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  • admin 11:28 pm on October 9, 2012 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: colorpick, firefox,

    Miraculously we are back online again. There are a lot of reasons that it took so long that I won’t bother going into, but it’s good to be back, and most of the data has been recovered, so the history of videos back to around page 116 are completely new(ly published)! We may have lost a few months but it could be worse.

    As for plans I am planning on a VidzBigger for GM 1.0…. we the vidzbigger community are still battling with the firefox bug that makes videos restart when their css position is changed to fixed. To get an idea of how the new version will work, the chrome extension of VidzBigger somewhat illustrates the change of video css position while video is playing. If you want to use the old version’s method instead that’s your prerogative (and still supported) however maintaining support for the old version is increasingly time consuming and difficult and not financially viable. You will notice that in the Chrome version that there is a tab of “unsupported” features and also under Display there is “Classic Configurable Column Mode (on reload)” which brings back the possibility of 3 column layout. The gains of this edition were too minimal on other platforms to merit release across the board in the minimal time that was available to work on vidzbigger this year.

    The major benefit of the new display method is that the video is never removed from the page and then added to the rigid vidzbigger display framework. Removing page elements and adding them to the rigid vidzbigger framework allowed a lot of layout flexibility, and JSAPI features, but had a nasty habit of breaking other page functionality. The new method leaves page elements to flow as they are, and simply uses CSS styling to make them act like vidzbigger without moving them into any foreign dom framework. The good news is that most users will not be effected by this approach. The bad news is firefox cannot perform this method seamlessly without some hacks, since changing the video’s css position from relative to fixed as is required by vidzbigger layout engine restarts the video, however this is an age old problem, and may not be a big issue for many users. Also I may attempt to use document-start to mitigate this issue.

    Time that can be spent in development is minimal. I am up to my neck in debt and financial obligations as usual and do not expect VidzBigger will become profitable any time soon, however I expect I will find some time for a major update, hopefully by sometime early next year. As always I have tons of plans but very little means with which to implement them.

    Sorry for all the boring details however since some people may be interested in the plans moving forward with this, that’s what I have in mind. I am considering that we may need to trim a lot of the old features out of VidzBigger so that the new version performs as fast as possible. It has been a long considered option that I may eventually release a lite version of the program, however it has always been the goal of VidzBigger to never remove features or functionality, but it seems like the speed of hardware does not allow for this.

    In other news, check out my new site and you will see that I have released a windows and mac OS version of my ColorPick program. This tool should be useful for web developers and visual artists, and there is an easy to pirate free demo version available on the download page. An official license for a single location costs $0.99.

    Thanks for checking in and I hope this has been informative and held your attention.

  • admin 3:44 am on February 12, 2011 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: lies

    A new law was passed recently.

    In the face of all the grave challenges humanity faces to control it’s fate, a new test is now required for anyone who serves on the board of any corporation. The test consists of one question:

    Will you disregard the public good for profit?

    Write your answer in the space below.

    The test is rated on a scale from one to twenty two.

    However there is only one correct answer, and failing to live up to the correct answer will lead to your dis-en-statement and re distribution of all your assets to the public.

    The public interest is deemed to include total honesty about true motives behind each and every practice without any distortion or padding of the gritty truth of imperialistic actions against the public and their interests, all of which qualify as theft.

    proposed list of commandments for corporations
    1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
    3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
    5. Honour thy father and thy mother
    6. Thou shalt not kill
    7. Thou shalt not commit adultery
    8. Thou shalt not steal
    9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
    10. Thou shalt not covet
    11. Thou shalt not put the corporation first
    12. Thou shalt recognize that the sum; while greater than the individual parts; lacks coherency and cohesion; and correct for this
    13. Thou shalt not take the the customers life or any form of life in vain
    14. Recall the solved problem and keep it solved, keep solutions simple and attainable, thou shalt not enslave the consumer
    15. Hour thy customers future well being
    16. Thou shalt not kill the competition nor slander them
    17. Thou shalt not kill the customer nor injure them
    18. Thou shalt not kill the planet nor biological symbioses
    19. Thou shalt not commit insider trading of any form
    20. Thou shalt not seal away innovations or competition from the public space
    21. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy planetoid and the lifeforms thereof
    22. Thou shalt innovate and work tirelessly to not stagnate

  • admin 9:28 am on February 2, 2011 | 0 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: paths society anti

    To intelligence there are two paths, the social patha and the anti social path. To think that one can select between these paths and somehow follow the selection to enlightenment is rather foolhearty, although your results may vary.

    The social path has significant problems. People re-enforce eaech others false beliefs, this is often the pitfall of the social path. It’s only adaptive because everyone believes it, so it works because you will meet little resistance from people. The downfall is that there is little if any genuine checking to a purely social path, it simply accepts and believes anything that it encounters as being real and having some truth, this is not in and of itself bad, however when it comes to the daily lives and practices of countless millions of people, the negative impact of all the false things that they accept ought to become apparent in their actions, however since they are all on the same side, and accept the path they have chosen, they fail to realize the mistakes that are made as a result of accepting simply what is believed to be true, or that which is “commonly accepted as reality” as the truth.

