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Updates from April, 2010

  • admin 9:28 pm on May 31, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , html5

    I installed the FireFox 3.5 Beta to try out the new HTML5 Video Tag. dailymotion open video demo (source)

    I like how it says “this will never work in internet explorer”

    Too early to really evaluate compared with flash, although I expect both performance and quality will be better without the extra bubble of flash running. I would like to get an early start supporting this feature.

    Just tested firebug-1.4.0a30.xpi available At top of this list works fine in FireFox 3.5 Beta

    Here is a Cool Post Explaining Using the HTML5 <video> tag with a Flash fallback

    I just tested fixed position performance of HTML5 video, and Its far from stellar right now. I think this is because of two things: the large number of elements being rendered, and some code that is not realizing that the elements do not move or go off the screen but moves them each time to keep up with the current scroll? Its slightly more complex to grab the entire element now, because you cannot simply grab the video tag, because the controls are up one level, and the container is up two levels. As long as its predictably up two levels like this then its going to be simple to automate grabbing the entire player, although since sometimes that div has a size and the video also has a size, and the controls could potentially have a size, resizing the video and accounting for the controller size automatically isn’t so simple as it was before. Please donate to support continued development!

    Each fixed position element ought to be rendered like a completely separate logical webpage that is then stacked at some level in the draw stack for the current page, but merely as far as ordering goes, no repositioning should be necessary since the fixed position element is rendered at its own offset from 0,0 the effect is simply an overlay, the absence of any additional transformation while scrolling… I mean I guess position-fixed unfortunately and almost uselessly needs support for z-index, although I can imagine one or two futuristic applications that might like to overlay another fixed position element, the stacking of position relative or position absolute on top of a position fixed element seems less likely to be useful in any serious way, it makes sense to keep that possible, even if it should be handled as a separate case which is almost certainly slower to render, where when it can simply be drawn last, then it should be the fastest solution. A fixed position element with the largest z-index can always be rendered last and on top of whatever else was there before, without doing anything besides reset the “world transform” leaving the “object transform” intact. Its possible to encode the offset distance in the first pixel of the texture or otherwise and pull off with a pixel shader. If there is enough memory it makes complete sense when dealing with position fixed to create a texture out of the web page itself and merely snap rectangles from it to the screen while scrolling, so that rendering performance of fixed position elements can stay at one hundred percent. I mean any vector sketching or redundant stamping operations need to be cached and reused while generating content while scrolling however… and any buffer that is generated while scrolling should be saved until you stop scrolling… the word the for instance… and small rectangles on the texture may need to be updated due to interaction or script. Ideally all fixed position elements should create textures which are then merely unlocked and stamped to the screen at the correct time, and updated via thread that handles rendering user interface updates for that element as stamped regions of texture (2 stamps, for video and play head). Automatic recognition of duplicate elements large enough in size composed of enough smaller draw calls but used frequently enough to cache ought to be cached, and ideally other textures are a simple texture transformation away from the last one and undoing changes is as instantaneous as playing back the transformation map in reverse for a particular quad, and the most interesting thing is that the transformation maps can theoretically operate at much lower resolution than screen space and still achieve crisp results since the distance between the data is almost certainly less than the resultant data itself, and rarely involves all color channels. I’m not sure why its not like this already unless we are waiting on some new type of hardware that in effect looks like memory, but its really a memory stacking unit that generates data comprised of various pieces of system memory logically operated on and stacked in real time… as fast as if accessing out of memory itself, but that sounds a lot like an LCD screen to me… but picture two blocks of memory being access simultaneously and you receive the logical AND of each as fast as you could receive either block independently, like some sort of zipper… except it doesn’t stop at logical AND… plus sections of memory containing zero or one, could have additional memory mapped right on top of the same memory space at a different scale and maintain one hundred percent of all data, in which case storing a black object as an inverted white object or vice versa makes perfect sense and can simply be logically NOT on the way out, meanwhile memory at a different scale (say 512 on a 2048) seems technically feasible however scary it might seem. I mean theoretically its possible to stack as many transformation on the same memory space as your capable or indexing, and there aren’t any rules saying that you can’t stack on the index space as well but the consequence of doing any of this stuff would be horrible parasitically increasing slowness… that is unless any number of memory quadrants of any shape could be stacked instantaneously, which sounds a bit too much like quantum computing for today.

