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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 12:51 am on June 30, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    JURIST - Paper Chase: Supreme Court adds Confrontation Clause case to 2009 term.

    too wierd…  I wonder what else is going on, several suppreme court cases.  I don’t think that the sitation right now is adequate, either with this change or how it was before, because to guarantee the validity of the lab test however necessary is really what is required, since how hard can it be to forge a certificate?

  • admin 9:55 pm on June 28, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Is it just me or do all campaigns have some underlying tinge of corporate influence? It spreads a lot farther than just them since its just one front of many. How is a public service advertisement that inadvertently endorses a product not endorsing the product. I really do not think they are in fact public service campaigns so much as that which appears at glance to fall under the guise of public service, when in fact they are almost always just regular corporate ads under the mask of being for your good. I’m not speaking out against them outright but there are several examples of there being a lot more than just the public service part of the announcement. If they were really out to do public service they would have to do a lot more information and a lot fewer products, many types of public service ads generally seem to protect corporate interests, so its highly questionable how much of a public service they actually are. I think that is pretty cheap that something that’s suppose to be doing a public service can in fact have the opposite from their supposed intended effect from that and no one seems to notice. You know what, I would give examples except that would inadvertently advertise products that already got enough free advertising encapsulated inside something that was suppose to be for public service only. This is not even an example but right from their homepage at the time of writing this, in an ice age cartoon “you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent”, tell me, smart people, what message is that sending to parents as to what type of example to set for their kids? Tell me that doesn’t lead to kids being less responsible with their decisions and that somehow doesn’t benefit corporations by keeping kids stupid. If you click it, its bout adoption, wow it makes perfect sense, but that’s completely besides the point, the message is an endorsement of parents setting an example imperfection which enforces corporate susceptibility. This example is tiny and not even really actionable, it just goes to show the investment in keeping people stupid by enforcing an attitude that’s tolerant of stupidity because that’s what keeps their disgusting machine churning. Take the fire prevention bear for example and tell me what its actually marketing? It’s not rocket science, its a way to use cartoons to market what they are not suppose to market with cartoons, in order to appeal to kids. Most of this stuff is inherently dangerous not at all because of what it is, and even the names do not matter, but how its done that makes it clear what they are actually marketing as distinct from the service message they are suppose to be marketing. I’m doing my best to not help them inadvertently, but that alone is probably not enough to change things. Something that’s suppose to be not for profit? Perhaps its just a lack of oversight in what advertising gets their approval and the true enemy lies elsewhere however its very likely the enemy is spread out throughout everywhere. “Affecting Positive Social Change” if so, positive for whom? Its unlikely they mean to benefit only you, and if its some other larger entity that benefits as well it could very well be at your loss, not gain. Well at least this still holds true (Hitlers secret weapon: forest fires)

  • admin 4:49 pm on June 27, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Support Iran’s Democratic Movement!

    Example of Iran Protest Videos

    Since internet access is restricted in Iran you can help Iranian citizens by downloading videos and sending to them by email or you can provide Iranians with unfiltered internet!

    * I am not affiliated with any government nor am I Iranian. I simply believe in freedom of speech and unfiltered access to the truth of what occurs, and that censorship and democracy do not belong in the same eon. The truth of what occurs must interfere with everything that would rather it not. Gains through deception must be eliminated.

  • admin 10:16 pm on June 26, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Great examples of people not being concerned with the actual effects of what they are doing when they are trying to get out of something. That’s seemingly the boat people who have things are stuck in now. I question how much of a boat it actually is, and naturally as ones vacation in this boat, do not want to hear about it. The typical concern of gaining energy while I am mostly concerned with preserving it. There is always some parasitic loss, waste, and a face to stand for it, and a rich executive. Does this really work? Where does it actually end up? The imperfection of the way one deals with reality multiplies and divides, spreads and consumes, theories stand against time, though out of sync with it, preventing both efficiency and the capacity to achieve our full potential as the collective power of the indiv singular life form positioned in time, moving through space itself with friction to ground, in orbit around within and without.