    That which is commonly accepted as reality is very powerful force by which social people are easily manipulated into making decisions, which are then re-enforced by the entire group. It can be rather devastating when a simple social judgment that should be obvious misleads one’s own judgment. I strive to do all I can to challenge this, as an individual, if you would look at something and turn your nose up, simply because anyone else would do the same, and not because you thought about it yourself, is ultimately disgusting to any individual who sees the error in the ways of the social path. Although obviously there are many situations where the alleged advise that is the commonly accepted beliefs of almost everyone are in fact good advice, to think that this advice that’s just accepted because everyone else accepts it applies in the same way to everyone is rather short sighted.

    It’s clear that anyone who makes statements that go against the grain of that which is commonly accepted whill have trouble being understood. This would seem to be the major pitfall of the antisocial path. No matter how anti social one becomes, it is difficult to completely separate or dis-integrate from social reality, therefore even the most anti social person has incredible social capacities, however they may be so extremely disgusted by that which is commonly accepted as truth, but is so obviously not true, that they cannot feel closely connected with people who come across as being overly social, which to the anti social person seems common, or typical, or simply not special enough to consider as being valid or true. The anti social person however will always have trouble connecting and conveying this, and will ultimately always frighten social people who share beliefs simply so they can feel good, while the anti social person rejects this fundamental activity as leading away from intelligence, so might the anti social person neglect society to the exten that they mislead themselves away from accomplishign anythign intelligent.

    Therefore there is a force that leads to the merging of these intelligences, however often the nature of the result is an anti social person who is adept in the understandings of society creating concepts and theories that confound or ultimately and deceptively in a slow and non detectable fashion shape the concepts and conclusions that are commonly and socially accepted to be true. This is ultimately the most and completely dangerous thing that everyone, no matter how social, ought to be aware of, that people who would do such manipulative things to drive society, as if a bunch of cattle, towards a particular goal, probably are doing these activities for profit, and when soemone does something purely for profit, and not for anything else, or even if they do it mostly for profit, and even if there is a little social benefit, such as a feeding trough your running towards, your pure and true interests, even if you aren’t aware of htem, will very likely never be served by someone elses interest in profit. While there might be some symbiotic chared interest that’s represented, the ultimately conclusion is your detriment and your controllers benefit.

    The true test of any power or leadership is if they are capable of fore-going profit motive and instead value the benefit of the many over the greed of the few. By being selfless and sharing everyone with everything, without drawing lines of separation between self and society, or self and anyone, no matter how crazy people might think they are, one can truly accomplish great things, however society has become a problem, in that they become so skeptical of anyone who isn’t full out manipulating them, that if it’s not a full out commercial endeavor, they fail to think giving any money to it will benefit them in any way, and this is perhaps one of the most short sighted and fool-hearty things ever, when someone who genuinely wants to help, rejects the social notion that one needs to seem like they are trying to help, and rejects the notion of this alleged seeming good, in favor of some other notion that how things seem is so disconnected from how they are, that the indication of actually helping needs to be reversed so that if it seems like they are going to hurt you then it’s more likely they will help than someone who is trying to seem trustworthy, I suppose such thoughts are extremely anti social however it’s still worthy of consideration, a lot more worthy of consideration than a great many causes that would promise to be helping while in reality driving you towards slaughter for their ultimate short term financial benefit.

    The truth of the matter is anything that has goals that could be met within a lifetime is a short-sighted endeavor, and anything that considers anything short of 10 lifetimes is probably going to hatch itself into a scheme ot ultimately gain something. Most people are living within their own short time spans, some people truly live in the moment, and while I respect this existentialism I think that it always falls short of delivering humanity to a better place. To truly get anywhere we have to look forward, and realize that the nature of today can be advanced into a superior tomorrow only if we realize how terrible the nature of today truly is, and if this means that you have to consider both the social and the anti social alternatives to situations, even if it might make you feel insane at times, it may be worth it in so far as ultimately furthering humanities understanding of it’s predicaments in a way that is a lot better at leading to the truth than accepting either of the presented paths. Make your own decisions, but consider everything if you dare.

    Perhaps the most important tennant to follow is self control, but to also know when one can be free to have a positive effect. It may be close to impossible to tell the difference, sometimes you have to trust your instincts, and sometimes you must not. I cannot tell you what to do, you ultimately must decide for yourself what is important to you, and realize what pretends to be important and is not. Selflessness is important but a great many people end up dead in the persuit of ideals, yet I still think that it’s really the only way that anything gets accomplished, however much anyone else will simply take what they can from it, without understanding anything, It is nice when people prove that they understand. It is even nicer when they still wish to understand no matter how much they understand. Making decisions without understanding is dangerous, and thinking one understands is perhaps the most dangerous thing of all. I am so adept at refusing to manipulate or control that more often than not my interests will be undermined by the greed and selfishness of everyone else, but it is nice to make true friends, although it’s become the last thing I expect, I firmly believe surprises are always fun.

