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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 3:06 pm on July 27, 2009 | 2 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: insurance

    The corruption of the insurance industry lies at its fundamental core, which is defrauding individuals out of money, to pay for the transgressions of other fraudulent individuals. When you pay something every month, and never receive any of the value from it, what are you really doing for yourself? How is your monthly insurance payment really getting you anything, other than removing a fundamental element of responsibility that should be first and foremost in any automotive intersection.

    That it starts out expensive, is almost reasonable. That as a child, you have to pay AS IF you had an accident, just to feel how bad it hurts to loose that much money, so that you would never think to get into a real accident. I don’t mind the lesson in that. What I do mind is that once you learned the lesson, and you don’t crash into people just to see what it’s like, because you know the consequence, that you would have to pay any more than $0.

    Insurance is evil not because it doesn’t provide actual value in extreme situations, but because it fails to provide ANY value at all in anything except the most extreme situations.

    Say that you have paid x$ per month for q years to the point that you have covered twice the cost of your own vehicle. At this point you are technically allowed to crash into a car exactly like your own, completely totaling both cars, and so long as no one gets hurt, technically its covered. Your premiums shouldn’t even actually increase. You happen to have encountered the exact situation you were paying for exactly when you reached the situation, and if everything was steady, at 2q years you would be allowed to have another identical transgression, again having no effect on the actual policy.

    Real insurance does not work that way. The exact details to how it works vary between providers, but in so much as to say any transgression that they have to pay for generally counts against you, EVEN if you have technically already PAID for it (or more). The logic behind this goes like “what if next time its a Land Rover”. This too is utterly besides the point, what kind of idiot would crash into such an expensive car!

    It comes down to refinement of the word accident, because if my gas petal is stuck to the floor, and break lines were cut, and the ebrake cable is disconnected, and I have some choice between cars to smash into (if any, I would personally head for the nearest tree) a luxury SUV or a regular SUV, guess what, your minivan is toast. I mean isn’t it obvious why people put all the little signs on their cars that say baby on board? Babies are expensive and get damaged easily. It should almost be a requirement to notify people about that fact, just like your expensive car notifies me DO NOT CRASH HERE.

    My real gripe isn’t with auto insurance alone, but the major national issue at date, National Health Insurance. Health Insurance suffers from many similar problems but only slightly similar. Unlike automotive insurance, health insurance never bothers to reward good behavior. Health insurance in fact demands more and more from you, as you inevitably need it more and more with age. But again what if you never make use of it, or even if you only get a yearly checkup, you almost never use the value that you have paid into your insurance throughout the year.

    The key problem with all kinds of insurance is that they already are inherently socialistic. That is, they not only already have their supreme dictators (like Lenin) who become very rich CEOs and board members by denying people who need it coverage. They even already have people like me, who pay way more per month than they ever use, which they use to pay for everyone else they decide to cover, and pocket the rest of my money. The inherent problem with a comunistic system is this inherent corruption where someone makes the moral (or amoral) decision to either ROB from the people who DO NOT need the coverage they ARE PAYING FOR, or DENY coverage to those who DO NEED it and even HAVE PAID for it, simply to make another dollar.

    They do not inherently deserve ANY of it unless I use it. I am very happy to pay for my own medical usage, but to pay for the medical use of someone else who by all means can afford their own, but just happens to get sick more often than I do, is not fair to me. If it was Einstein dying, I would elect to pay for it. Them getting sick is not my problem, and in a perfect world, would not be my burden either. It is unfair to charge any individual for the transgressions of another individual unless they willingly agree that they will happily do exactly that. To have congress vote on it, does not solve the issue of me agreeing to it or being satisfied with it. I don’t want to pay for some southerners prescription precursor to methamphetamine (or better) simply because it happens to be covered by international insurance and they were clever enough to get a prescription for. The idea of national health insurance to cover regional problems is very troublesome to me, because the economies that cause the problems need to solve them without further convolution of the issue, which is now hidden within the databases of insurance providers.

