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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 1:46 pm on January 30, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I mean lets take a look at the idea of patenting, that is owning, a genetically unique lifeform reasonably for one second. If I shoot you in the arm, and the bullet gets lodged in the joint, and you can no longer use your arm, is your entire body then my property? The method for inserting genes is very similar, suddenly thus by making one addition, they claim to own not only the patent on the method but also all of the results of its application as these engineered lifeforms under corporate ownership contaminate the wild and our food supply with untested consequences.

    I mean arguably, yes… however…. is this legal? Because patenting a life from means owning it legally, which is effectively enslavement. They actually enslave people into paying for expensive lawsuits who accidentally find themselves possessing an escaped “slave” that is, a patented genetic life-form whose only difference from a non patented life-form is that it got shot in the arm, like a cow that escapes a farm. It doesn’t matter if its legal or illegal or not, if its wrong to kidnap a human being and force them to work and make money for you, then its not legitimate to patent a lifeform because there is no significant distinction between the two scenarios.

    Can you patent a cow by branding it with a hot iron? The cow has free will. If it leaves, its no longer your life-form.

    You can only effectively own the bullet. You can only effectively own the branding iron. You can’t own anything it touches just because it touches it.

    Ultimately a cow that’s shot in the arm is not of value for very long, however the idea that you own it expired before you were somehow awarded just that undeserved privilege.

    You never own what you stole in the first place, and all of the components were stolen from nature, the only ownership is intellectual knowledge of the arrangement, you do not own the actual lie-form, merely the product that you sell, and no extension from the point that the seed leaves your hands, it has escaped your enslavement.

    Any influence on the external environment caused by your product is your responsibility to fully disclose all harmful effects on the quality of the land. Any attempts to enslave people into purchasing only your product is effectively equivalent to monopolizing someones land in a hostile and illegally false advertised takeover.

    One Example - Controlling Your Food

    Different topic:Where your tax dollars go - Video - Walmart - The High Cost of Low Prices Don’t blare all of it, its full of advertisements.
    Wal-Mart Welfare - How taxpayers subsidize the world’s largest retailer.

    Just One 200-person Wal-Mart store may result in an excess cost of $420,750 a year for federal taxpayers

  • admin 8:16 pm on January 29, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I think people grossly misunderstand and misuse the influence of control. Poisoning the population to control population in the interest of sustainability is only in the interest of sustainability if the only effected population is humans. The only way to do this effectively is by either removing the humans from the planet first, and poisoning them elsewhere, or by convincing the people to eliminate themselves. There is no benefit in the notion of a sustainable planet if you poison the planet while your trying to save it from an overwhelmingly powerful human population. The methods of poisoning are well documented and protected from getting out there, however, the poison itself is not effectively protected from influencing and damaging the rest of the environment.

    Some examples of poisons include Fluoride in the water supply which most people know nothing about the wide variety of properties of. A great example in food is excitotoxins like MSG, aspartame, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and various other names for MSG including “natural flavoring” which is more often than not just less pure version of MSG. MSG goes by a wide variety of aliases, and even if it says no MSG that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lower than 99% pure concentration present. Another great example of these technologies harming both humans and earth are GMOs or genetically modified produce and organisms. All these harmful things are not effectively isolated from seeping out and effecting populations and lifeforms that never had ANY decision whatsoever in their exposure, very similar to the amount of say that human populations had in resisting being exposed to these so called “health advancements”. Most food ‘technology’ is the opposite of advanced, rather it is used like a primitive weapon against nature and life itself in order to exercise power over enslaved populations.

    There is no way to effectively sustain population level in a way that sustains life on earth that isn’t an intellectual decision taken in full heart by the individuals who wish to protect the planet. It cannot be forced into action and truly be effective or complete. Any subversive method of convincing the population by poisoning them will not effectively work to actually achieve the goals you wish to achieve, for the population will be too stupid to actually understand and enact the proper measures themselves. The only way that would actually work would be the oppose approach, however that involves nourishing an intelligent and heart felt population that truly believes in and accomplishes the actions of the greatest good.

    To eliminate the abilities of a population to think critically, eliminates their abilities to take a healthy and active role in preventing problems before they get out of hand. What we have now is a problem that is way out of hand, and already too far gone to really be reversed in any completely meaningful way. It would take many generations before you could even start to have a culture again that would be fully capable and happy enough to actually do the right thing automatically. Because of the historic decisions being made at a time when the population was already accidentally poisoned, they decided the best way to try to accomplish their goals was to actively poison. Instead of taking the responsibility required of any example setting citizen of fessing up to the truth and doing the right thing in spite of historic blunders, the blunderers decided that it would be easiest to blunder forth into increasingly diabolical schemes to avoid accepting responsibility for the problems that were plaguing people.

    It has been a constant through history that the people who own and sell the poisons that make the industrial world tick do not want to change industries. They do anything they can to stay in the position they sit, a position of power, and to make rash decisions that maintain that position of power. It’s hard to fault them for this for some reason but mainly because those who are anesthetized by the faults of those in power are powerless to see the villain who poisoned them in the true light they cast. Rather the victim only sees the villain in the light that they cast themselves. The villain however is ultimately the most irresponsible of all and it is the ultimate responsibility of the people to detect and destroy villains in their tracks before they get poisoned or else its already too late. The worst of villains hold all of the magic cures as well, however the cures often than not continue to contribute to the overall problems.