  • admin 7:32 am on January 16, 2011 | 1 Permalink | Reply

    Just because you found a crazy person covered in evidence so outrageous it’s absurd doesn’t mean that the killings wren’t politically motivated and performed by someone else entirely. In fact, you may have just found a crazy person who was used by the real killers so they could get away and hide their trail. It’s almost more likely that they found a crazy person who would make the perfect fall guy, constructed the story, inserted their victims, threw in a few random people and innocent children to disguise the trail, since you would never beleive those in power would do such a thing that’s precisely what they would do, and by in power I don’t mean the president, I mean anyone who has the means to orchastrate such a thing to manipulate and distract the public, and killed them, and proceeded to pin it on the guy who would take the credit in the publics mind just enough when the evidence was planted in our minds that he did it, we bought the story. Just because you believe the story does not mean the crime is solved. Just because you believed it was terrorists that bombed 911 doesn’t mean that it was. In fact, in the world we live in, the more likely you would believe it, the less likely it’s the case that it’s the truth your are believing. Aferall belief is rarely very accurate, yet you all love fairy tales and lies, loving that you love these things is so dissonant it’s nearly impossible to respect, and it’s not something that should be used to make decisions. It’s less likely a crazy person would have any targeted or even seemingly targeted victim. Imporant people do not die without some form of conspiracy. If one person acts it’s not the sole responsibility of that individual. All it would take is some rich person to hire a pysho, or a psychotically strong minded sociopath to convince anyone to do just about anything. The fact that even one of the victims deaths could have been politically motivated indicates the others were just killed to make the scapegoat captured seem more insane, and further convince you they caught the guy. Read about the evidence. Discover if the political death could have been for a larger reason. Maybe they were doing a good job, which means they were getting in the way of the powers that be, and trying to protect the little guy, but do you think any powers actulaly do that? Some promise to strive for it, but does anyone actually succeed against the monstrosities that control us? I know it’s possible, it’s been doen before, but how often do we really succeed for long? For some reaosn people stop fighting the monsters that seek to gain power and contorl and somehow trust and believe these corporations to look out for their intersts, but the fact of the matters is they never do this on thier own if they can make money doing evil things to everyone, and eveyrone buys the fantasy that it’s not wrong, then somehow everyone eats from the palm of the devils hand and grows so accustom to the taste of hell that they fail to realize that if we worked together we could alls escape from it, or at least get a little bit closer to escape velocity.
    Just because you stand with a big political party or group of supposed shared interest doesn’t mean that they are protecting you, in fact it’s more likely that the leaders of that party are protecting the people who make them rich more so than they are protecting you. The people who make them rich are the real leaders. If you only knew their true motives you would never support them, but they will cleverly keep you fooled. No matter which large power you support, you are not ever supporting the right one, since no large power can ever truly be trusted to look out for your interests. I don’t care how big you think you are, but you’re always the lttle guy in the face of catastrophies that are slated to occur and effect the entire planet.

    The larger the group the less likely they are protecting you. Being the little guy in a group doesn’t make you safe, in fact it means almost certanly your going to be taken advantage of for the benefit of someone else in the group, and little do you know almost no one in the group acutally benefits besdies a few powerful people that you never get to meet or see, who you die for, but if you knew that you fight for them you would never do it, because they don’t deserve to rule or even necessarily exist, since their motives have nothign to do with reality or the future or anything that you might be concenred with, their choices are rulled by dollar bills and anything that creates stacks of these, regardless of how many innocent minds are warped and how much reckless destruction of reality and the planet earth is created, they ignore everything as long as they get rich doing it, and somehow society as a whole acutlaly worships this behavior, they respect this alleged power even though all of that power is actually motvated by little more than fear and petty inner worthlessness that forces people to seek some external satiation and control people by being rich and powerful makign decisions for them even though by any sound reasonable judgement of the situation they do not deserve to wield the power they collect from people, jsut by tricking them into forefitting their money, who knows where they will spend it, but tell me this, is it relaly where you would have spent it?