  • admin 3:27 pm on June 26, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Render from Center Actionscript 3.0

    21 22 23 24 25 26
    20 7 8 9 10
    19 6 1 2 11
    18 5 4 3 12
    17 16 15 14 13
    21 22 23 24 25 26
    20 7 8 9 10
    19 6 1 2 11
    18 5 4 3 12
    17 16 15 14 13

    Render from Center… Given a Rectangle normally you cold iterate row by row with two nested for loops, however visually it makes more sense to render the center first since that is the point the user is more likely interested in viewing first as opposed to the top edge. This is especially applicable when deciding which image to download/load first. This could be tweaked to start from any edge. It also can be improved to skip edges entirely after detecting they are out of bounds. This is the basic version. Its not provided for commercial use without adequate payment but for any non profit enterprise copy-paste away. My basic policy for anything is if you make money using it (even ideas) some percentage of that money should go to the original author based on the amount of time that code is running on the processor compared with other code weighted with the complexity of the task along with whether or not you would think to do it on your own.

    var sw=1024;
    var sh=768;
    var dbm=new BitmapData(sw,sh,false,0x000000);
    var bmp:Bitmap = new Bitmap(dbm,PixelSnapping.NEVER,false);
    var frame=0;
    var dirs=[new Point(1,0),new Point(0,1),new Point(-1,0),new Point(0,-1)];//right,down,left,up
    function myFunction(event:Event) {  ;
    //full rect shape to fill defined by your mouse position, or you can hard code one
    var sRect=new Rectangle(0,0,Math.ceil(mouseX/10),Math.ceil(mouseY/10));
    //normally with nsted FOR loops, one would loop from rs to re for rows, and cs to ce for cols
    //determine start point (center)... c,r is the start coordinate for the first draw call
    var r=rs+Math.floor(sRect.height/2);
    var c=cs+Math.floor(sRect.width/2);
    //trace(c,r);//trace in x y notation
    //draw like a pyramid, from center outwards
    var ctr=0;
    var edgLen=0;//increasing
    var curEdg=0;//progress on edge
    var curDir=0, totEdg = 0;
    //always render a perfect square since thats what pyramids are from the top (even though this means a lot of skipped edges if we are opperating on a rectangle)
    var tctr=Math.pow(Math.max(sRect.width,sRect.height),2);//((sRect.width)*(sRect.height));
    // In this setup the entire gride up to tctr or frame is re-drawn each frame
    dbm.fillRect(new Rectangle(0,0,sw,sh),0x000000);
    //ctr < frame forces it to draw from the center one pixel at a time.
    while(ctr<frame&& ctr < tctr ){
    //draw first since we are already on the first quadrant
    //we could test these conditionally based on direction since certain directions will never go over, but this is fast enough for now
    //if outside of our desired dimensions, ignore it (dont draw it, pass by it, or in this case, draw it as red)
    //IN the future, add fancy code here to skip us past the edge (and increment ctr by the edge length) to save processing time!
    //since its very wasteful looping through each invisible edges ouside teh bounds of your array
    }else dbm.setPixel(c*10+(30),r*10+(30),0xFFFFFF)
    r+=dirs[curDir].y, //increas our Y posisiton based on our current direction (set up next draw call)
    c+=dirs[curDir].x; //increas our X posisiton based on our current direction (set up next draw call)
    curEdg++; //since we drew one above, increase our position along our edge
    if( curEdg > edgLen){
    //the set up for the draw call after the next one
    //if our edge has reached its length (1 for instance if this is the first draw call) change direction after the next draw call by incrementing it here
    totEdg++;//total edges increases each time we change direction
    curEdg=0;//progress on our current edge gets reset
    if(totEdg%2==0)edgLen++;//for very other edge created we neeed to add an additional step (edges increase in len)
    if( curDir > 3 ) curDir=0;// directionals must loop 0-3
    ctr++;//total progress counter which gets us out of the WHILE loop (important)
    frame=0;//re draw from the start/center when we click the mouse

    I make no argument that this is the most efficient way, and in fact its quite inefficient if you are rendering rectangles but anything that is roughly square 4:3 for example the results are quite sufficient for purposes of up to 16×16 rectangles or more in real time. There are probably more mathematically simple ways to generate the same results without using so many conditionals however the loop is very simple and so are the calculations. I ran a performance test on this versus two nested for loops, which eliminates most of the code.

    var stime=new Date();
    //full rect shape to fill defined by your mouse position, or you can hard code one
    //var sRect=new Rectangle(0,0,Math.ceil(mouseX/10),Math.ceil(mouseY/10));
    var sRect=new Rectangle(0,0,100,100);
    //normally with nsted FOR loops, one would loop from rs to re for rows, and cs to ce for cols
    dbm.fillRect(new Rectangle(0,0,sw,sh),0x000000);
    for( var r=rs;r<re;r++ ){
    for( var c=cs;c<ce;c++ ){
    var etime=new Date();
    trace( etime - stime );


    When rendering 100×100 it takes roughly twice as much time using the while loop however if you are looking for pyramid ordered results its very worth it, however once you are done drawing the pyramid it makes a ton of sense to switch back to a simpler loop. A clever implementer might simply cache the valid coordinates in an emptied array each time the pyramid changes and iterate through that instead of computing the pyramid each frame. The set itself is rather interesting mathematically. I have not encountered all of these sets before. If anyone has any mathemagical insight to shine on these results please share. Enjoy!

