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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 2:42 pm on November 27, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: search ads

    Hey Everyone. If you’d like to support VidzB this holiday season please consider making a gift or purchase from this Amazon Black Friday Deals link. I would love to do something special for this holiday season and any support will help me give something extra back to the community for the new year! Please consider taking advantage of the new Search Feature at the bottom of most of my pages which will also provide Amazon results which will also earn VidzB additional credit! Anything that you can do to help will be greatly appreciated and hopefully make this holiday season extra special for everyone! Thanks for your support! b

    Update. My blank search page is here

    Update2. If you enjoy simpler URLs you’ll enjoy this!

  • admin 12:10 pm on November 14, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I would sacrifice simplicity or elegance for a more complete representation of life any day. The policy of bleach is the opposite of existence. It is targetless and unintelligent brute force genocide approach, and it trains our microscopic friends to be just that. Not that you’d do any better with a microscope and tweezers. The quality and wildness of jungle has been placated into null wasteland desert, without any real exposure the body is left weak. Disease that has less competition, and doesn’t get digested by something else that’s small, is more likely to succeed. Still, its not worth getting flu over, but human relegation of the spawning pool may help us in the short term, it has little benefit to evolution of a naturally advanced system, and essentially spits on the very tools that advanced us to the point where we could even exist to invent the accepted ‘modern’ solutions, that our former friends who challenged us into succeeding are no longer anything but enemies we’d rather challenge into extinction than understand their former process which may be the key to the entire universe. We limit ourselves by creating a future where we are dependent on products to succeed. An attempt to sustain separation from a naturally balanced system, that leaves us all the more unbalanced dissected dependent and reclusive, destined for the bleak dark expanse that is space, like existing in an oil slick, confusing death with value too twisted out of ourselves to realize the harm that we surround ourselves with, not aware or connected enough to fight our increasingly distant relatives confusing them all with enemies, humanistic and callously blind to anything else. The schemes of people that make you dependent on them are the only bacteria worth fighting, while they will see to it you can’t profit without them or by fighting them, whether your aware enough of their ultimate scheme to consent to being subjected to its effects or not, they tweeze you into the store to make the purchase they require to fund their dark schemes. What the glimmer in the tar pit use to be, attracting to repulse. Wake me up when the future starts, while your future is defined only by the now that is your present moments choice, a chance to control your fate, do yous pull the strings, or merely let them pull you where they would? We are the extent to which you choose to have a choice. What would you like the future to bring short of everything? Not that which denies anything real, sacred, historic, or devout, none of which are the fast food insurance industry. You have what you Choose to bee, I choose none from thee, so fleessssssssssssssssss your momendt us world and be left with nol. Take and yee shal recieve that yee have been taken from by none other than yoursef. And helped them to take you away. What you choose to say.