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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 3:44 am on February 12, 2011 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: lies

    A new law was passed recently.

    In the face of all the grave challenges humanity faces to control it’s fate, a new test is now required for anyone who serves on the board of any corporation. The test consists of one question:

    Will you disregard the public good for profit?

    Write your answer in the space below.

    The test is rated on a scale from one to twenty two.

    However there is only one correct answer, and failing to live up to the correct answer will lead to your dis-en-statement and re distribution of all your assets to the public.

    The public interest is deemed to include total honesty about true motives behind each and every practice without any distortion or padding of the gritty truth of imperialistic actions against the public and their interests, all of which qualify as theft.

    proposed list of commandments for corporations
    1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
    3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
    5. Honour thy father and thy mother
    6. Thou shalt not kill
    7. Thou shalt not commit adultery
    8. Thou shalt not steal
    9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
    10. Thou shalt not covet
    11. Thou shalt not put the corporation first
    12. Thou shalt recognize that the sum; while greater than the individual parts; lacks coherency and cohesion; and correct for this
    13. Thou shalt not take the the customers life or any form of life in vain
    14. Recall the solved problem and keep it solved, keep solutions simple and attainable, thou shalt not enslave the consumer
    15. Hour thy customers future well being
    16. Thou shalt not kill the competition nor slander them
    17. Thou shalt not kill the customer nor injure them
    18. Thou shalt not kill the planet nor biological symbioses
    19. Thou shalt not commit insider trading of any form
    20. Thou shalt not seal away innovations or competition from the public space
    21. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy planetoid and the lifeforms thereof
    22. Thou shalt innovate and work tirelessly to not stagnate

  • admin 9:28 am on February 2, 2011 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: paths society anti

    To intelligence there are two paths, the social patha and the anti social path. To think that one can select between these paths and somehow follow the selection to enlightenment is rather foolhearty, although your results may vary.

    The social path has significant problems. People re-enforce eaech others false beliefs, this is often the pitfall of the social path. It’s only adaptive because everyone believes it, so it works because you will meet little resistance from people. The downfall is that there is little if any genuine checking to a purely social path, it simply accepts and believes anything that it encounters as being real and having some truth, this is not in and of itself bad, however when it comes to the daily lives and practices of countless millions of people, the negative impact of all the false things that they accept ought to become apparent in their actions, however since they are all on the same side, and accept the path they have chosen, they fail to realize the mistakes that are made as a result of accepting simply what is believed to be true, or that which is “commonly accepted as reality” as the truth.

    That which is commonly accepted as reality is very powerful force by which social people are easily manipulated into making decisions, which are then re-enforced by the entire group. It can be rather devastating when a simple social judgment that should be obvious misleads one’s own judgment. I strive to do all I can to challenge this, as an individual, if you would look at something and turn your nose up, simply because anyone else would do the same, and not because you thought about it yourself, is ultimately disgusting to any individual who sees the error in the ways of the social path. Although obviously there are many situations where the alleged advise that is the commonly accepted beliefs of almost everyone are in fact good advice, to think that this advice that’s just accepted because everyone else accepts it applies in the same way to everyone is rather short sighted.

    It’s clear that anyone who makes statements that go against the grain of that which is commonly accepted whill have trouble being understood. This would seem to be the major pitfall of the antisocial path. No matter how anti social one becomes, it is difficult to completely separate or dis-integrate from social reality, therefore even the most anti social person has incredible social capacities, however they may be so extremely disgusted by that which is commonly accepted as truth, but is so obviously not true, that they cannot feel closely connected with people who come across as being overly social, which to the anti social person seems common, or typical, or simply not special enough to consider as being valid or true. The anti social person however will always have trouble connecting and conveying this, and will ultimately always frighten social people who share beliefs simply so they can feel good, while the anti social person rejects this fundamental activity as leading away from intelligence, so might the anti social person neglect society to the exten that they mislead themselves away from accomplishign anythign intelligent.

    Therefore there is a force that leads to the merging of these intelligences, however often the nature of the result is an anti social person who is adept in the understandings of society creating concepts and theories that confound or ultimately and deceptively in a slow and non detectable fashion shape the concepts and conclusions that are commonly and socially accepted to be true. This is ultimately the most and completely dangerous thing that everyone, no matter how social, ought to be aware of, that people who would do such manipulative things to drive society, as if a bunch of cattle, towards a particular goal, probably are doing these activities for profit, and when soemone does something purely for profit, and not for anything else, or even if they do it mostly for profit, and even if there is a little social benefit, such as a feeding trough your running towards, your pure and true interests, even if you aren’t aware of htem, will very likely never be served by someone elses interest in profit. While there might be some symbiotic chared interest that’s represented, the ultimately conclusion is your detriment and your controllers benefit.

    The true test of any power or leadership is if they are capable of fore-going profit motive and instead value the benefit of the many over the greed of the few. By being selfless and sharing everyone with everything, without drawing lines of separation between self and society, or self and anyone, no matter how crazy people might think they are, one can truly accomplish great things, however society has become a problem, in that they become so skeptical of anyone who isn’t full out manipulating them, that if it’s not a full out commercial endeavor, they fail to think giving any money to it will benefit them in any way, and this is perhaps one of the most short sighted and fool-hearty things ever, when someone who genuinely wants to help, rejects the social notion that one needs to seem like they are trying to help, and rejects the notion of this alleged seeming good, in favor of some other notion that how things seem is so disconnected from how they are, that the indication of actually helping needs to be reversed so that if it seems like they are going to hurt you then it’s more likely they will help than someone who is trying to seem trustworthy, I suppose such thoughts are extremely anti social however it’s still worthy of consideration, a lot more worthy of consideration than a great many causes that would promise to be helping while in reality driving you towards slaughter for their ultimate short term financial benefit.

    The truth of the matter is anything that has goals that could be met within a lifetime is a short-sighted endeavor, and anything that considers anything short of 10 lifetimes is probably going to hatch itself into a scheme ot ultimately gain something. Most people are living within their own short time spans, some people truly live in the moment, and while I respect this existentialism I think that it always falls short of delivering humanity to a better place. To truly get anywhere we have to look forward, and realize that the nature of today can be advanced into a superior tomorrow only if we realize how terrible the nature of today truly is, and if this means that you have to consider both the social and the anti social alternatives to situations, even if it might make you feel insane at times, it may be worth it in so far as ultimately furthering humanities understanding of it’s predicaments in a way that is a lot better at leading to the truth than accepting either of the presented paths. Make your own decisions, but consider everything if you dare.

    Perhaps the most important tennant to follow is self control, but to also know when one can be free to have a positive effect. It may be close to impossible to tell the difference, sometimes you have to trust your instincts, and sometimes you must not. I cannot tell you what to do, you ultimately must decide for yourself what is important to you, and realize what pretends to be important and is not. Selflessness is important but a great many people end up dead in the persuit of ideals, yet I still think that it’s really the only way that anything gets accomplished, however much anyone else will simply take what they can from it, without understanding anything, It is nice when people prove that they understand. It is even nicer when they still wish to understand no matter how much they understand. Making decisions without understanding is dangerous, and thinking one understands is perhaps the most dangerous thing of all. I am so adept at refusing to manipulate or control that more often than not my interests will be undermined by the greed and selfishness of everyone else, but it is nice to make true friends, although it’s become the last thing I expect, I firmly believe surprises are always fun.