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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 8:00 am on February 27, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I generally disagree with people’s own interests. It’s difficult to resolve the disparity between their interests and what would serve them best. Their interests rarely seem to serve them with as much faith as is placed in those interests, the ultimate consequence of supporting these short term interests is rarely actually beneficial for the individual and rarely even aligned with the individuals interests except in the most superficial of ways. People spend a lot of money fighting against interests that stand to lend them some benefit. It’s very strange what people decide to support or go against. Very rarely is this based on anything except some gut feeling about what side they could take and feel best about in front of the people for who they expose themselves to scrutiny. This means that most people are simply guilt-ed into taking a position. It’s not about thinking thought or standing up for what’s right as much as it’s about seeming that they are standing up for what’s right to their friends, an it’s a real mess because any reactionary social judgement of a phenomenon is never accurate or complete. This means that a persons consideration rarely if ever goes very far before they make the decision about what side they are taking. People given infinite A or B choices always seem to fall on side A or B because of this,and it’s very problematic when the solution is never EVER a or b. To think that someone else already solved the problem by providing you with an A or B solution is downright silly. If they had solved the problem there would be no decision, it would be solved. The mere fact that you present yourself with an A or B conundrum is an attempt at manipulating the results, however when someone else presents you with an A or B conundrum, I think the point must be becoming clear by now that neither choice actually stands to benefit your interests. I mean there are a lot of issues that are up in the air and unresolved, and while we could stand around and chat about all these silly decisions forever I don’t think that the solution or resolution to any of these disparities in logic will actually be solved by chatting about it casually unless your casual is calamity and you truly wish to eviscerate the logic down to the bottom of it and come out with a unique position I’m not sure what you would even consider existing except that it probably fits within a millisecond of the actual process, like some firework display most people are so in awe of they can’t see that its just an LED screen run by a bunch of monkeys who are paid by other monkeys that are probably doing something against your interests while your so distracted, and that saying what it is would disturb them, disgusts me. That people are people is fine with me, but that people are people, and are OK with that, makes my stomach turn because they would defy their own interests and carry out the consequences to the death blindly bumbling into an inescapable vortex without ever seeing it, like some fly in a funnel, and it simply makes me sick examining most people and it makes them even more sick but deep down I don’t believe in happiness leading to salvation any more than brimstone. If I’m interested in something I try to approach that thing as sceptically as possible, and that means dutifully never identifying it because as soon as you think you know what’s going on chances are you’ve been tricked. I think it’s a lot more likely that the truth is disgusting mess than that the truth is an elegant design unless that elegant design is spread out over centuries and unlimited number of minds, because any design funded sponsored or endorsed by someone who has interests in the way things ultimately are today is ultimately trying to take your money one way, or another way you haven’t thought of yet. When your dealing with reality all of your A and B decisions become clear that there is no significant distinction. That both A and B are in fact A and that B has been hidden from you is more likely than you have realized two alternatives.

    The point of this post isn’t to say that there is no alternative, it is to say there are always infinite alternatives but none of them are going to be presented to you. The point of this post is to point out the parasitic loss that results when a people becomes divided over something insignificant, and I don’t mean to say your position on abortion is insignificant so much as to say there are more important problems that are just as multifaceted if not more so. Attempts to mandate how existence works are downright fool-hearty from the position of any singular existence. People spend so much time and energy fighting each other over petty issues that don’t effect them, while the evil geniuses are effectively getting away with murder polluting the world. That by the time people come to their senses about the abortion issue that they didn’t get aborted, and that they do in fact exist, they might come to realize that providing they ever did even attempt to have children there might not be any world left for them precisely because they were so distracted working on abortion instead of the infinite number of more important issues. There is a camp that would say if we solved the abortion issue that all our other problems would go away automatically, and I don’t entirely disagree however it would be a lot slower than approaching the important issues directly and because of that it’s a waste of resources to fight one way or the other when neither side actually stands to make any significant difference in the way things are, all of that money would be better spent on making the most of babies that actually exist.

  • admin 2:13 pm on February 23, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Now you can track your video history in the latest version of VidzBigger. If you use the Top Vidz section of preferences to log in, or log in from the site minus the www, and have share view statistics enabled, then videos that you watch will be available to view by clicking the My Vidz button, which is located on the Top Vidz tab of preferences. You can also view my video history by following that link once you’re logged in.

  • admin 3:23 pm on February 19, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: stocks trade

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