    Also if anyone has any insight in clever ways to make people empty the washer and dryer when their clothes are done I would be very interested in implementing a solution D

  • admin 9:50 pm on June 16, 2009 | 1 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: tabs

    accidents happen while doing actual work

    would you rather travel four miles or kilometers?


    To select more than one tab at a time would be a dream, to be able to right,middle,shift or control click and drag and touch multiple tabs to select them, then grab the last one and drag them all out into a new window at once for instances when you have more than 25 tabs open its often very helpful to split them into multiple windows because nothing is readable anymore or there is too much scrolling involved. Who wants to separate a window like this one tab at a time! The power to combine windows would also be significantly improved, say you have two windows open with 5 tabs each that you wish to combine into one superwindow. Its rare that I have fewer than 15 tabs open at once in both FF and Chrome. My text editor has over 80 tabs open until my computer crashes and I loose everything (I resort to the alphabetical open files list and open file by name features which are way faster than browsing directories or tabs IMHO) plus my text editor is far more effective at maintaining backups and handling crashes (as long as the files are unsaved) than w7n7. Touching a tab twice would deselect it in case the preview or snap to tab indicated that you didn’t want that tab. Then you could drag them all into a new window at once!

  • admin 4:05 pm on June 16, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I think there is a definite drive to push oneself through actual hardship but only to seem amazing and supernatural to others, to seem like the hero that saves them, but if you send them to hell and they don’t notice isn’t distinguished as different from seeming like the hero. Indeed the hero can get away with sending everyone else to hell and no one cares, and that is in essence the problem with society, that they would be happy enough to just have a “perceived hero” regardless of that hero’s actual value and effects. An idol that has no true value other than role.

    The actual effects are brushed aside as long as they keep people trapped in a situation where “the drug”/hero is the only solution (an addicted situation) then people will fail to innovate and think they are special for receiving that which was only a trick solution. If taking your medication reminds you to study and you do better was it the medication? If watching TV and drinking helps one to relax and one finds that to be a good thing is not one worshiping the content providers inadvertently?

    The content providers do not give a rats ass about anything but sales, and quality of life and the future of life are left completely to chance, a gamble, a game where everyone (and thing) else is placed as collateral against the petty drives of the greedy few. If you take something, and your brain is altered and impaired, I do not see how this necessarily serves you (unless to pop you out of the system it was designed to trap you within, which may only leave you more afraid than empowered), but I certainly see how this serves them keeping you trapped within their system. The problem is people worship the solutions that they have instead of actual solutions.

    Actual solutions do not make (or seem to cost) money in and of themselves because actual solutions are not products, actual solutions are ideas that empower people beyond their problems, but powerful ideas in and of themselves lead as easily to hell as to heaven. It is only in the method of application of ideals that one achieves anything great. It is almost impossible to do good things that do not inadvertently serve those who set up the system “lens” through which everything is seen. It is very difficult to do a thing that both destroys the evil system while benefiting only good people because almost everyone serves the system. Worst of all they take pride in the system, and even in a perfect world would still be unhappy and destructive beings.

    No one pays for great ideas that would solve the problem via wisdom, while people do pay for evil “dirty” pill sucking solutions gladly. The imbalance in society is that people only trust the evil solutions to be real enough to work for them, and they don’t believe in anything that doesn’t come at cost to them because they are so use to paying for everything they get that nothing else has any value, so people only value worthless transient things while neglecting everything that has any level of permanence and actual existence as magic, too complex for their system trained brains not to dismiss because the system keeps the amazing impossible to keep people trapped within it.