    Please donate to support continued development!

  • admin 7:38 pm on May 29, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: code

    if the user disconnects the script keeps executing

    to cancel execution in case of a really long loop or page, periodically test
    if(connection_aborted()) die();

    to test periodically within a loop to limit cpu you might use modulus (php:%) up to a certain data size, depending which is more expensive, to do it each time, or every 15:

    if( $i % 15 == 0 ){
    if(connection_aborted()) die();

    this is assuming a loop with index $i and up to 0.5 seconds per iteration, a particularly slow iteration in which case its worth doing an inexpensive test like this which probably contributes relatively small amount to that total, determined by 15 or by defining a $PAGE_ABORT_TIMEOUT and using a timer to test the timer with division to determine if it has exceeded the iteration level of $PAGE_ABORT_TIMEOUT:

    $timer = $startTime-$currentTime;
    if( ($timer / $PAGE_ABORT_TIMEOUT) >= 1 ) {
    if(connection_aborted()) die();

    again you might do this test outside of a loop, or you may restrict it with modulus which is likely less expensive. fine tuning is usually not a big deal but it depends on the size an frequency of access.

    In php I recommend using mktime() to get the time, since its a nice integer value of seconds that can easily be devided by some interval size. Just search for php mktime to find out how to divide by various values to derive number of seconds, hours or minutes. There are many different ways to implement this!

    in case of ASP something like

    if i mod 15 = 0 then
    if Not Response.IsClientConnected() then
    end if
    end if

    I’m sure there are alternative ways to trigger based on time rather than based on how slow the code will run to determine if a check is worth it or not. This is so rarely a problem that the script takes so long to finish executing and one is prevented from testing further but it comes up frequently enough that its nice to have a way to prevent it from going on until completion and take control simply by pressing your browsers stop button. This code is all untested, but researched while waiting for a script to timeout so I could load another page. I would bet you can find or implement comparable functions in just about any HTTP application. It would be nice to have something where from HTML5 page you can tell the server to cancel other requests from the same session although I would imagine this existing on the web server level or some way to “manage” each web request process. Most scripts finish too quickly to bother with canceling anyway but if users of a particular IP are locked down to one regular request at a time that gets canceled this can be very useful, especially if code you are testing ends up taking WAY longer than expected to execute. So set the $PAGE_ABORT_TIMEOUT timeout to whatever size break you would like to have whenever this happens :-D

  • admin 4:10 pm on May 29, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    contstructionworkers_web.jpg (JPEG Image, 600×867 pixels).


  • admin 3:37 pm on May 29, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

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    via Is your leather sofa making you sick?: Consumer Reports on Safety.

  • admin 2:00 am on May 28, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    To hopefully satisfy some curiosity about where your donations go, I want to include my monthly budget that I have to earn each month to stay out of debt. Here is my list of monthly expenses.
    Rent - $435
    Gas/Electric - ~$80
    Internet Service - $30
    College Loans - $500
    Food & Transport - ~$400
    Monthly Total: $1,445 (i have already spent more than this developing vidz bigger)

    I’m not sure what you think it would take for me to earn that much per month (or more than that) on my own but I’m open to any suggestions! I am thinking about providing incentives to donate or other ideas such as donation levels that optionally remove ads for a month or a year or more depending on the level. I was thinking that the donation process should be more like one of those games you put a quarter in and it does some type of trick for your entertainment. Ideally that’s how you can think about it. The more support I can achieve, with just a little bit from everyone, the more stuff I can do to enhance and flex the global intellect and provide a more clear picture of the world and what’s at stake every day, to make this life richer experience for everyone and everything involved.