    ITS NOT that National Health Insurance bill is actually worse than what we have now. What we have now contains all of the levels of corruption described above, and worse. You have me sitting not utilizing medical insurance, but still paying, for someone else’s prescription, for a drug that might even go against my religion. Thorazine or some other horrible chemical that just does not sit right with me, and I do not feel should be FORCED on anyone except in the most extreme life saving conditions, is being COVERED by the very insurance you pay for. It doesn’t take a very creative mind to start a revolt against insurance companies following this exact framework, that I’ll even say the real issue would be abortions getting covered by insurance, that would lead to further questions, about whether or not the church really approves hydrocodone, or not, yet millions of church goers pay insurance that goes to ultimately funding street level illegal distribution of pharmaceutical products, which causes all sorts of horrible social problems, and to think that they exonerate themselves from responsibility while they fail to abstain from the health insurance industry, is not only a prime example of cognitive dissonance but also a great example of them undermining their own flock by electing a wolf as the solution to their sheep shearing (health maintenance) problem. Its NOT an issue because you made a choice about it (for once?), its an issue because a choice was made behind your back, and you are funding horrible things because you don’t know where your money is actually going. Worst case your employer decides the kind of insurance you get, not that there is really any choice…

    National Health Insurance would provide a standard, and it would not necessarily eliminate evil beings from the industry. It might be fair to people who do not use it, by not making them pay beyond their actual usage of it. It might put more controls on where the money could be spent that could be nationally enforced. Its good to have a fallback policy, but the real problem isn’t the National Health Insurance bill (necessarily, but we’ll revisit that in a moment), the real problem is there are no Insurance companies that are ALIVE anymore that stood up against the big oppressors who standardized a level of care that you do not necessarily believe in supporting, as being good for humanity, that maybe a higher level of care would be worth it, but that the way the chips fell, with only a few huge insurance companies to choose from, often leaving you no choice in the matter if you want to get inexpensive coverage, especially if you do not use it, traps you NOT in an insurance plan but traps you inside of a REALITY that you do not wish to be a part of. A reality where you pay for other people to pop a pill for the rest of their lives (instead of a bullet, if your a republican) instead of solving the problem in the first place with the actual therapy from the actual diagnosis that the patient needed in the first place but never got, either because insurance wouldn’t cover it, or because the doctor profited from simply writing the prescription they were marketed and getting you out of their hair, insurance profited too (thats all they would cover), and so did the pharmaceutical industry. Guess what these three profitable people are gong to do? Exactly the same thing again, and you are stuck in a sub-par reality where you blindly pay to support exactly what you would kill in a second, if you had the chance. The same people who own stock for one of these, own stock in all of them. Keeping the same bloody cycle alive is what keeps them rich and you poor.

    Insurance is already socialized, standardized, and force fed product. The National Health Insurance bill stands to give people a choice, a baseline, some standard of care. This sounds outwardly promising, but at the same exact time, the government, if it plays the same middle-man role that Insurance companies currently play, will NOT do a DAMN thing to increase the level of care, per $ spent, which is what I am talking about ultimately. If I am paying 2$ per year, and I want treatment z this year (only treatment z, thats it) which costs 2$, WHY in all HELL would it matter if the INSURANCE company SAYS that I can have that treatment or not. These letters simply to not get large enough to emphasize. I PAID FOR IT, SO WHY CAN’T I HAVE WHAT I WANT

    And that friends, is the only point that matters. Socializing medicine does not change anything. What changes everything is personal accountability. There are no free rides out there, and Insurance just gives the illusion of a free ride, while some people abuse this whole heartedly, there is no reason that I should have to pay for their transgressions. If I am not using it, then its sill my money, isn’t it? I think it goes back to the very start of capitalism, which is trade, where I give you money for something, and I get what I perceive as value back, not what you think is value but is really just pill popping crap that makes insurance rich, is not the solution that I asked for or paid for. If you do not give me what I paid for, then I deserve a refund, regardless of paperwork. If I funded into your insurance for treatment z, and you try to give me treatment y, I should have every right to back out, and TAKE ALL MY MONEY elsewhere. Millions of Americans (nay, most) suffer from overpaying for insurance and to think that they are not allowed to take their money elsewhere if they elect is at least, treasonous, and at most, burned at the stake. What I want is the responsibility to decide where I spend my money, and where the people who I spend my money on spend their money, just like the Insurance Companies love to control it so badly that it makes everyone sick.