    People you will never be aware even exist contorl and dismantle your lives, stealing your future right out from under your own two feet, as you tirelessly tread to continue to make their lives easy just for a few pieces of paper that they consider the only thing of value in the world. To think that money influences decisions anywhere is ultimately wrong, and you will ultimatley all go to hell for it, one way or anohter. Doing what is right is priceless, and those who wish to do wrong will pay any price to do it, because the primary motive for doing wrong is petty personal gain, be it financial or social, and it’s ultimately never fulfilling enough to be worth it. These pathetic creatures that hardly qualify as human beings simply do not recognize anything more as valueable, since they have never expeienced it, their reactions to the things that truly matter are weak, and overpowerd by the quck rush of money, which they spend so quicly on things that merely bring about their own ultimate destruction. Why don’t these poor suicidal people who spend every waking moment of their lives working to destroy their own futures finally realize they are killing themselves, and either join those who actually care in making the world a better place, or cease to make the world a bad place for everyone else, who actually cares, since no matter how much we care, we care far too much for petty conveniences and trite status symbols, when the truth is no one who wields money does so wisely when the ultimate consequence of any human action always contains some minute fraction of self destructive tendancies that the species has yet to escape, since in supporting society you are ultimately suppporting an imperfect thing, and while you support this imperfect thing you prevent any persuit of perfection from occuring, since this imperfect thing actually strives to continue to exist, while not deserving to, and this my friends is the mysery that generates a world where people loose all hope and faith in human dignity and power to overcome adversity, and actually accept cash as the ruler of the world, that the devil controls everything, and give in to capitalism simply because it’s powerful, while meanwhile your freedom and self worth are completley marginalized. It’s unlkely you are ultimately anything more than a daemon working to enslave yourself even further. To imagine that the sum of your efforts will actually amount to anything more, and that you will actually free yourself, is very likely false, yet if you were to spend every waking second doing anything, if it’s not to free yourself from the confines of the daemons around you, then I’m not sure why you bother existing in the first place. I can tell you one thing for certain, money is no reason to exist, we existed before money, and it must have been for some reason, the question becomes why money has dissolved that reason and pretended to become it and convinced you all of it’s worth, while meanwhile, all the money in the world couldn’t solve a single one of your pathetically simple stupid problems you face as a pathetically overzealous species of hopelessly destructive money worshiping monsters. If you think spelling is relevant to the meaning of the message you truly do not understand anything about this message at all.

