up for what’s right to their friends, an it’s a real mess because any reactionary social judgement of a phenomenon is never accurate or complete. This means that a persons consideration rarely if ever goes very far before they make the decision about what side they are taking. People given infinite A or B choices always seem to fall on side A or B because of this,and it’s very problematic when the solution is never EVER a or b. To think that someone else already solved the problem by providing you with an A or B solution is downright silly. If they had solved the problem there would be no decision, it would be solved. The mere fact that you present yourself with an A or B conundrum is an attempt at manipulating the results, however when someone else presents you with an A or B conundrum, I think the point must be becoming clear by now that neither choice actually stands to benefit your interests. I mean there are a lot of issues that are up in the air and unresolved, and while we could stand around and chat about all these silly decisions forever I don’t think that the solution or resolution to any of these disparities in logic will actually be solved by chatting about it casually unless your casual is calamity and you truly wish to eviscerate the logic down to the bottom of it and come out with a unique position I’m not sure what you would even consider existing except that it probably fits within a millisecond of the actual process, like some firework display most people are so in awe of they can’t see that its just an LED screen run by a bunch of monkeys who are paid by other monkeys that are probably doing something against your interests while your so distracted, and that saying what it is would disturb them, disgusts me. That people are people is fine with me, but that people are people, and are OK with that, makes my stomach turn because they would defy their own interests and carry out the consequences to the death blindly bumbling into an inescapable vortex without ever seeing it, like some fly in a funnel, and it simply makes me sick examining most people and it makes them even more sick but deep down I don’t believe in happiness leading to salvation any more than brimstone. If I’m interested in something I try to approach that thing as sceptically as possible, and that means dutifully never identifying it because as soon as you think you know what’s going on chances are you’ve been tricked. I think it’s a lot more likely that the truth is disgusting mess than that the truth is an elegant design unless that elegant design is spread out over centuries and unlimited number of minds, because any design funded sponsored or endorsed by someone who has interests in the way things ultimately are today is ultimately trying to take your money one way, or another way you haven’t thought of yet. When your dealing with reality all of your A and B decisions become clear that there is no significant distinction. That both A and B are in fact A and that B has been hidden from you is more likely than you have realized two alternatives.

    The point of this post isn’t to say that there is no alternative, it is to say there are always infinite alternatives but none of them are going to be presented to you. The point of this post is to point out the parasitic loss that results when a people becomes divided over something insignificant, and I don’t mean to say your position on abortion is insignificant so much as to say there are more important problems that are just as multifaceted if not more so. Attempts to mandate how existence works are downright fool-hearty from the position of any singular existence. People spend so much time and energy fighting each other over petty issues that don’t effect them, while the evil geniuses are effectively getting away with murder polluting the world. That by the time people come to their senses about the abortion issue that they didn’t get aborted, and that they do in fact exist, they might come to realize that providing they ever did even attempt to have children there might not be any world left for them precisely because they were so distracted working on abortion instead of the infinite number of more important issues. There is a camp that would say if we solved the abortion issue that all our other problems would go away automatically, and I don’t entirely disagree however it would be a lot slower than approaching the important issues directly and because of that it’s a waste of resources to fight one way or the other when neither side actually stands to make any significant difference in the way things are, all of that money would be better spent on making the most of babies that actually exist.

  • admin 2:54 am on January 25, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization, future, goals, progress

    The latest version of VidzBigger for Google Chrome supports the HTML5 Video Element on YouTube TestTube. Featherlight is also supported although you will loose the ability to comment. Sorry to those who tried to post a comment and happened to scroll in the last 24 hours… these things happen… but did you try undo before uninstall?

    The recent chrome updates seem to have included o3d support! This is great news for the canvas element to have a 3d context. I am excited about performance of this option in Google OS.

    Do you have any dreams for the future? I often think about the steps that it takes to get there. Sometimes very small changes can make a huge difference for the future. Even examining something from a slightly different perspective can drastically alter your results. Its important to not forget a critical perspective on an issue, yet its very easy to examine problem from only a few easily accessible angles.

    I find that its crucial to have a variety of perspectives. Even very small insight gained from a particular perspective an yield important shifts on other aspects of the end result of the combined perspectives, yielding to a particular effect or actionable consequence of your accumulated efforts to understand and effect progress towards your ultimate goals.

    It’s difficult to achieve everything alone. No perspective is a complete island in and of itself. Its unfortunate that given infinite time you might invent the wheel, but would still never invent everything alone. Without help innovation can still be achieved, but it is the total accumulation of all innovations that yields the present day challenges and entices new innovations to brighten our everyday existence with new fruits of the compounded efforts of the tireless individuals new insights and angles on problems that confound us each day saving our time and efforts by spending each resource more wisely further freeing us from confines and limitations that entrap us. Making it ever easier for new solutions to come about.

