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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 11:40 pm on October 18, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are unacceptable for human consumption, yet chances are you have eaten more than one. The evidence that people deserve a choice is well documented. To continue to sell these items without clear labeling is unacceptable. GMOs are not good for public health at large, and without even labeling which foods contain GMO ingredients, then there is no truth in advertising or labeling. Substantial equivalence is not equivalence. Just because it seems like corn to the average squirrel does not mean it actually is the corn the squirrel wants or expects it to be. To use this as evidence that it’s the same, when it’s not the same, is bad science. Any time bad science is used it is to sell something, and the last place bad science belongs is in the food industry.

    Considering substantial equivalence to be equivalence is unacceptable. When things are in fact different, just because you can fool the average Joe that it’s the same thing does not mean it’s the same. That’s like saying just because they can’t tell it’s a plastic carrot that it must be just as good for them as a real carrot. The pesticides and policies used to grow GMO crops are so unacceptable. Pesticide usage should also be clearly labeled in food, but at least GMO usage would indicate that the food is also full of pesticides so it would be easier to avoid. I’m not sure about this policy of coercion and control over the food supply, the conspiracy to create a cheaper less natural less healthy mono-culture that says one kind of corn is all we need, meanwhile the corn itself generates pesticides of it’s own. These things are not fit for human consumption and only serve to dumb down the public and keep them trapped from reaching enlightenment to their captors who are the food industry.

    If you are what you eat, then america is what it eats, and as long as it continues to approve sub par food for human consumption and convince people it tastes good by drugging them with glutamate and other derivatives of MSG without ever telling them they are eating sub par food, this is an unacceptable practice that the government cannot and must not continue to enforce. George bush got us into this mess by deregulating the pesticide industries and Monsanto many horrible things have happened that should never have happened.

    GMO corn is like a disease, pollution spreading across the land, invading peoples crops, and Monsanto is invading and laying claim on any land that their virus corn touches. They are actually taking away peoples livelihoods because of their inability to control nature and their claim that they own this horrible problem, and stealing and selling the results as if they are food to the american public and the world, while our tax dollars subsidies this sub-par nutritionally useless corn to other countries, something I do not believe any conscious person would willingly peddle to anyone in the world.

    If Monsanto had any goodness in them whatsoever they would buy the infected corn from the farmer and dispose of it as it should be disposed of like any other invasive species. Instead Monsanto steals the corn and livelihood from farmers and trys to force everyone into buying Monsanto corn and monopolize the industry and food system into a mono-culture of less healthy individuals eating diets with little or no variety. They actually make it illegal to save or plant seeds forcing people into a situation of dependence instead of into a situation of freedom. There is no country less american than Monsanto or any industries pushing for genetic modification without controlling their output or clearly labeling what it is they are forcing down the gullets of the poor and unfortunate souls who may not have the mental capacity left to even read the label. It may be too late for a great many Americans but doing too little too late is better than doing nothing at all.

    Food safety is an important topic however it is under this guise of standardization and safety that we create a less healthy public, by pretending the government knows whats best for everyone and subsidizing things that do not deserve to be subsidized we cause problems for everyone. Monsanto will fight tooth and nail to keep the power that they have in place however it must be stopped at any cost. Americans deserve to receive the information necessary to make their own smart buying decisions. People deserve the right to access any nutritional supplements they want to experiment with, if there is substantial evidence that something works for a great number of people it is not the responsibility of the government which is controlled by industries to prevent people from accessing these supplements they so desperately need to combat the malnutrition these major profit seeking industries will try to tell you they can provide, while they simultaneously fail to provide true nutritional variety and also fail to provide products that are free from pesticide and disease.

    To force down the gullets of the public anything that isn’t strong enough to stand up to the harshness of nature on it’s own, to feed people a product that cannot survive save without being covered with pesticide inside via genetic modification and outside via spraying and to never tell the public that these practices were used, is to serve the public a plant that is not worthy of consumption, and the fact that my tax dollars would subsidize such an activity is entirely unacceptable to the extent that I am only willing to pay my taxes to certain areas of the government that would be concerned with educational the public. No one in their right mind would support the activities of Monsanto under whatever name they might call themselves, no farmer should stand for the ways in which they have been subjugated and forced to comply with Monsanto’s regulations and control systems. I demand more choice over where my dollars are spent in the government and I demand that peoples tax dollars cannot be used for supporting businesses that they do not agree with, and I do not accept tax dollars going towards making a business’s product appear less expensive in other countries when in reality it’s not cheaper or a better product in any way whatsoever.

