Its just not finished yet, or probably never. I’m just miserable about how poorly I’ve taken care of myself and I wish that I could flip it back to how it was and it’s really hard because my enemies are both very far away and inside me and it makes me sad to think about unleashing myself on anyone except those that would effect or influence me without my permission, and that legality is not as sound as it ought to be, evil has too much power to merit respect, approval, or influence, and yet it is only the evil that is on our side that concerns me, because it is only invisible evil that is truly capable of evil, and if your not looking at your own country and your own government and your own systems of influence and control including corporate bodies then your not looking for evil at all, because it is the day in and day out evil that stands to effect you most, not some rare attack or explosive media event like a building blowing up that you have to fear, in so much as psychologically suggestive subliminal statements, and seeking evil is inherently dangerous for the individual because knowing evil and being evil are almost inseparable, as you seek to uproot evil you may only make it stronger unless your more careful, any decision that comes easily will not be the best decision, while too much difficulty will also fail to combat evil effectively, the difficulty must always be increased however the evil will adapt to be stronger and thus it must always become more difficult for evil and always become easier to do good. De-regulation stands more likelihood of benefiting evil than good, because it is not good that is regulated. Good is only limited by the influence of evil and it is only evil interests that prevent good, however evil interests will always try to pose as good and they will in fact become known evil. There is much difference between good and evil yet the average person cannot tell the difference because true evil is always more difficult to detect than good. The public interest of people is never supported by unregulated bodies that influence other people however neither is the public interest inherently good nor the private interests inherently evil in so far as private interests are organized and enshrouded in secrecy, therefore the propensity for evil increases exponentially as it tries to evade you, you empower it into becoming a worthy opponent before you catch it, however in catching it and winning you are left in the very position that they lead you. As an unfortunate consequence people are very easily mislead into believing things equivalent that are in fact completely different, and it is in this lie to themselves that all evil is accomplished and fed. Examine the concept of catching evil like catching a cold or virus, and you will see that the biggest question of all is why you would seek that in the first place because the very search gives credence to the cause for secrecy and ultimately empowers evil to perform. When you make evil do it’s evil dance it’s important that your holding all the strings, and it’s always sprouting strings.