    So what qualifies as a solution? Many things can satisfy a particular problem from the perspective of the individual. However are these satisfactory solutions, however effective, leading you towards your ultimate goal? It’s unfortunate when things are simplified to the point where they are only evaluated on an individual level. Since even the smallest actions and thoughts can have compound consequences on a larger set of actions and conclusions, even the smallest steps often have gross implications for the approach to an end result, often ignoring alternate approaches to the true ultimate goal.

    While its easy to conceive of approaching goals in a straight line approach, its easy to chase goals around in circles this way, never actually achieving that it is that you ultimately want more than anything, to be aligned in a state of confronting and achieving your goals, rather than ever chasing them, though you may circle ever closer.

    It often helps to gain an overhead perspective, which can yield light on new angles to look at your goal which will help you catch up with your goals. Lots of times you can’t look directly at your goal in full detail from where you sit today, as much as you’d like to achieve the highest possible definition of your goals, the easiest way to build a bigger picture is to examine what you want from different angles or perspectives, which often times have the effect of shifting your perspective on the goal in such a way that you at least feel closer to attaining it.

    Its nice to approach goals linearly, although you never actually achieve them completely in the manner you set out. There are always opportunities that present themselves which can either speed or slow your progress towards your goals. It takes a lot of recognition to consider the impact each factor will have on your path towards the goal, that really it’s most important to consider that the path becomes the goal.

    This means that going down the wrong path can make it very difficult to achieve your goals. While its necessary to achieve a variety of perspectives on the ultimate goal, and important to analyze the implications of a variety of perspectives, taking some perspectives too seriously can seriously derail your progress towards a particular goal. Perspectives are distracting, but perspectives are right, and its often worth your time to examine perspectives that do not completely derail you from your overall goals since examining the path more often than not yields new insights which simplify or enrich the path providing a better path in the future.

    In the interest of wrapping this up for now, and not leaving you completely adrift consider that you are in control of not only the choices that you make, but the choices that you make can provide you new means to control even more choices that you make automatically without any thought or control. While many behaviors are automatic we as humans have the ability to contrast any automated response with an alternative action and a new result, on the fly, and can make changes rather quickly that have a positive impact on our abilities to make further decisions.

    We can make decisions so quickly that it’s important to note that most important decisions are worth examining from a number of perspectives that will be useful towards achieving your ultimate goal. Even incompatible perspectives can still yield interesting or arguably useful goal shifting results. The more clearly we can picture and define our ultimate goals the easier they will be to achieve.

  • admin 12:53 pm on October 30, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization, , , , , , , ,

    Its always been the bane of computers that you can’t move the mouse and click things with the actual mouse using code, as much as a “security risk” that would be, the fact that I have to manually repeatedly click the same things all the time and have no way to automate it is very irritating aspect of computing considering thats precisely what computers are best at. It seems like you would have to use a camera and a hacked mouse building a simulated human to actually click things the way it should have been built in the first place. Either that or just record the input stack and play components of it back when you touch the initial position again, or dual USB your mouse with the second one sending feedback back to the mouse about the current position (and ideally information about whats under it so that it know what signal to send back). If your reaching for a button it should detect that your reaching for it and click it before you get there. Its like every program is a game, and they don’t allow cheating when your using your every day applications either. What a waste of time for everyone! An infinite amount of wasted time adds up between each person wasting it. I constantly want to build one button that clicks 3 things. WHY are we locked into doing it the way it was designed? What if its poorly designed for most intricate tasks efficiently. I don’t know why people must think its a game and that they actually enjoy clicking or typing the same things over and over again. I think it would be relatively easy to get around with enough time & money. If I could never click or type a day in my entire life again, I wouldn’t, I would click and type almost an infinite amount of stuff to make it so I’d never have to do it again. I really don’t understand people. They have much money invested in keeping people locked into doing things a way thats inhuman and unnatural in the first place, with the false assumption that repetition is fun. Stare at this dial all day and click this button when it gets to 20. Do you seriously need to waste a human life doing that, instead of having that human clean up pollution for example. There are far more profitable activities that have nothing to do with making money by polluting the entire world so you have the only clean fish tank, and people actually support that type of behavior as well, blindly, but they do, standardize pollution as “acceptable level” and monopolize their caged industries by eliminating natural alternatives from not just marketplace, but from existing at all, leaving no choice except to fall into “the way things are” as its presented, but reality of the limiting situation lies in wait for all parties involved, whether they profit in the short term or not, problems don’t go away on their own, and hatred of the activities and practices of the past is inevitable, even if its still occurring today and considered “modern”. Most are invested in preserving the way things are no matter how twisted and wrong it might be. Selling tomorrow for a today that’s less and less worth living in, until it becomes impossible that pure beings exist, their very essence pollution, and as long as they’re still rich they’ll tell you that its the way it should be. Even if someone built a bot today, would they want to share it with everyone? I think almost the only way to do any sort of computing is inside a buffer that can be manipulated in any way imaginable. Its the difference between computing and television, but extrapolated to infinity and about ultimate freedom, but not through slavery. Then one might call it a game, whereas anything that impinges on the freedom of other entities isn’t. Just because you can enslave millions doesn’t mean you’ll profit from it. The worst type of slave is the one that believes in what they are a part of as being freedom, that creating more enslavement is never ultimately good for anyone. Enslave nature an it will stop producing its fruits for you. Enslave ants in pavement and they will stop working for you. Enslave yourself to a way of life and you will stop enjoying living. Keep thinking your right in spite and one day you’ll be wrong, have eaten all your friends and earth, and left in space alone.