    At the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the premiere Health Freedom organization, I am contacting you about food safety. This letter is NOT about support for the fake “Food Safety” bill in the Senate, S-510 and I do not support more Federal control over food safety in general.

    However, there is one area of food safety where all levels of government must act and act quickly. I refer to the risky proliferation of GMO - Genetically Modified Organism - products on the farm and in the food markets.

    There is no possibility for long term coexistence of GMOs and organic food. The genetic contamination through insects, birds and wind assures that, in time, all crops and animals will be so thoroughly contaminated they they will, each and every one, cease to exist as they have evolved.

    The science is emerging and the picture is clear: cancer, lupus and other autoimmune disorder, degraded immune function and infertility are but a few of the consequences of consuming GMO “foods”. Most modifications are to allow plants to withstand the over use of dangerous chemicals which, in and of themselves pose serious health hazards.

    GMO crops and animals do not fulfill the promise of feeding the world or of providing safe food everywhere. GMO crops fail much more often than conventional ones and, when eaten, are dangerous in unimaginable ways.

    The “Precautionary Principle” tells us that people, their property and the environment, should not be trespassed upon by GMO seeds, pollen or other pollutants; nor should they be offered unlabeled GMO products. We call for a ban on GMO products which have not been shown safe in any independent third party tests.

    We call for a reversal of the FDA position that GMO-Free products may not be labeled as such to be replaced by the requirement that all GMO products, of every kind, must be clearly labeled as such to give consumers the choice that they have been denied since 1992: the choice to reject GMO products.

    We call for a multi-decade study of the harm that GMO products may have all ready initiated, and how to remediate same.

    Finally, we demand compensation for all farmers whose property has been invaded by GMOs and an immediate return to safe, natural products.

    As an immediate interim step, I favor the labeling of all GMO ingredients as such and I support the right of all producers to truthfully label “GMO-Free” products.

    Ban GMOs Now! - Untested and Dangerous!

  • admin 10:13 am on October 13, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    My basic question is does this water contain sodium fluoride additive, and then, if so, why is it not listed in the ingredients?

    Sodium fluoride is a terrible industrial waste byproduct that pesticide manufacturers sell to municipalities to make money since it’s illegal to dump it as it very well should be. It doesn’t have any beneficial effect, and actually weakens bones, making teeth brittle, and doesn’t achieve any of the promised beneficial effects. About the only thing that this toxic chemical does achieve is killing germs, however it’s really not fit for human consumption.

    Several studies done in china linked lower IQ in cities with higher levels of fluoride in the water. Very many countries that looked at the substantial evidence rejected water fluoridation. It’s a terrible scam that makes companies rich and steals physical and mental resources from the public creating dumber consumers and voters.

    The fact that people accept the definition of “water” that it might contain any number of harmful pollutants, and list only “water” on the ingredients troubles me. The same goes for “milk”, not all milk is created equal, it’s hard to consider an ingredient, what ingredients and lifestyle went into the cow that the milk came from? Specifically if it’s a BGH cow, then it should say BGH milk. It’s amazing how little information is actually in an ingredient list, and a great many people want to keep it that way, but it’s not good for the public at large.

    It’s a horrible thing when business takes advantage of consensus realities such as fluoride is good, milk is milk, to sell things. I feel it’s the responsibility of business to create educated consumers who will be more willing to buy better products. If there is no information and none of the products say one way or the other then people will likely buy the least expensive product, which is not necessarily in your interest either.

    Making or selling any water that actually can claim to be fluoride free, chlorine free, will not only raise public awareness about the issue, but will also allow you to charge a premium for that product, although quite honestly no water consumed by humans anywhere in the world should contain any sodium fluoride whatsoever.

    There are other types of fluoride other than sodium fluoride that are more natural, less intense, and not nearly as bad for people to consume. A small amount may help dental health since it does kill germs, however swallowing it or in any way leaving any of it in the body allows it to build up in ones system and it makes all calcium based structures such as teeth and bones brittle and weak. I would love to see this harmful pollutant taken out of public drinking water everywhere, and also more upfront honestly about it’s inclusion in food products.

    Regardless of the legality and how easy it is to get away with not mentioning it, secrecy regarding this topic is exactly what’s allowing them to get away with it for years, and someone needs to take a stand against the policy of ignorance regarding the details of it’s inclusion in beverages and other products. Consumers do not have expensive kits that allow testing of what is actually in the product, and if they can’t trust or rely on the ingredients list, then what other power do they have to make informed buying decisions?

    Anything substance that is effectively forced on the entire public and kept shrouded in secrecy can never be any good for the public, so the question becomes who is the responsible body that decides to serve the public interest, that decides to stand out from the sea of groups that server only their own financial bottom line, and be the first to take the stand, in doing what is right, pushing in the direction of increased awareness.