    Really the only position worth taking is the 100 percent responsible position, that is the only position that accounts fully for the reality that we are stuck in today with absolute determination to transfer us into a better reality tomorrow where we are no longer trapped within any schemes of any individuals besides ourselves and our own true free responsibility to ourselves to provide a future in which we are truly free from the confines and slavery to other individuals. At no time can any crime be declared history. We have yet to transgress slavery and murder of unwitting victims. We have yet to create a society where people are never pawns in someone else’s scheme to get rich, and get ahead in attempt to control their future in such a way that ultimately won’t benefit them either. The greatest folly of the schemes of our governments and industries that are blindly enforced by policing agencies and ultimately the loyal subjects of the industries is that the scheme is ultimately destructive and limiting to a genome, where as even if these poor fools in control were to survive, that which they survive for is so diminished by their actions they still won’t bother truly existing as individuals responsible for their future, merely living for today, and tomorrow, ignorant of their place in the larger picture of the planet and life itself. The ego maniacs in control are ultimately so short sighted and blind to the fact that they are destroying both themselves and their future through every step that they take that the only pleasure they can derive from existing is the fact that they fancy themselves ahead of their victims while meanwhile, in spite of all appearances and public respect they achieve, they are truly the lowest of the lowly class on the planet, and the ultimate slave to reality, and the ultimate slave to every last soul they poison. To be tortured for infinity in which they have trapped themselves fool-heartedly, too weak and powerless to admit responsibility for their current predicament.

    As individuals we must fight for every freedom that otherwise slips through our fingers. We must act as one force against the tyrannical powers that will always try to rule us. We can never rest and pretend that freedom or the war has been won, for as soon as you break concentration or they break your concentration you are lost to their game and they hold all their cards plus whatever is left of yours.

    I should add that all the information that we actually have is definitely very dated information, and while it still holds a lot of truth, there are almost definitely massive media campaigns always right in front of us trying to hide new and increasingly clever ways of masking the same schemes of the rich and powerful that have plagued our people including the rich and powerful for hundreds and thousands of years. Every time word gets out, they change the names, tweak the technology, however the ultimate scheme rarely if ever changes. Most people are simply too use to it to even notice anything wrong. Controlling Our Food - Aspartame: Sweet Misery A Poisoned World
    Controlling Our Food - Unreleased Documentary
    So I’m glad we’re finally digging our way to the bottom of the health care problem. If anyone has a copy of whatever it is that actually passed I think it deserves some close analysis.

  • admin 4:16 pm on January 26, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Not that anyone in their right mind uses IE anyway… however

    Forget China: Is Googles Toolbar Spying on You? | Technomix | Fast Company.

    I’ts probably Microsoft’s fault.  But isn’t it funny how much can be gotten away with without any explicit warning, and no fine print doesn’t count as explicit warning, fine print is generally accepted as being rated g.  Part of the mission of vidzbigger is arguably to expose just how easily details slip through our fingertips at the hand of a massive conglomerate.  So it is what it is, you trust ALL of them (every last one) or you can trust me.  I think its a lot easier to just trust me.  It’s URL sharing that powers the homepage which is also easily disablable in preferences.  I’ts that this type of thing is on by default that should take you aback double taken, however sharing of this type of information is not abnormal for huge corporations monitor usage, so to disallow myself from monitoring the same usage puts me at a distinct disadvantage that I cannot presently afford, besides its to your(s) benefit(s).

    Bill Gates Warns Of Dystopian Future

    That struck my fancy, its rare to see a large company speak out against bad practices, however the solutions are dubious, almost doomed repeat failures rather than solutions when we think about the agricultural efficiency revolution leading to the current obesity epidemic.  He doesn’t even mention that population, beyond a threshold, is a problem that can be prevented.  I mean less customers is what’s good for earth, how can a large corporation hungry for customers truly be pro earth without setting some reasonable limits on the rate of consumption, and regardless of the impact on the stock, is that not good for earth’s future?  Looking at the food industries attempt to force more calories down our throats while spending all the natural resources of the land to grow two crops on petroleum based fertilizer just to impress investors and nothing more must speak volumes about the level on which changes must take place to actually mitigate the pending crisis so many of us seem to eagerly await.

    This one gave me a good chuckle, especially the comments. Why hasn’t ET made contact yet? Well you want to know what I think do you… too bad… its alternate parking time, that time of the day when everything stops and you have to go waste some resources, I’m not sure why perhaps so the snow plow man can plow imaginary snow that isn’t there every day even in the middle of the summer and espeicaly that one week in the fall when people rake up the leaves that they should leave on the ground where they belong if you ask any trained professional in their right mind instead of in a landfill surrounded by plastic waste product.  SO you better move it every day JUST IN CASE an earthquake goes off and all the cars roll over to the other side of the street there are plenty of slots waiting.  When its about 6AM you need to decide if you’re going to sleep or you’re in for a long haul until alternate parking time arrives.  I spend a lot of time going over in my head what click it or ticket does definitely not mean.