    Too bad if they are shredding their records, and would claim not to know how much you paid them, or how much you actually used, to force you to take it to court (if you are some lawyer genius you can trust), so that they can still fleece most of them… when by law(it would help if it was explicit) on request they should simply settle the dispute with complete accounting intact, of dollars used versus dollars spent, and that no other aspect of health insurance is what I elected to pay for. I certainly didn’t hire the person denying your claim all day over the phone, but you are trapped paying their wage? To speak of supreme unfairness, is to utter the words Insurance Socialence, but to think this is a new issue that we are just facing today for the first time, is supremely naive. Every group with interests is socialistic, be they predators or prey.

    As for auto insurance, I hope it falls besides the point for now simply for simplicities sake but its still a target, all insurance is insurance. So, how many car crashes would you like to pay for upfront? And can they be transfered if I don’t use them?

  • admin 8:42 pm on July 21, 2009 | 1 Permalink | Reply

    I am making more problems for you to realize, but I’m not creating more problems than exist, you don’t want more problems then don’t read this. I don’t like anyone who isn’t grateful for more problems, because these aren’t actually problems at all, these are solutions in disguise as problems because no one seems to understand them. Awareness of problems is the only thing that can make them dissipate. If you can recognize and eliminate problems from occurring in the first place you will lead a richer life. Recognition is the first step avoid problems.

    Going based on what people want or think they want, is a poorly defined way to identify problems. I think its best to strive to offer what people need the most, whether they know they want it or not. Its problematic to define exactly why it is people resist changes that they need most of all except being stuck within an inferior system that works for them, and they don’t know any better way. Its difficult to illustrate all of the inherent benefits of a better system to someone who is so use to dealing with the types of problem in their current system. They might even want solutions to the problems in their current system when meanwhile a true solution would remove them from the current system completely eliminating all of the multiple small problems at once.

    Areal problem is, people contracted to solve a problem, see how much benefit there is to be made to them out of solving the problem, instead of solving it perpetuate the problem in order to continue to make money off of it. UK Knife fighting increase for example might not be purely coincidental. Just a couple key phrases switched around and one can negate just about any effect. Eventually someone might figure it out, thinking they have a solid approach to seem like they are a factor that is helping, when in fact they profit more, in the short term, by doing the opposite, preventing the actual solution of the problem, even if it comes back to haunt them, they ignore it foolishly postponing the real problem for another time. The very bodies of people who claim to be on the side of solving the problem, might not be doing that at all, and could very well be tricking you offering a solution that will not last, that you must continue to pay for, over and over, again and again, repairing or renewing, until its completely worn out, beyond repair, and must be replaced. This trick is intrinsically inspiring, however the reality of the situation might be exactly not that. In fact, the idea that you have to pay to live is very uninspiring, but you will pay if you think that you must, and you might be right that you often do, except, that things could be so inefficient as to require so much $ to keep it working. Any real product will last until the ends of time, like the pyramids, still functionally simplistic yet mostly functional, without any repair. We could argue about the function, but I would argue its still very well intact. Sure it won’t last forever, but there is a big difference between long enough and forever you will realize eventually whether you would like to or not.

    Cars are merely space pod training wheels. Is there any car you would trust to drive to mars? What is its intrinsic value then? What did we stand to gain by creating it? Anything? Other than the training wheels, I don’t see any inherent value in it. I enjoy the ability to move every once in a while for a great distance. Except society often forces distance between where I live, and food sources, and everything else, that often leave little choice but to expend more vehicle on distance. The actual cost of this is so removed from the slowness with which you pay for it that most people never fully realize the cash holes their cars really are. They never demand more, and by more I don’t mean better cruse control, I mean better on every conceivable level by several orders of magnitude, every year.

    Or best yet eliminating it entirely as a problem making it permanently unnecessary anywhere besides museum. If the solution just has a new set of problems and even more expensive parts that are completely different its not necessarily a solution, but any true solution WOULD likely have all of those aspects at least at first, but the key is the reduction of frequency of problems, and the reduction of expense is also very important, that parts that might fail are cheap to replace (for an expert) at the very least, but failures ideally do not occur. Mechanics act as if every failure was some fluke, but its almost always designed to fail so that there are more things to replace and more money to make, and this very practice is a containing process not useful to humanity ultimately keeping us trapped within a problem set instead of stepping out of it. Most problems can be automated but people do not realize it.

