A Luxury Rate invariably Scamms and they are scamming you into accepting that rate. If the rate is only a little bit more dollars for a whole lot more value, your choice is being undermined.

to think that we have a choice between levels of service is an ultimate folly. when you are pinned between two extremes, of those that want the best performance at any cost versus those that want a deal, the ones that want a deal are treated like an underclass that cannot afford it. A luxury rate is placed on the item where a relatively small increase in cost is sold as the only option to most shoppers who do not even know a discount rate is available. The discount rate is then sold to the poorest customers, who end up paying a significant portion of the cost of the bandwidth, however recieve even less value than they have fairly paid towards the bandwidth cost of the wealthy. The wealthy get to float with a rate that is not that much higher than everyone else but get almost 5 times as much out of their dollar value, just for having paid a thrid more.

This is ultimately not fair to the consumer, since neither of them are getting what they paid for. If the poorest people got what they paid for then they might not be poor anymore, and might be able to pay a higher rate to get more. If the richest people wanted more, they could always choose to pay more. That there would be any imbalance between the rate you pay, and the rate at which you get, is ultimately unfair to everyone involved, eliminating all choice between what you pay for and what you get, as if to devalue everything, that you ought to expect things to cost just any old rate on any certain date, and calculate the value based on the cost, at least in industries where accomplishing this is readily simple and achieveable.

Sure you may not be able to tell based on the cost which grape will taste better, let alone which apple will be better for you, however when it comes to how many bits per second you are allowed to allocate on the internet, the distinction between cost and value recieved is moot. It’s not that you have to digest the apple to find out what you paid for, since if you decide to pay ten dollars per month then you should get 1/5th of the 50 dollar value. You deserve to get what you pay for, and while there might be some bad apples in the bag, there aren’t any colored bytes on the internet. Any shade of grey is immediately cast into an underclass, and that people accept this type of treatment from multinational businesses is like standing in the dark, a tribute to thrifty success of the rich for their glorious swindling of all people, worshiping their disgusting segregations of their markets, divided and conqured from fighting back united.