    I’m open to other ideas as well… T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, Whatever you want, I can dream up. I’ll even do contract website work for you if you want. There isn’t a code base or DBMS out there I can’t find my way around comfortably. I can work on just about any project on any time frame if its big enough or quick enough to be worth my time estimating it for you. I get results pretty fast, in college I would always race everyone to get done with programing practices and finish first with a result I knew was perfect before submitting it. I’ll always work with you to achieve the results you are looking for, and I dare you to try to offend me with feedback or criticism, for these are the fruits not the pits of labor, because ultimately its very important to me that I know that you are getting exactly the solution you are looking for. There are people out there who may have more facts memorized than me but I can accomplish anything I put my mind to on a specified timeframe and the intuition to take approaches that lead to solutions in the least amount of time with the least amount of extraneous calculation or over engineering or guessing. I go straight to the source and get results right away, and find bugs in code without even looking at it, and solve difficult programing problems in my dreams before I wake up in the morning. Ideally I prefer to work flexibly however with plenty of time for feedback and review, and letting the client perform testing themselves if desired to further reduce cost to you. I prefer to do all my work over email since I think its simple to point out changes and new text to copy and paste or any specifics digitally, plus it takes the least of my time to process. It seems foolish to me to even attempt to do web work via phone, when copy and paste is what saves you the most time of all! If your a phone type person who really needs it I may allow one phone call if its a particularly huge project, but do not plan on managing projects with me this way! Thinking that saying something on a telephone somehow creates a more permanent or real reality than email are completely insane. You can’t go back and read your phone conversations later, so they are practically useless wastes of time to me without any visual reference point in space at all. Anything that you think is worth saying that you can’t write down and take seriously wasn’t worth saying in the first place! It frustrates me greatly when people think they can say something on the phone that they can’t just type the same exact thing, then they call and say it and it didn’t merit a phone call, but enough of my ranting… be detailed as possible and I will be as accurate as possible! I’ll worry about imagining every possible inflection of what you are trying to say and computing the correct solution, this is all part of the fun, and certainly no cause to include a telephone. If you must then record your words and email them to me and I can play them back at any rate. Do not worry about overwhelming me with details or emails. If you enjoy describing things in words then I’m definitely your person (and I’ll keep practice to type good :p ). Let me know your big challenging Ideas and I can come up with a simple cost effective solution! I’ll very gladly do any of the following, but I can do a lot more than these, these are just my favorites! Please contact me for:

    • Firefox Userscript Development and or other browser extensions
    • CSS Template Creation from raw graphics (any template system or custom) Graphic Creation or graphic improvement from a basic sketch layout you provide - adding that professional touch.
    • PHP Website Development (Perl,ASP, ASP.NET, VB, C++, Java ect are OK but less fun, but it depends! some projects are cooler than others!)
    • Database - Experience with MySQL, MsSQL, PgSQL and various other DBMS, any complexity of joining or query and code optimization for heavy load. Finding, tracking, and improving slow areas.
    • JavaScript Development - Any kind of cross browser compatible custom JavaScript functionality or installations… compatibility is number one goal! Any AJAX type functionality you can dream of.
    • Site Level SEO - I don’t paste links around the web promoting your site for you… but as far as making sure the site itself is readable and followable by search engines and contains the correct metadata is a high priority.
    • Flash Development - AS2, AS3, Anything that can be done with flash (custom components from scratch) or just throwing stuff together or updating that which you already own.
    • PDF File format - just recently getting to know this monster, its not so bad as people make it out to be
    • DirectX- can you believe I actually know all about 3d matrix transformations and mesh tessellation! I feel like I couldn’t exist without them. iPhone app development is certainly within my capacity but my mac is offline now
    • Integrating any 3rd party toolkit or API into your website - Most anything like this is probably trivially simple unless a lot of customization is required.

    I guess sorry about the whole phone rant…. but you seriously have no idea how many days of my life I’ve wasted on the phone when clients call unexpectedly and want to just chat about everything unrelated and not billable. I do not like to divulge information for free, since I am still (very clearly) paying for this information myself (via college loans above)! People extract all sorts of crap on the phone and I dislike it severely. What I will provide given a detailed estimate, with my questions answered, a base price level we can discuss, and if it sounds reasonable, then we can go into details and work out a complete estimate breaking down time into project tasks. I’ll either work on a fixed budget and deliverable we agree to or flexibly based on number of hours. I will need a portion of payments upfront before beginning work, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent per our arrangement.

    So yeah if you have any other suggestions for additional real life donation incentives or you would like to get the web working for you, I can probably help with or simply just about anything, but I can’t do it for free! Please contact me if you would like me to take a look at a project you are working on and estimate the cost of a solution!