  • admin 10:47 am on June 3, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: actualization

    It goes without saying that the nutrition facts contain facts about whats nutritious in what you are eating, however they do little justice in revealing the complete contents of a product. They direct your attention at what to look at when examining a particular element for consume-ability and any time ones attention is directed its possible let alone likely that its being misdirected away from some horrible secret.

    The horrible secret is often only a glance away, albeit in the fine print, the ingredients, or that which is suppose to reveal the complete contents being mixed together to create your product. These ingredients however are not even in and of themselves revealing. Many ingredients list elements that are comprised of other inputs but since it stands as a product they simply list the product. Meanwhile any number of things could have gone into that product, be it pesticide sprays, growth hormones, animals that were fed genetically modified corn, and any number of pertinent facts about the ultimate constituents of the container, down to the single stray molecule that ends up in one in 10,000 should be available on every container. You shouldn’t be able to list “milk” as an ingredient without including all of the ingredients that went into the making of that cow, if the cow is made merely from corn and drugs, then what type of corn, and how was that corn raised, what was it sprayed with, how was it cleaned down to every soapy molecule that gets left behind.

    There should be no limit to the amount of detailed information available about every level and step in the process that ultimately constitutes something you are choosing toward creating yourself out of by consuming it. That they get away with keeping any details in the dark is evidence enough that the system that is making the rules is influenced by money, which is not something that has a place influencing a system that’s suppose to be designed to protect people from the worst enemy of all, which is a lack of information and limited time to make important decisions (that seem trivial but are not) about incomplete products, most all of which would be banned from the stores in any culture that was concerned about staying healthy on every level maintaining a strong sense of individuality and purpose to overcome the unjust tyranny that money and bottom lines bring us when we not only could have more, but deserve more, and could make more out of our lives by not being so easily lead, by which I mean mislead into believing that there are external systems of information where people pay to bring you that information that one can in all of eternity trust at face value, is in effect no.

    What we need are consumers with killer instincts, and the capacity to destroy products not on a whim, but with direct willful knowledge about the true nature of their opponents and their products, to spread the information necessary to remove injustice from the systems. They certainly aren’t gong to do it for us, and even if they try, it will never, ever, ever be good enough, because they operate in a world where things that can’t be paid for are impossible, a world that is not reality. People make rash decisions in supermarkets, pez stations, and retail chains that effect their entire fate and the future of the world without even realizing it. From poison leather to pancreatic cancer, what is it exactly that keeps the people from changing the system besides the notion that the system will only rape more if you help it get smarter, and people feel powerless to stop it. I’m for adopting a new system until its done, and then I’m for adopting the next, and resting on success doesn’t seem like an incentive worth living for. Stagnation of detail of labeling is death, and its more than just labeling, its standing up and admitting that we don’t know the long term effects of this stuff, and its been unfair for us to not disclose it up until now.

    Seeing them sweat and then do what you deserve is satisfaction enough, how come people need some dollar incentive in order to do something good for the world other than being so trampled down and poor that they aren’t even qualifying as self actualized human beings anymore. They are barely individuals, mere automatons operating on a level that’s been programed into them since they started learning the English language or their mom ate poorly labeled products while pregnant with them. Where are we as a culture when simple awareness of injustice is not enough to create the change that is the boycotting necessary to bring the companies that would rather us blindly buy away to their knees begging for the solution to their problems (even if its decapitation), which are ultimately how to do right by the consumer… except it only takes a few uninformed consumers to keep their machine turning, which keeps any outcry silent, because they have tricked enough of them that the gears will stay slick enough to find a way to once more put up false appearances just to get a sale for a product whose every corner was cut.

    Sustainability FactsIts not good for anyone to remain blissfully unaware of injustice, because this is exactly what they have people trapped into thinking they deserve all the time, even if they are being raped, that its okay so long as they don’t notice it. That we trust any words out of their mouths after all the crap that we have been fed to nourish the wallets of all the criminals out there is the essence of the problem, that we fail to suspend our disbelief about conspiracy on every level. That its all such a great sham that no one wants to spoil it, revealing the nature of things for what they really are is a business best left to artificial intelligence because it seems like people as consumers will never think for themselves and act as a singular fully actualized and aware consumer whose every sane demand must be met in order to operate at all in this reality. The rich keep getting rich and the poor keep robbing each other blind, and what stands for street smarts and common sense are enough to make you sick, but don’t because you are so use to it by now or so completely unsure of the truth that you don’t even spread one word, then that is the first enemy you must face. What word?