    Most practical things ought to be walkable. The need for streets a thing of the past, and the transport of items more like the “tubes” of the internet. I personally prefer using missile targeting systems to launch packages across the country, increasing traffic controller technology to an extent at least eighteen orders of magnitude more intricate than we have today, without any burning accelerant at all, but a simple counterweight with a hydraulic release and reset with an electric motor running on water power. The future is only as far out as you can make it, but making it out is the real challenge. Settling for modern technology is not satisfactory if you have the capacity to pursue a more efficient alternative. To stick with a modern solution when there is a better alternative is a waste of your resources as much as everyone else’s. People might use old technologies without even realizing it (the outdated power grid) whether they choose to or not.

    To think that it stops at cars is fool hearty. Psychology and Medicine often employ quick pill based solutions that do not make your vehicle any better at dealing with the problem. Its like your engine is rattling and your mechanic tells you to put some headphones and asks you if the problem went away. If a tree falls in the woods… and you have to keep buying new headphones all the time because the
    sound is gets so loud that it wears them out faster and faster.


    And then eventually disasters. You have to take care of what you have or it won’t be there. Thats the only lesson in it, and also the inherent problem with having something like a car, or a prescription, or a life. You have to decide who is important enough to you to keep around, and who isn’t, and you have to put $ (VALUE) into whoever serves your purposes or they will disappear, and just because you have invested time, and money into things, does not mean you have to stick with them, even if it continues to serve you in the meantime, the only goal is complete escape from the level of problem you purchased yourself into, and I don’t mean some luxury model, I mean something different enough that it no longer has the same types of problems at all, and any new problems are several orders of magnitude far less frequent, but you still misunderstand if you think of problems only in so far as they effect yourself when life is interconnected or it is not existent. The branch is not the tree. One side is just a side. If you want to stimulate the economy, pay me, I will invent something new, and I guarantee it will eventually help you. You can try to help them, but they will make the same mistakes again. Someone has to help them see through to the root and the cure that prevents the problem for good.

    If you didn’t have a car in the first place, would you care how much gas costs? I would let it get unattainably expensive, impossible to achieve as a solution. This would force everyone to move to something better. I don’t believe that just because I have a car I should be concerned with keeping fueling it easy, although many people would feel ripped off, they should have known what they were getting into wasn’t going to take them to the stars, anything so bound to fail has it coming to them, and the poor people who trust it blindly will also fail. There must be some measure of actual value and it really is not the $, although you can try to put a price on it, as far as I’m concerned, whatever I am worth to you cannot be represented in dollars but I still wish you would approximate by dividing by eight zeros and making that donation. That any amount is worth infinitely more than nothing to me.

    Your problems are blessings only when they are solved instead of postponed. All problems can be solved if you are willing to think outside of what you think is possible to achieve, and the methods considered possible to achieve it. There is no reason to give up on some problems as unsolvable or given, for all problems that exist are kept around only by the lack of ability to move beyond them and give what must be given to expand beyond them whatever cost to you that it takes to get there the entire purpose of life is to achieve it. Do not trap yourself in a limited bubble, instead invest in whomever expands your capacities, anonymously or not, I will respect your privacy to death, but fund me and I will not forget about you. Fund my enemies and I will not forget you either……… there is a lesson in failure, but the future will probably try to forget unless you do everything you can before its too late, the ship sets sail, and your not on board, and you are lost on everyone except me, but from your negligence I am no longer there to help.

  • admin 3:49 pm on July 20, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    whats wrong with spaceflightSo you want to build a Space Elevator? Why not, how could you want to build anything else? If you want to have any real tourism of space ever, its a must to have an easy way to escape earths gravity without wasting exorbitant amounts of resources each time. The theoretic ideal is 100% gravity power. Anything less is obviously inferior crap but that doesn’t mean you can cut corners…. but a hollowed bean stalk with a counterweight is definitely the best solution as far as I’m concerned. See you in space. If you even start to twirl your cables like bean stalks and drive on the inside don’t forget you didn’t make it happen… will someone pay me to share more? I don’t like to stop thinking but its really the only thing I can do to make demands because its funny what happens to people without any help and i might seem like a laughing terrorist for not helping but its really because I asked if I could help and they said n0$, so I decided to sit back and laugh at their fail instead. [yeah, only me... doing this to you... your whole life] more like not me at all… but its funny what they never think of without the obvious statements they would never pay for…. your future is really up to you either way, and I will probably continue to tag along and observe but not interfere more than I need to, but it would be interesting if people actually wanted the full package, its all very funny to me because the most simplistic barebones things that SHOULD be in everything, seem like everything, or good enough, that people couldn’t a$k for anything more (even if they should)… see the little things that stand to cost them everything on their own, except unfortunately they still need me, as undeserving as they seem