    I also have experience posting soap or xml data to the following:, DTX, LeadPile, and many more

  • admin 4:42 pm on May 26, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    Updated both VidzBigger and the Instant YouTube Theme Installer early today. The new version works with the new Channel layout. VidzBigger updated features can be found in versioninfo

    I’ve already started work on the next VidzBigger update. If you want to help out test out the new excludes (which fix a number of bugs with the new profiles):
    // @exclude http://*youtube.tld/my*
    // @exclude http://**

    Also I wanted to share that I have full FMT 35 support working, so in the next release you will always get FMT22, FMT35, FMT18 in that order. In the current release FMT35 is being skipped, but in the next release I also have download links for 2 new formats. If anyone can find a video to test with that has 3gp formats available (fmt 13 and 17) I would gladly add those as well.

    Also curiously enough I’m going to share that I’ve gotten VidzBigger kind of sort of working in Google Chrome! If someone wants to help beta test this I would greatly appreciate it! Its almost to a point where I would almost consider it ready for release if GM functions were fully supported in Chrome! I’ve been updating the FireFox code base for compatibility. I am hoping there is some way to pull off pseudo GM_xmlhttpRequest through an iFrame to support update notifications and Top Vidz :-)
    Chrome flash performance is not as superior as I had hoped (although it is plenty superior in its own ways, click and drag scrolling being one key victory, although I am stuck using –in-process-plugins –enable-user-scripts) but its refreshing to see it work in something new! (even if its not done yet!) Also position fixed has some funny flickery bugs with flash if you try to reposition it using either marginTop or top (maybe only while scrolling?) it seems to jump back to zero briefly (although maybe its just me).  UPDATE:  The latest chrome beta fixes this particular jumpy bug but also slows performance considerably

    Current GM Function Chrome Overrides (useful to quickly remove errors for some missing GM functions)

    if( typeof(GM_addStyle)=='undefined' ){
    function GM_addStyle(styles){
    var S = document.createElement('style');
    S.type = 'text/css';
    if (typeof(GM_setValue)=='undefined' ) {
    function GM_setValue(name, value) {
    var date = new Date();
    date.setTime(date.getTime() + (365 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000));   //expires one-year
    var expires = "; expires="+date.toGMTString();
    document.cookie = name + "=" + value + expires + "; path=/";
    if(typeof(GM_getValue)=='undefined') {
    function GM_getValue(name, defaultValue) {
    var nameEQ = name + "=";
    var cookieArr = document.cookie.split(';');
    for(var i=0;i < cookieArr.length;i++) {
    var cookie = cookieArr[i];
    cookie = cookie.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, '');
    if (cookie.indexOf(nameEQ) == 0){//rt:Boolean,Integer,String
    var theval = cookie.substring(nameEQ.length, cookie.length);
    case 'true': return true;
    case 'false': return false;
    default:var intval = new Number(theval);if(!isNaN(intval))return intval;
    return theval;
    return defaultValue;
    if( typeof(GM_xmlhttpRequest)=='undefined' ){function GM_xmlhttpRequest(){return;}}

    So I suppose there will be an update soon! There are some major changes so if your scared of what might happen then let someone else test it out first. If requested I can release a minor update to the previous version (to add FMT35 stuff and the exclude) before the next overhaul which I am planning to release as soon as I finish implementing some things the new way.

    I’ve had to re-implement some things, where formerly I could just innerHTML an onclick event on any html, and have those events talk to unsafeWindow functions does not work in Chrome, since there is no unsafeWindow. I’ve had to attach listeners after creating the elements instead, which seems to work fine, and actually simplifies some code. I’m still wondering if you use innerHTML to eliminate or replace an element if all of the listeners and references for that element automatically get cleaned up and go away or not… as I think about all those checkboxes and how to queue all the events while creating the HTML to be added after its inserted! Arguably my original way was better, but chances are there is almost no perceptible difference.

    So yeah if your scared of how future FireFox support will work on an old slow system, I would be too, and I’m tempted to update the current code base one time first for good measure, although its way more extra work than I can afford to do at the moment… PLEASE DONATE ?