  • admin 7:36 am on October 10, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    EDIT: I don’t think this post sparked the debate, but I wouldn’t take any of this as evidence that vaccines should be skipped. Can they be used for evil? Certainly. Is the intent evil? No. Do they cause harm? Maybe in some cases. Is the harm greater than the good? Probably not. Vaccines keep us safe but they keep the population growing. Is that really a good thing? Who knows. In any case here is the post:

    Forcing anything is the opposite of freedom. No party that can maditorially force some substance on the public can be trusted to be serving the public’s interest. To force someone to take “their medication” is something reserved for patients in a psych ward or death row in a dog pound. To impose technology on the whole of a public is that public’s decision, any members of that community that forcibly try to inject someone else may as well be trying to murder them and restrict their freedom, if isolated communities wanted to mandate such an awful thing, people could at least move away easily, however the government mandating such a thing is both backwards and unfair, and cannot be trusted, especially since vaccines poison much of the youth of the population with mercury anyway, there are any number of mandatory horrible things that are forced on people, from drinking chlorine and fluoride in the water (a devious toxic manufacturing byproduct disposal plan) to waiting at lights when there is no traffic. Forcing people to not fight illnesses themselves and relinquish control to a protective government will only be a weaker populous for it, which is precisely the goals of this bill and much legislation, which will never in fact succeed at digging us out of the financial crisis. Simple education solves more problems including getting sick than any other program. By forcing something physical on people, you may as well be raping them.

    A strong government can criticize it’s former decision as wrong public-ally and move on stronger and more trustworthy for it. Get rid of your connections with powerful enemies of the American public and you will be doing yourself and all of us a lot of good. If you think yourselves and the FDA can trust them to present the facts to you, your not realizing the financial motives of industries and corporations are the most selfish motives imaginable, driven by the collective greed of a huge mass of individuals invested in one thing, to protect the interests of the organization at any cost, which legally refer to the corporation that takes investments being bound to being profitable, and the corporation being tried as an individual, in spite of the fact that this individual is formed out of the most despicably deceptive conglomerate of all the worst parts of every individual involved in that corporation imaginable. You may as well be trying the largest psychopathic murderers in existence with the most charm and the most cunning formed out of a summation of all of their misplaced and highly lensed protective interests that serve only their corporate bottom line without any regard for any consequence they can get away with, while none of the victims even get to speak their part and these horribly unamerican people get away with merely a warning, and something very wrong is being stolen from the public.

    The vaccine from an individual standpoint is not necessarily the problem so much as those who would have the power are far too deeply in the pockets of organizations that cannot be trusted, that the government simply cannot be trusted with a task of such gravity, since as soon as you start injecting the entire public with any “protective” measure, someone will release the plague to eliminate everyone who does not cooperate. Those that wish to have only sheeple with no determination whatsoever, those corporations that see individuals only as the consumer, who think the consumer serves them and not the former, those powers that seek to coerce and control that are not american and the least american of all, whose only self determination is a profit motive that undermines all of their actions into doing the wrong thing for money.

    I strongly agree with Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD:

    “There is no significant scientific agreement that the influenza vaccine has any health benefits at all; much evidence it is harmful. For example, the only peer reviewed, published meta-review of various flu vaccine clinical studies (the Grier, King, Grier paper) shows statistically that there is no benefit. Additionally, we believe the record will show that there were at least 200 miscarriages associated with receiving the 2009 H1N1 vaccines (while in a “normal” flu season there are from 0 to 7). Therefore we are justified in demanding the removal of these dangerous toxins from the health care system.”

    I am very troubled by this fact:

    “For the 2010-2011 flu season, which begins in the fall of 2010, the seasonal flu vaccine will include [sic] protection against the 2009 H1N1 vaccine.” -

    FDA/CDC says the H1N1 virus was “novel” with pandemic potential, but the swine flu vaccine was “just a change of strain” not needing safety testing. Now after the cover-up of hundreds of deaths from the vaccines, these novel toxins are being added to the annual flu vaccine, I am concerned that I and my family may be exposed to novel viruses for no significant benefit.

    I PETITION THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: that all influenza vaccines be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from the market until full safety testing, the removal of all mercury and other toxins (even in “trace” amounts) and actual, independent, third party proof that the vaccines are safe and effective and will not spread the influenza.

    This Petition is submitted independently but with reference to FDA Citizens Petition Docket No. FDA-2009-P-0418

    This is an important matter to me and I will take your actions in support of my petition for redress into consideration when voting.