  • admin 2:35 pm on July 17, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    in the fleeting moment that is existence we might make a mistake. we might be conditioned to make that mistake. we may repeat that mistake. someone may get rich off our carelessness, and with their rices support more mistakes. all mistakes may lead to the end of existence.

    to things must be done, to recognize the mistake, and correct it, and never repeat it again, although you may be careless in your application of conceptualization of mistake, and repeat it again, and again, fail to conceptualize and correct the mistake, and again fall for its trap.

    do not regress on mistakes in this manner, instead do not make this mistake in the first place. If you know for certain which thing is a mistake, repeating it will only lead to more problems. Mistakes cannot persist, but again your classifcation of mistakes is always to some degree uncertain.

    To apply your own application of mistakes on others is not fair. Only you can know which mistakes belong to you. You can control your own mistakes, and you must, but not carelessly in application. It is mistakes that must not be perpetual. Activity operates only on some mistakes, others are internal and cannot be lead to conflict in reality. Your reality internally your own controllable interface with the world through which you frame your perception, the integer. The space between zero and one. twin seem similar though three and then …toward nothing short of infinity. until someone flips the bit. The dust settles reality returns to zero, waiting dauntingly for one to return again. And eventually might although questions seem to point to the sky although its not exactly obvious to the pitiful human mind, although this too seems in application to harm the earth during evolution of sufficient technology to manage the ascent. Impact on the earth would ideally be zero, kept as a prize possession for whoever owns it, to sample from afar. The idea that it was the origin of life, lost on generations currently as if always, in spite of the fact that those who persist with mistakes do not belong here. Whoever can ensure that the balance of the world does not get damaged or destroyed must strive to completely do that although

    i am often as guilty as anyone else and
    can i correct it, alone or withhelp or with help, or is it imposible byond allll yearzzz?
    innovation is industry
    picture sticking out your hand your former hand what you would do to help. if it helps do it
    some things seem like help but choices happen too fast, and they do nothing

    take what is mine and made it your own, steal what is mine, and die if it all dies as well? you owe for what you take whether you can pay or not… consider the debt paid but know deep down that its not, to whom do we owe this great debt? seemingly whomever claims it regardless of accuracy, but people do not part with what seems to be their own even if it was stolen. Life itself

    what you owe, is not but your own extrapolation into fruition, but do not credit those who do not earn it, or think they have earned it, unless they actually do and actually have earned it. If they do not deserve it, do they deserve credit for it? Is the credit lent even real? In so far as to say reality is horrible I do not credit whomever assembled it. Did I assemble this reality? If so why is it not hellbent on my preservation…. in favor of all others but not in spite of them unless they were to break the rules, which they are, in which case there are imperfect reality, in which case, no credit is given whether it is due or not.

    as if keeping people afloat just to stell from them what they can steal from the earth, and make rules they organized aren’t allowed to be destroyed

    if they flourish they do so on their own by the free choices they make to NOT support ANY of what destroys reality… that is life on earth, or their flourish will be cessant

    that is life on earth, which is not necessarily human at all and mostly not

    but could be some derivative of it, or part of it, I hope that we are a part of it but many of us hardly deserve it

    earth is one conceivable possibility in some senses, or at least it was when it use to be pure (relative to today), and I would have liked to have seen how that played out instead of what we see today. to some extent its due to choices I’ve made, and if I could make them again, life would be a lot simpler and more efficient already. The real solution is always back at the start, to be or not to be, 1 or 0, but if you really choose zero it becomes important to avoid the question entirely. questions asked often lead to an answer that was looking for you \ / terrifyingly enough that answer may or in effect does not value you as often as not, so trust not the question or the answer necessarily except as a tool to isolate truth out of fiction that you can know the whole truth, is a reason to try to strive to know enough to know what you are talking about, although not all answers are cheap enough or asked of the most correct authority, if such a thing existed indispersed, collected andsurmisable. .