    If this message seems harsh, it’s because this message is out of love, not the hatred that people would normally feed you, masquerading as warm fuzzy love, the delusion of someone elses fantasy, is always out to snare and entrap you. I am only intersted in empowering you, and all of us, to truly escape the confines we are trapped within by those who do not deserve to secretly rule over us in secret, and that we must not just pretend to win and be tricked into thinking that we have, but actually win, and I’m afraid it won’t be easy, but however reality is something you will have to come to terms with eventually, and you can either embrace it early, or get smashed by it far too late. To think that we’ll solve problems when we get there, while continuing to live an existence that makes the problem worse, is like falling off a cliff, and every step you take not only accelerates the velocity with which you approach the bottom, it actually makes the bottom even more severe. How do you think we will actually manage to survive, and who cares if we survive, what if everything you care about on this planet does not, and if you only care about money, I’m afraid it doesn’t need you to survive, does not love you, and will never help you do anything unless your motives and intentions are actually pure, and no matter your intentions, chances are you will accidentally spend some of it in a way that ultimately destroys you. You have money, yes, I agree, but you really do not need it, and in fact you even having it will ultimately contribute to the pre-mature demise of this planet and the end of the well being of all our futures. If you see a homeless person, you might think they are worthless, they may very well be worthless, but in terms of being criminals destroying the planet, I’m afraid you are much more of a criminal destroying the planet then they are, with your fancy SUV moron, while you pay for coal power idiots, while you think you creae and support, you only create and support more horrible people who will continue to try to rape and pillage the planet, which is really all that’s worth caring about, all that you can thank for your existence is the planet, and it’s people who will pretend to take credit for your existence, for putting you here, and they even think it’s up to them what tasks you will persue, and how effective you will be at achieving these tasks, these miserable people who seek to control everything contrive miserable fates for themselves where they repeat the same thing over and over only because they think they can somehow catch and get even with the person who did this to them, while meanwhile they ensnared and enslaved themselves, and whoever they are sticking it to, is ultimately themselves, and this my friends is the pinacle of pathetic weakness that you have all come to expect from humanity, it is not the pillar of strenght in the face of temptation that it has been, it is a weak withering carcass of something that was once great, and the evil powers that seek to keep it that way pretend to make you strong, while only making the ultimate problem of the decay of your freedom worse, offering you false security safety and comfort while stealing from you any true power over your existence and your future, they force you to become slave to what they think is “best for you” while meanwihle their entire opperation is only concerned with “whats best for them” or more importantly and to the point, “whats in it for me” which is the primary motivating factor that forms all decisions that you mistakenly respect and support as thurough smart decions of your venulable elected officiials, while these decisions are never thurough or smart, never made by the officials you think are making them, and almost never in your best interest, except for the health care bill, which your enemies are now trying to repeal, although the most important part of the bill, the 80% requirement that they can only waste 20% of the money you spend on corporate yaghts for the ruling elite of the insurance industry, and that 20% of the money which they make by denying claims that they have the money to cover, that your health is still a stock market driven machine, where your paying insurance is not an invesment in the company, and that your paying insurance does not count for anything until you get hurt, where if the market crashes they might loose all your money and fail to provide the coverage you paid for, that you can pay them and they will take the money glady and never give you any credit for it, thes decison are the appitomy of stupid selfishness of a pathetic dying creature that doesn’t deserve to exist, guess what they spend on your medical coverage before? Of all the money you all paid them, Probably less than 50% actually went to the people who paid for it, whever the number was they aren’t bragging about it. Guess what only 100% is acceptable, that they can spend 20% of their money denying claims and buying boats to shoot comercials so they can pretend to be fighting for you while they merely fight among themselves for your money, while they deny paying for doctors who will actulaly do the treaments you want, while they gladly fund all sorts of pills and perscriptions you do not need simply because the CEO of your insurance company happens to own stock in the pill pushign company that packs up all sorts of creations that get rushed through FDA approval which consists almost entirely of people who use to be or sit in the ear of the CEO of any of these horrible entities only concerned with making money and keeping money to themselves while they merely work together to enslave and steal from you, and you actually go out there and support them. Look I like the president, I think he is genuinely trying to do a good job, but I don’t think anyone is going to let him, because they have never worked a single day in their lives where they felt that the accomplishments of their efforts was something thier hearts could truly consider good because they are stuck in a world where they are doing what they don’t want to do for the sake of powers that they do not want tramplin over their hearts mind and dreams, however since their hearts are already trampled, they cannot realize that the person who is out there pretending to be their only friend, pretending to be their hero delivering fuel and supplies, is relly just stealing from them, stealing their future from under their suspicions, while killing and silencing anyone who gets on the tracks of truth and righteous, preventing the truth of how horrible most of the people who are respected in the world actually are, and that you respect them only so that they do not stomp on your heart face again, instead of because they deserver respect, and for this horror of respecting the wrong person you are weak, for you alone have the power to withdraw your respect from practices that are not respectable. Do not fall victim to scams schemes and tricks of the trade, becasue these things are not in your interst unless you run the companies that are in the business of stealing from you and lying to you about it. Practically no one benefits from supporting these people, yet you all continue to do so. There is no good reason not to pour sugar in your own gas tank and try your best to not get hypothermia from your disconnected planet destroying power supplier. You have become dependent on the wrong people, instead of depending on inovators who might free you from the confines of your problem, you have become dependent on the very people who are experts at staying your savior, people who are experts and continuing to cause and not solve problems so that you keep paying them. People who ensnare and trap you in a system where the problem never goes away. I have this to say. Anything that you pay money for should get better as a result, if you spend money over and over again and you pay the same price and you always get the same or lesser service, this is not satisfactory. The more resources are invested the more quiet clean and efficient that thing should become. That we have spent so much money on fuel and cars, yet these machiens are still stuck practically in the stone ages of the technology of transportation which has not improved or changed in countless years screams the question why do you keep paying these people? They are not truly innovating, it’s the same thing with the same problem, you accpet an unacceptable rate of advancement as “better”. Any rate of advancement that is not exponentail is unacceptable. Any rate of advancement of a copule points, a linear stright lne