    Do you get it yet?  Well times up.  Extra Terrestrial is something that leaves earth and goes live somewhere else.  Is this in your foreseeable future?  Then guess what…. they’re… already… here…. perhaps everywhere…. there is hope… however they are more advanced and less concerned with gravity than you are.  Advanced is merely an argument, they might try to prove it, however modern and advanced are drastically underestimated concepts to the terrestrial that doesn’t know how advanced they use to be before Some Alien entity conglomerate decides to brainwash them all, some corporate entity not entirely human but wreaking of flesh, you know, sweat mart, or the alternative gas guzzling enterprise, that thinks somehow that it contributes something more besides waste harm and filth, various industries that ultimately soil good names and intentions with the opposite, and they still try to sell it to you, the people… who merely sit… and eat grapes fed mechanically, artificial grapes coated in pesticide, but shhh something “good” is on.

  • admin 2:54 am on January 25, 2010 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , future, goals, progress

    The latest version of VidzBigger for Google Chrome supports the HTML5 Video Element on YouTube TestTube. Featherlight is also supported although you will loose the ability to comment. Sorry to those who tried to post a comment and happened to scroll in the last 24 hours… these things happen… but did you try undo before uninstall?

    The recent chrome updates seem to have included o3d support! This is great news for the canvas element to have a 3d context. I am excited about performance of this option in Google OS.

    Do you have any dreams for the future? I often think about the steps that it takes to get there. Sometimes very small changes can make a huge difference for the future. Even examining something from a slightly different perspective can drastically alter your results. Its important to not forget a critical perspective on an issue, yet its very easy to examine problem from only a few easily accessible angles.

    I find that its crucial to have a variety of perspectives. Even very small insight gained from a particular perspective an yield important shifts on other aspects of the end result of the combined perspectives, yielding to a particular effect or actionable consequence of your accumulated efforts to understand and effect progress towards your ultimate goals.

    It’s difficult to achieve everything alone. No perspective is a complete island in and of itself. Its unfortunate that given infinite time you might invent the wheel, but would still never invent everything alone. Without help innovation can still be achieved, but it is the total accumulation of all innovations that yields the present day challenges and entices new innovations to brighten our everyday existence with new fruits of the compounded efforts of the tireless individuals new insights and angles on problems that confound us each day saving our time and efforts by spending each resource more wisely further freeing us from confines and limitations that entrap us. Making it ever easier for new solutions to come about.

    So what qualifies as a solution? Many things can satisfy a particular problem from the perspective of the individual. However are these satisfactory solutions, however effective, leading you towards your ultimate goal? It’s unfortunate when things are simplified to the point where they are only evaluated on an individual level. Since even the smallest actions and thoughts can have compound consequences on a larger set of actions and conclusions, even the smallest steps often have gross implications for the approach to an end result, often ignoring alternate approaches to the true ultimate goal.

    While its easy to conceive of approaching goals in a straight line approach, its easy to chase goals around in circles this way, never actually achieving that it is that you ultimately want more than anything, to be aligned in a state of confronting and achieving your goals, rather than ever chasing them, though you may circle ever closer.

    It often helps to gain an overhead perspective, which can yield light on new angles to look at your goal which will help you catch up with your goals. Lots of times you can’t look directly at your goal in full detail from where you sit today, as much as you’d like to achieve the highest possible definition of your goals, the easiest way to build a bigger picture is to examine what you want from different angles or perspectives, which often times have the effect of shifting your perspective on the goal in such a way that you at least feel closer to attaining it.

    Its nice to approach goals linearly, although you never actually achieve them completely in the manner you set out. There are always opportunities that present themselves which can either speed or slow your progress towards your goals. It takes a lot of recognition to consider the impact each factor will have on your path towards the goal, that really it’s most important to consider that the path becomes the goal.

    This means that going down the wrong path can make it very difficult to achieve your goals. While its necessary to achieve a variety of perspectives on the ultimate goal, and important to analyze the implications of a variety of perspectives, taking some perspectives too seriously can seriously derail your progress towards a particular goal. Perspectives are distracting, but perspectives are right, and its often worth your time to examine perspectives that do not completely derail you from your overall goals since examining the path more often than not yields new insights which simplify or enrich the path providing a better path in the future.

    In the interest of wrapping this up for now, and not leaving you completely adrift consider that you are in control of not only the choices that you make, but the choices that you make can provide you new means to control even more choices that you make automatically without any thought or control. While many behaviors are automatic we as humans have the ability to contrast any automated response with an alternative action and a new result, on the fly, and can make changes rather quickly that have a positive impact on our abilities to make further decisions.

    We can make decisions so quickly that it’s important to note that most important decisions are worth examining from a number of perspectives that will be useful towards achieving your ultimate goal. Even incompatible perspectives can still yield interesting or arguably useful goal shifting results. The more clearly we can picture and define our ultimate goals the easier they will be to achieve.