  • admin 11:25 pm on July 8, 2009 | 1 Permalink | Reply

    Reality is some construct of the risks you are willing to take. Boredom is the result of not experiencing enough risks. Either someone already used up all of the challenges in the world, or more likely one is not looking hard enough, and there are too many risks which overwhelms and stresses people out who seek some escape with which to use to remove themselves from their stress, to relax one and alone completely for once, but this is the default state of things, and is zero fun and intensely boring without any risk whatsoever. Risk as it would turn out, is mostly social. There use to be a lot more dangerous spiders or insects that actually posed some risk, or those “evil” polar bears driven to the edge of extinction by human activity. Really the only enemy that remains and has remained for a long time is human. In spite of humans being the only enemies left, umans still impact and reduct natures small and helpful harmless species effect on their planet that is all other species except. Humans themselves have risked nature completely in some quest for paper receipts$, of which they print more and more and more each year. The real resources that nature renews however are being used up by human activities, and dwindling in the wind. Meanwhile there are more and more people chasing after more and more tickets represented of nothing. I mean if you were to imagine people running rampant to the point that all of the resources were used up, nothing could grow anymore, and everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder packed from seashore to seashore, what do you do next? Nothing left to eat. Is it still wrong to kill humans then? Most humans are criminals of nature does not make it okay. The funny thing is no one would even think about it, or even question it, it would just be a pressing reality forced on everyone to make a decision about survival or not, eat or be eaten, but parties would still form where they would protect each other, and so if they were hunting you as an individual as prey, and you killed one of them, they wouldn’t stop chasing you and just eat that one. You really had to keep killing them until they gave up and went away, but most likely end up dead in the process. They might bury their dead but still eat you. Imagine living on like that. Perhaps eventually plants would return, things would go back to the way they once were if it all didn’t just blow away and eventually practices would change and go back to the old ways, but good luck having any of the intricate vegetables we have today, everything would start from scratch and without any real nutrition from fruits and vegetables the species would be different and more zombie like, mindless killing machines, noting things of significance only in so far as they can attack you, while slow subtle changes are ignored completely, and thats the tragedy where things of equal or more deadly importance get ignored, but deadly importance exists on any level while deadly threat is only perceived on some levels… no one has tasted a real vegetable, very important things slip by while you are staring at some alleged enemy that is perceived to be right in front of you, meanwhile the real enemy hides beneath that facade or several levels of fake perceived threats that mask the actual threat. Then you train yourself to do the opposite and see only the looming underlying invisible threats and not see the person jump out in front of you before it happens. Or do you make it happen or choose not to? To see it coming too early will almost certainly make it happen, as would to not notice until too late, the trick is to notice before you trap yourself in an exit-less situation along with the avenues of success available to resolve the best one at the best moment

    I changed my mind at the gmail conversation dragging ability… why can you drag the checkbox? the dialog that pops up interferes with checksmarter touching mousing over checkboxes unless its offset-able easily or something else changes but making site specific changes was not the plan. At least it still works, although its definitely been crippled somewhat. Also a highly annoying bug where the first box you check gets unchecked. Perhaps you can add an easy way to the GM api to turn off “checkbox dragging” make the checkboxes behave more normally with checksmarter? The way I see it the core of checksmarter is a future browser level feature that can be toggled with JavaScript on any form element or something to that extent on the window level. It breathes new life into clicking rows of 2 to 8 sequential boxes saving time with a few simple event listeners, which if implemented on a browser level, automatically saves time for everyone, which I can then magically absorb and turn into money spent developing it and thinking about it. It is a great optional feature to include in your web browser, contact me for details. If your not rich or going to get rich I’m cheap, otherwise expensive. Translation: open source versus corporate.. if your not going to profit but what you are making is helpful I am very supportive up helping you accomplish something for people but if you manage to make money doing it then I hope you’ll be fair with it. Fighting to get money that’s mine is not something I like to have to bother with doing or thinking about, but that requires the best of people to work fairly so thank you to everyone with consideration and an eye for detail! Sometimes saying thanks alone isn’t enough.