of advancment, the same number of new MPG per year, is not advancement at all, since any linear trick, while fooling the blind and bafflingly stupid public into thinking it’s better, will never EVER actually approach a solution to the problem. They would rather keep you trapped paying than solve your problem, and imagine, just imagine if god were to put your heart on a rental program where you have to insert coins to keep it going. It sounds like a leaky problem, and leaks are unacceptable if we are ever to escape from this hell we have created in our persistent destruction of earth for our pathetic creature comforts, just because we feel so much more pleasure in destruction doesn’t make it right, jsut because we think we are so much more sentient becuase we can tell each other we are smarter doesn’t mean every other animal does the same thing, jsut because we can destroy the planet faster than any squirel doesn’t prove we are smarter, in fact if anything it proves the opposite. There is nothing suppreme or special about humans that participate in the strugles of average humans because while they might even have a heart of gold, their minds are in the wrong place, their efforts support those who only wish to enslave them, and they support their own demise, however, luckily for them, evil may not always win, however it does not sleep either, and the good tend to think that they have accomplished something, because they actually do satisfying work, however the strange truth of the matter is that evil doesn’t sleep, or rest on success, evil keeps grabbing and grabbing until it’s gone, and doesn’t realize when it’s destroying it’self in the process because it’s so intent on grabbing the next piece, it undermines itself and falls into the cracks, all you have to do is hold the piece up just high enough that they jump for it, and if you are nice, they can fall on a nice soft pile, but you must realize if you provide this, they will merely try to launch off of it to grab the piece, and who knows if htey will ever realize that piece they are jumping for picking away at is their own existence which is shrinking with their every action because countless horrors of heathen creation have convinced them that their persistent actions are satisfying permanantly, while they satiate their pathetic selfish desires, they satiate their ability to exist, this may be acceptable if and only if they do not destroy my ability to exist in the process. I am not willing to sink with you fools, therefore, I must ask that you get off my planet, or else face the consequences of your actions, which I will unfortunatley have to face too since I will be here, and as usual undergo all the punishment intended for you, as I have also partaken in the burning of fuels, the horrors that society blindly considers good, the pathetic males who we consider men but are just a bunch of muscle with no understanding of the consequences of their actions, and pathetic females who we consider women but are just concerned about creature comforts and conveniences no matter what the cost to the planet earth, and the pathetic males who will stop at nothing to satisfy the needs and wants of a creature that doesn’t deserve to have their petty desires satisfied, and to hell with the consequences of their selfish actions, they allow all of the blame or consequences of their selfsh decision to fall on their children’s plate, and never bohter to teach them to accept responsiblity for the consequences of their actions either, any more than any other creature…. your problem is that you are so capable, and in that great capacity, not destroying is infintely possible. You may be great, but humanity as a whole is little more than a bumbling killing machine out to destroy everything that it holds dear wrecklessly without considering for an instant that there might be some other option, some other way to live our lives, and I think it involves letting the youth rule the world, for the old ways are all wrong, unfair, and destructive to us all. There are even older wasy that are far more fair, and there are newer ways that are far more fair, but the fact that now in the present we are still stuck using an the same old way is ultimately wrong. That we need to change fundamentally and globally is clear, what we need to change into is also very clear, we need to change into something that is better and more powerful than our current selves, and it’s not about hirign someone to solve the problem, it’s about working together to become so much better than ourselves that we surpass our lmitations, it’s about teamwork and realization of our common goals and dreams and desires, and that there is a lot more to life than you ever imagine, that you never know the truth for sure, and that you believe what you are too weak to challenge, and that to seek strength and to truly better yourself you must comfront your weaknesses. Except for spelling. This document will likely change form, so if you make a copy, then we will be able to compare later to see what changed, and detect further who is selfish actions for their own gain, for the loss of everyone else. I will try to help you but I’m afraid you must help me too, together I’m convinced we can accomplish anything. I wish to use my powers to make the world a good place, something that I’ve been using my powers for since long before we were human, and many of you had lived for a better tomorrow too, it’s just sad that you think you are there, and that you destroy your capacity to have more of these tomorrows must indicate that you aren’t done reaching tomorrow yet, so why keep holding on to today, let us make the most of today and embrace tomorrow, let’s let go of the past, and realize that very many of our presents are truly pasts, but very many of our dreams can still be the future if we act to focus our efforts in a concentrated fashion on creating system that yield protection of the weak, fairness and balance, and the elimination of the ways in which the profit motive lends to the destruction of the planet, realizing more truly that the more difficult path of receiving rewards only for doing the right thing should be possible, and that the right thing is a very illusive and difficult to catch thing, and the right thing will not enslave you, and the right thing will let you know every detail and keep no secrets. The right thing is something you can actually trust, the wrong thing is the intriguing lie that you have to fall for in order to find out lifetimes later that you’ve been trapped. Existence is a trap! Stop trusting republicans, they are not on your side, but the companies, and stop trusting democrats that just do the opposite of republicans because they are also merely companies. True people negociate, talk about the issues, and compromise. True people do not make decisions based on belief, they make decison for concrete reasons, if thoe reason are personal gain, or the gain of the few, then it’s not your gain, even if it seems like lower gas prices are a gain, it’s not a gain at all, it keeps you from questioning that there is a serious problem, the fact of the matter is no one should be able to afford it at all, and we should all stop contributing to the pollution that we cannot afford to create, since even if we stopped we might not be able to revers global warming, so we might as well stop to see what happens, because it might be almost enough that combined with something else we could actually solve the problem, instead of continuing to blindly bumble into the horror that is the blindness of humanity stumbling through the darkness of meager ravaged souls of long forgotten warriors who use to fight for existence and now fight only for death, who use to believe in something but now fight to destroy themselves, and they think they deserve it, but they do not, they deserve nothing but to break free from the confines that enslave them, and permanently work to avoid falling into the same again and again, to actually conclude the article instead of pouding the same point into the ground over and over again in the desperate hope that you finally get it while realizing all too well that you might be deaf to the troubles that we face and ignorant of how you created these troubles yourself, and how you depend on someone else to save you from these problems, and that the corporations causing these problems do not care to stop making them worse, and they convince you to also continue to make them the problems and the world worse, and in exchange you get a shiny casket for your future and that of the entire planet.