  • admin 4:44 pm on May 25, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    These really need to be posted somewhere. Siwhtout wirther adue VidzBIgger PREFERENCES

    New Features Version 51

    Enable VidzBigger, Enable This Site (on reload)?
    >< Top Vidz
    Top Videos Browser Page:
    Load URL:
    >< Layout
    Video Layout with Columns ?
    Min Video Width px [2 vs 3 col threshold]?
    Max Video Width px [Saves CPU]?
    Prevent extra black bars Above&Below Left&Right?
    Position & Scale video automatically [more jumpy]?
    Allow Position & Scale at page Footer?
    Comment column First (toggle column order)?
    Scroll columns independent of page (experimental)?
    Auto Scroll Past Header (bigger video on load)?
    Auto Snap Fullscreen on ScrolL (N-E-W)?
    >< Display
    Column Width px (On Reload)?
    Always show extra controls under video (if installed)?
    Delay Load for Extra Mod-Support [new]?
    Enable Top Vidz In-Prefs WebBrowser?
    Auto-Expand Video Description (on load)?
    Use 24 Bit PNG Images?
    Dimm Background/Invert Color Scheme (on reload)?
    Invert Preferences Color Scheme?
    Show comments per page (on reload)?
    Link to HQ/HD Videos, or use Account Settings?
    Else load HD as soon as deteced on page load?
    Animate Video Thumbnails (on hover)?
    Always Animate All Video Thumbnails (slow)?
    Link to Fliped Videos (on links, after reload)?
    Disable Annotations (on reload)?
    Skip Adult Confirmation (when logged in)?
    >< YouTube JSAPI (status unknown...)
    Enable Youtube JSAPI (on load) up to retry?
    Prevent Video Autoplay?
    Prevent Video Auto-Buffer (more reliable)?
    Enable Double Click Fillscreen (on reload, cpu itensive)?
    Space bar to pause video (on reload, beta)?
    Flash Vars:?
    >< VidzLoops
    Start: End:
    Loop [A:-- ] / B:| Reset | Share Loop | Duplicate
    Auto Loop Videos at End (beta)?
    >< Advertising
    Disable in-video Ads (on reload)?
    Disable or Replace Normal Ads (on reload)?
    Replace Normal Ads with VidzBigger Ads?
    >< Privacy
    Share view statistics?

    Last update took: 0.002 seconds [on Scroll or Resize]
    Send Bugs/Comments! • Projects • Donate
    [YouTube] [Google] [Metacafe] [DailyMotion] [Hulu] [Escapist] • Top videos
    Your version:0.0501

    Visit the Downloads Page to Install

  • admin 2:50 pm on May 24, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

  • admin 2:25 pm on May 21, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    As if it would take a lot more than just text to defeat the corporate disinformation network. Many operations only public face to the western world is some website, a website those effected by the corporation are too poor to ever visit. Anyone who visits it does not personally know the effects of the corporation but is likely to believe the information they read which may merely be a cover up. The real power of the internet is the power to expose the truth, not conceal it.

  • admin 2:36 am on May 20, 2009 | 0 Permalink | Reply

    The problem is that people are afraid to loose jobs, that they elect people who promise to keep their jobs, which in tern means that we need to keep companies around which means that the companies maintaining control is what keeps the same backwards waste of time jobs around, which waste everyone time repeating the same damn things over and over which ought need not to be done at all by anyone at all for the good of us all. The people who they elected to keep their jobs basically just do whatever the companies tell them to do, at risk of loosing their jobs (getting replected next clection) meanwhile the companies stay in control all along, different types of companies mind you, but companies the same, one side bails out a certain kind, the other side bails out a different kind, but they both protect each other from seriously innovating since both sides get so much help that neither side has to stand for itself, and the complacent factory workers mindlessly repeating tasks (albeit happily) could just choose to do some different task, and master that instead. Its not as if people who build cars can’t build anything else. This type of reasoning of keeping stuff that’s not working around just for the sake of jobs alone makes me sick! People can do different jobs, and training for these jobs is often trivially simple at best, and far more productive not only for the individual but for the species and the life of this world itself. Protection of weak companies by governments everywhere must be eliminated! Comapies that hurt the world must not be protected by the public for the sake of keeping the same boring, non innovative, not helpful, job. The right people working on the right things alone can make the world a better place, the wrong people in the wrong places spells disaster for us all through complacent misunderstanding of their actual effects, stuck in a lab looking down a scope imagining you see how your work impacts the entire world outside, yet even this is far more counter intuitive and unpredictable than you might imagine, because you find people often have critical value they never even dream of themselves until they try.