  • admin 9:10 pm on July 7, 2009 | 2 Permalink | Reply

    The new ability to drag conversations around in Gmail is pretty neat, but what I’d really like to be able to do is either pin or drag an email to stay at the top of this list of messages that have been read so far, like some form of sticky star.

    o3d looks exciting, I’m looking forward to see what people can come up with for it. I would be especially excited if there were some ability to render an HTML element to a texture in 3d space, and translate interactivity with that element to dom interaction. Unfortunately o3d does not work in any browser for me in windows 7 rc 8600mgt.

    I have a new userscript in the works its incomplete but its useful at times… If I were to release it now though I won’t be able to fix any bugs until next week… Its about 70 percent of a thing now. I certainly think there are ways that its imperfect although it will save tons of time if you like (whatever it is)… … This is almost the second time I’ve implemented this so it doesn’t have all of the features I want yet. I wish there was more time in the week.

    I tried adding scribd with the site submission tool but it does not quite work correctly, the viewer only resizes once. If you add the site to includes in vidzbigger you’ll see what I mean, so its not exactly practical yet though. Proof of concept that it doesn’t only work on video sites Free book

    There is no point in being famous after death. There is no point in fame itself

  • admin 7:55 pm on July 6, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: infact

    in solution as in soluble as incapable of solving some problem but mind that your capable cause capacity solves all problems however possible and never runs out of problems while culpability is transparency its core is responsiblity, accountablity and allegiance to the power of life itself which no human entity or conglomerate can ever fully represent without complete regard for all consequence and all necessary adjustment of action to achieve perfection balanced by the might of whats rifgt, onto everyone and everything in so far as it effects it (infects, infests). as if you could truly know the complete truth you must always seek farther and affect only positive action however negative it might seem on the surface you must make sure it is noble and true at the core, some things can never be this, but to survive corporations of people seems to strive for life on every level, often neglecting the true consequences of their actions, violating morals, and leading themselves and their followers in sircles, in spite of the consequences of their actions on any personal interpersonal level neglecting the damages that they do to entire populations of individuals in any number of conceivable ways, starting first and foremost at the information provided on which all judgement is based being incomplete but accepted as what it is not, must be not endured. All pertinent information must be complete and included, exclusive and all inclusive. As a matter of fact/not regard/complete and without hyped consideration for the incomplete, a level we humans have yhet to attain across all scales and dimensions of measure supreme as compared with the old way divided by infinity multiplied by thought^time, inherent and completing or Inherently incomplete… synonymous and inequivalent

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    Any additional stimulus plan is no fun for anyone stimulus plans will all be complete failures at the end of the day…. look good now for more problems later. Temporary jobs in failing industries help no one in the long run.

    Media sucks I am proud of her making the announcement and look forward to see what she does with her time now as she transitions into bigger and better things. They are just being hard because she trash talks the system and people who think she is wrong about the decision, but the system deserves it, if she can do more for people elsewhere then that is where she belongs, wherever that may be, I expected a little more of the media’s analysis