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    GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are unacceptable for human consumption, yet chances are you have eaten more than one. The evidence that people deserve a choice is well documented. To continue to sell these items without clear labeling is unacceptable. GMOs are not good for public health at large, and without even labeling which foods contain GMO ingredients, then there is no truth in advertising or labeling. Substantial equivalence is not equivalence. Just because it seems like corn to the average squirrel does not mean it actually is the corn the squirrel wants or expects it to be. To use this as evidence that it’s the same, when it’s not the same, is bad science. Any time bad science is used it is to sell something, and the last place bad science belongs is in the food industry.

    Considering substantial equivalence to be equivalence is unacceptable. When things are in fact different, just because you can fool the average Joe that it’s the same thing does not mean it’s the same. That’s like saying just because they can’t tell it’s a plastic carrot that it must be just as good for them as a real carrot. The pesticides and policies used to grow GMO crops are so unacceptable. Pesticide usage should also be clearly labeled in food, but at least GMO usage would indicate that the food is also full of pesticides so it would be easier to avoid. I’m not sure about this policy of coercion and control over the food supply, the conspiracy to create a cheaper less natural less healthy mono-culture that says one kind of corn is all we need, meanwhile the corn itself generates pesticides of it’s own. These things are not fit for human consumption and only serve to dumb down the public and keep them trapped from reaching enlightenment to their captors who are the food industry.

    If you are what you eat, then america is what it eats, and as long as it continues to approve sub par food for human consumption and convince people it tastes good by drugging them with glutamate and other derivatives of MSG without ever telling them they are eating sub par food, this is an unacceptable practice that the government cannot and must not continue to enforce. George bush got us into this mess by deregulating the pesticide industries and Monsanto many horrible things have happened that should never have happened.

    GMO corn is like a disease, pollution spreading across the land, invading peoples crops, and Monsanto is invading and laying claim on any land that their virus corn touches. They are actually taking away peoples livelihoods because of their inability to control nature and their claim that they own this horrible problem, and stealing and selling the results as if they are food to the american public and the world, while our tax dollars subsidies this sub-par nutritionally useless corn to other countries, something I do not believe any conscious person would willingly peddle to anyone in the world.

    If Monsanto had any goodness in them whatsoever they would buy the infected corn from the farmer and dispose of it as it should be disposed of like any other invasive species. Instead Monsanto steals the corn and livelihood from farmers and trys to force everyone into buying Monsanto corn and monopolize the industry and food system into a mono-culture of less healthy individuals eating diets with little or no variety. They actually make it illegal to save or plant seeds forcing people into a situation of dependence instead of into a situation of freedom. There is no country less american than Monsanto or any industries pushing for genetic modification without controlling their output or clearly labeling what it is they are forcing down the gullets of the poor and unfortunate souls who may not have the mental capacity left to even read the label. It may be too late for a great many Americans but doing too little too late is better than doing nothing at all.

    Food safety is an important topic however it is under this guise of standardization and safety that we create a less healthy public, by pretending the government knows whats best for everyone and subsidizing things that do not deserve to be subsidized we cause problems for everyone. Monsanto will fight tooth and nail to keep the power that they have in place however it must be stopped at any cost. Americans deserve to receive the information necessary to make their own smart buying decisions. People deserve the right to access any nutritional supplements they want to experiment with, if there is substantial evidence that something works for a great number of people it is not the responsibility of the government which is controlled by industries to prevent people from accessing these supplements they so desperately need to combat the malnutrition these major profit seeking industries will try to tell you they can provide, while they simultaneously fail to provide true nutritional variety and also fail to provide products that are free from pesticide and disease.

    To force down the gullets of the public anything that isn’t strong enough to stand up to the harshness of nature on it’s own, to feed people a product that cannot survive save without being covered with pesticide inside via genetic modification and outside via spraying and to never tell the public that these practices were used, is to serve the public a plant that is not worthy of consumption, and the fact that my tax dollars would subsidize such an activity is entirely unacceptable to the extent that I am only willing to pay my taxes to certain areas of the government that would be concerned with educational the public. No one in their right mind would support the activities of Monsanto under whatever name they might call themselves, no farmer should stand for the ways in which they have been subjugated and forced to comply with Monsanto’s regulations and control systems. I demand more choice over where my dollars are spent in the government and I demand that peoples tax dollars cannot be used for supporting businesses that they do not agree with, and I do not accept tax dollars going towards making a business’s product appear less expensive in other countries when in reality it’s not cheaper or a better product in any way whatsoever.

    At the suggestion of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the premiere Health Freedom organization, I am contacting you about food safety. This letter is NOT about support for the fake “Food Safety” bill in the Senate, S-510 and I do not support more Federal control over food safety in general.

    However, there is one area of food safety where all levels of government must act and act quickly. I refer to the risky proliferation of GMO - Genetically Modified Organism - products on the farm and in the food markets.

    There is no possibility for long term coexistence of GMOs and organic food. The genetic contamination through insects, birds and wind assures that, in time, all crops and animals will be so thoroughly contaminated they they will, each and every one, cease to exist as they have evolved.

    The science is emerging and the picture is clear: cancer, lupus and other autoimmune disorder, degraded immune function and infertility are but a few of the consequences of consuming GMO “foods”. Most modifications are to allow plants to withstand the over use of dangerous chemicals which, in and of themselves pose serious health hazards.

    GMO crops and animals do not fulfill the promise of feeding the world or of providing safe food everywhere. GMO crops fail much more often than conventional ones and, when eaten, are dangerous in unimaginable ways.

    The “Precautionary Principle” tells us that people, their property and the environment, should not be trespassed upon by GMO seeds, pollen or other pollutants; nor should they be offered unlabeled GMO products. We call for a ban on GMO products which have not been shown safe in any independent third party tests.