    My only solace is these people stand no chance against a real Puma, they have just been so lucky to prevent themselves from meeting one yet, but not meeting one does not serve them except in staying trapped. They will almost all certainly meet their ends within the confines of a system that they trapped themselves within too eager for simplicity to realize they boxed themselves gift wrapped for the great Puma to consume, as if the word “great” alone was enough for them to call it hero. Envy for that which is big enough to crush you is almost always misplaced and misguided. Respect the boulder avalanche (that is system) but get too close and it will crush you. To say “I like the avalanche as a system, it makes perfect sense” will not prevent the avalanche from crushing you… but it will keep you inside your house in direct path of destruction.

    The drive to seem amazing to others is not enough to actually win at the end of the day because seeming amazing and being amazing are completely distinct things. To seem amazing you have to add a bunch of sugar, otherwise known as crap. Its not because its good, its because Taste Buds, societies acquired Taste that is itself an outdated artifact of another time… and we sink back in time. We have been so much more advanced from this before so long ago, yet have somehow been tricked into accepting this as more real than the ideal, while reality only generates that which you focus on, and everyone is focused on the wrong things in the wrong lights, generating and valuing and selling their physical human crap as if it were a manifestation of god

    no purchase or investment of or in any static unchanging disintegrating physical product will bring you any closer than you started. It is only wisdom that can light your path enough for you to strengthen your soul, and that value which you place on and invest in wisdom and your human sources of wisdom that has the greatest reward. To fail to personally support the sources of wisdom that you value most in this world means that the wisdom you need most will dissipate and so will you.

  • admin 6:47 am on June 16, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    public class meToday Extends meYesterday{
    private Object health;
    private Object nutrition;
    private Object happiness;
    private Object intensity;
    private Object efficiency;
    private Object efficacy;
    private Object concern;
    private Object power;
    public static void Main(string[] args)
    System.out.println("Hello world!");
    if( args.qjoin(&&) ){
    health=new Health();
    nutrition= new Nutrition();
    happiness=new Happiness();
    intensity= new Intensity();
    efficiency=new Efficiency();
    efficacy= new Efficacy();
    concern=new Concern();
    power= new Power();
    public boolean getPercievedHealth(Person observer){
    return ((Health)observer?true:false);
    public boolean getPercievedWealth(Person observer){
    return ((Wealth)observer?false:true);
    public boolean getPercievedSkill(Person observer){
    return ((Skill)observer?false:true);
    public boolean getPercievedIntensity(Person observer){
    return ((Intensity)observer?true:false);
    public boolean getPercievedConcern(Person observer){
    return ((Concern)observer?true:false);

    and any more than that would either conceal the point or make it too obvious. while the perceived value may be low if you look closely enough with the right eyes the value is both infinite and unmatched.

  • admin 9:52 am on June 12, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Cool Idea for a Userscript Raed Everything Scrambled

    too bad it doesn’t work in Firefox 3.5 preview!

    Whats the difference between an extravagenda, extravaganda and extravaganza? is my new feed for the items in the green sidebar which often contains the biggest posts on this blog but not necessarily along with things that I find on the web.

  • admin 3:17 am on June 11, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    I figured I would share my source point counters, plus now you know all the different shortcuts to get to              1242
    vb_preferences               133
    VIDZB.COM                    43
    VIDSBIG.COM                  39
    VIDZBIG.COM                  26
    VIDSBIGGER.COM               24
    VIDZBIGGER.NET               17
    VIDZBIGGER.ORG               13
    VIDZBIGGER.INFO              8
    VIDZBIGGER.ORG/checksmarter  4
    VIDZB.COM/favicon.ico        2
    VIDZBIG.COM/videos           1
    VIDSBIG.COM/videos           1

    Plus I fixed the redirects so that the last 4 requests will take you to the correct section and not just land you at the homepage. The interesting thing is I haven’t realize publicized anything besides the full domain so these are mostly found on their own with exception of I think that’s all of them! The ones that drop from use I may eventually stop renewing but I plan on keeping the short ones.

    To date I am indexing 179,006 unique videos and 240,476 video views. That’s about 50MB of data. Only a fraction of these appear in the index at /videos after they get 10 hits. Views from myself do not count, and views that aren’t through the VidzBigger greasemonkey extension do not count either.

    I found some great new GM_addStyles CSS functions which perform better, I tuned VidzBigger to add things in a better order, where additions to the node tree are made in one big chunk rather than several intermittent steps. The styles are now added to the page header manually in one big chunk after its finished loading all of them. Load times should be noticeably improved in the latest release of VidzBigger.

    I currently have made 45c in the month of June, which is a new record for the site! That’s a 210% increase!