    How to Become More Successful
    I thought it was pretty good article, but there are definitely some limitations, sticking with what is considered by society a success may not necessarily be a good thing, so you may have more money and happier friends and feel happier but that doesn’t make you any better at sword fighting so in terms of survival are you going to trust your hired swordsman or yourself? Money cannot buy existence. The types of people who are most successful are the least reliable of all as far as I’m concerned they will just forget about me since all they need to be happy is money after all and anyone so shallow to be successful by exploiting the low modern standards of what is “environmentally approved” for the planet is probably doing more harm than good no matter how hard they try, if they still drive fossils or use electricity especially, and by my own definition I’m evil but only less evil than you because I have less money and spend less on evil things as a result (though proportionally we may be equivalent). If I was successful enough to have extra money I would be a lot more careful where I spent it and what types of technologies on, invest in clean energy producing systems, own my own home, ect, while at the same time it is to some extent that very headache I avoid since so many charities do not live up to their names anyway. I have a hard time believing anything is more than a brand name trick to get ones money anyway, and that successful people make a habit out of tricking the weak, in spite of how fun these people might be, have no conscience, and as a result, lack the capacity to be friends. You could say that I repel success, but really what I do is make it especially challenging to be successful, so that if one does meet success, at least it was well earned. I suppose my main argument is classifying thing simplistically that you are either successful or your are not, meanwhile I think its important to distinguish between successful at doing positive things versus successful at doing destructive things, and even the people trying to do positive things and being successful are more likely than not, on accident or lack of consideration, doing destructive things without even realizing it, and this I can neither fathom or support, although it happens all the time. Success is like a double edged sword, ultimately desirable but not without a price, and its important to own up to and be prepared to pay that price or one might never allow themselves to be successful. And for some reason you think that by “price” i mean like a bill you can pay at the end of the month I’m not sure I want to be friends. Ultimately I hate that if I was successful and I had to meet rich successful people I would criticize them openly if I thought they deserved it and they would end up feeling betrayed (and myself at least socially murdered) for putting everything on them but I’m a believer in putting everything on everyone whether they can handle it or not…. if their brains explode then clearly reality was not meant for them, because reality is certainly a lot more than anyone fits into their own brains on their own. I mean people will always read what I write and say ‘This Person Thinks Like That!’ ‘This Person is Definitely My Enemy’ because ‘They Think Just Like the Evil People Tricking Us’ but if you look closer I Reveal Twisted Nature of their Thought Process, which is of more value than anything else I could offer you even if its not particularly empowering in and of itself (even if I have to beg you to pay for it), I’m trying to make this world a better place by increasing awareness of what it really is to be a corporate predator. If people misunderstand and come out thinking I am the real predator here, they would be right in some sense since I can think like they do, and I also crave $$$ which spells food to me, but very wrong in attributing any of the blame for the corporate state of things on me (UPDATE: Except in so far as I finance their activities…). I suspect that I do not earn money because I reveal just how evil I can be, whether I act on it or not, that maximum evil will always stick with people and they will not trust me, while without any trust there is no way I would really feel comfortable advancing from this stage in the first place. My purpose in life is to make people more aware of evil, whether they think I am personally evil or not is of no consequence to me, I know my intentions to eliminate evil through enlightenment. If your friends see you associate with someone like me who thinks like I think they will likely be more suspicious of you, most people do not to link to me because they consider first how it would make them look. I intentionally design everything so that the average person would think I am retarded, but that hopefully if they tried to criticize me would fall for the built in trap and reveal they are themselves retarded (even if they miss it themselves). I want people to know just how sick my thought process is that they are surprised by how little evil I personally do with it if they were to ever find out the truth, but I don’t want to fascinate more evil, but rather help innocent people spot and destroy it. If evil can be lured out in public then its easiest to destroy, but its at the consequence of those in the society that empowers it. I don’t think that information can be good or evil, only what you choose to do with it, and its that choice that ultimately takes you somewhere. Misinformation is almost the same however I classify it as always evil. Small cherry flavored lies are no better than the truth, and I will continue to classify any lie as evil in spite of how much good it might do simply because the complete truth is the only thing that fascinates good and not evil, and even if its an impossibly high standard the perfect and complete truth must be realized before doing anything or else action will almost certainly contain evil. If you realize how silly this is you will act and learn, in the study of the + and - consequences, but please not only as they relate to only you, or only humanity. $$$ make me happy but what I have to do to get them often does not, because I need more traffic to make more money, and it is this very traffic that my every sentence would seem to repel rather than attract and the inherent limitations of text as a communication medium present a conundrum, because to me text is more of a tool that you use to hack sense into human brains including ones own than a link to a shared reality. Try as it might, text will never represent me, although sometimes it gets surprisingly close.

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    Good luck surviving another one of these… I know how it happened but I’m not telllinggg. If your like “no that was always desert” you have a great memory… what we burn today as fuel, the price of it and the lack of attention thereof, and what it once was completely forgotten, and these hollow victories of which none who knew a thing would partake. If you think its not human species fault, i pity you, because even if not our fault (which it almost certainty is when that was our home) it is certainly our responsiblity regardless of fault, even though it was our fault, in some other life… there is beauty left but pails in comparison to the beauty that was, and all your smartest minds in the world could almost never return it there and have it sustain itself on its own, that the birthplace of life (at least as we know it) is completely destroyed and by now, mostly burned…. as in still today as fuel tantamount to the greed with which it was taken, and these minor illusions of green that remain, and the illusion any could be trusted with any number of resources to bring it back into the cycle sustainable remains a mystery. Its lesson unlearned. Perhaps in time fools perish, indeed one can only hope. I only hope my role serves not the fools, only the innocent that truly cannot protect themselves, which is life, and mostly not human.