    We call for a reversal of the FDA position that GMO-Free products may not be labeled as such to be replaced by the requirement that all GMO products, of every kind, must be clearly labeled as such to give consumers the choice that they have been denied since 1992: the choice to reject GMO products.

    We call for a multi-decade study of the harm that GMO products may have all ready initiated, and how to remediate same.

    Finally, we demand compensation for all farmers whose property has been invaded by GMOs and an immediate return to safe, natural products.

    As an immediate interim step, I favor the labeling of all GMO ingredients as such and I support the right of all producers to truthfully label “GMO-Free” products.

    Ban GMOs Now! - Untested and Dangerous!

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    My basic question is does this water contain sodium fluoride additive, and then, if so, why is it not listed in the ingredients?

    Sodium fluoride is a terrible industrial waste byproduct that pesticide manufacturers sell to municipalities to make money since it’s illegal to dump it as it very well should be. It doesn’t have any beneficial effect, and actually weakens bones, making teeth brittle, and doesn’t achieve any of the promised beneficial effects. About the only thing that this toxic chemical does achieve is killing germs, however it’s really not fit for human consumption.

    Several studies done in china linked lower IQ in cities with higher levels of fluoride in the water. Very many countries that looked at the substantial evidence rejected water fluoridation. It’s a terrible scam that makes companies rich and steals physical and mental resources from the public creating dumber consumers and voters.

    The fact that people accept the definition of “water” that it might contain any number of harmful pollutants, and list only “water” on the ingredients troubles me. The same goes for “milk”, not all milk is created equal, it’s hard to consider an ingredient, what ingredients and lifestyle went into the cow that the milk came from? Specifically if it’s a BGH cow, then it should say BGH milk. It’s amazing how little information is actually in an ingredient list, and a great many people want to keep it that way, but it’s not good for the public at large.

    It’s a horrible thing when business takes advantage of consensus realities such as fluoride is good, milk is milk, to sell things. I feel it’s the responsibility of business to create educated consumers who will be more willing to buy better products. If there is no information and none of the products say one way or the other then people will likely buy the least expensive product, which is not necessarily in your interest either.

    Making or selling any water that actually can claim to be fluoride free, chlorine free, will not only raise public awareness about the issue, but will also allow you to charge a premium for that product, although quite honestly no water consumed by humans anywhere in the world should contain any sodium fluoride whatsoever.

    There are other types of fluoride other than sodium fluoride that are more natural, less intense, and not nearly as bad for people to consume. A small amount may help dental health since it does kill germs, however swallowing it or in any way leaving any of it in the body allows it to build up in ones system and it makes all calcium based structures such as teeth and bones brittle and weak. I would love to see this harmful pollutant taken out of public drinking water everywhere, and also more upfront honestly about it’s inclusion in food products.

    Regardless of the legality and how easy it is to get away with not mentioning it, secrecy regarding this topic is exactly what’s allowing them to get away with it for years, and someone needs to take a stand against the policy of ignorance regarding the details of it’s inclusion in beverages and other products. Consumers do not have expensive kits that allow testing of what is actually in the product, and if they can’t trust or rely on the ingredients list, then what other power do they have to make informed buying decisions?

    Anything substance that is effectively forced on the entire public and kept shrouded in secrecy can never be any good for the public, so the question becomes who is the responsible body that decides to serve the public interest, that decides to stand out from the sea of groups that server only their own financial bottom line, and be the first to take the stand, in doing what is right, pushing in the direction of increased awareness.

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    EDIT: I don’t think this post sparked the debate, but I wouldn’t take any of this as evidence that vaccines should be skipped. Can they be used for evil? Certainly. Is the intent evil? No. Do they cause harm? Maybe in some cases. Is the harm greater than the good? Probably not. Vaccines keep us safe but they keep the population growing. Is that really a good thing? Who knows. In any case here is the post:

    Forcing anything is the opposite of freedom. No party that can maditorially force some substance on the public can be trusted to be serving the public’s interest. To force someone to take “their medication” is something reserved for patients in a psych ward or death row in a dog pound. To impose technology on the whole of a public is that public’s decision, any members of that community that forcibly try to inject someone else may as well be trying to murder them and restrict their freedom, if isolated communities wanted to mandate such an awful thing, people could at least move away easily, however the government mandating such a thing is both backwards and unfair, and cannot be trusted, especially since vaccines poison much of the youth of the population with mercury anyway, there are any number of mandatory horrible things that are forced on people, from drinking chlorine and fluoride in the water (a devious toxic manufacturing byproduct disposal plan) to waiting at lights when there is no traffic. Forcing people to not fight illnesses themselves and relinquish control to a protective government will only be a weaker populous for it, which is precisely the goals of this bill and much legislation, which will never in fact succeed at digging us out of the financial crisis. Simple education solves more problems including getting sick than any other program. By forcing something physical on people, you may as well be raping them.

    A strong government can criticize it’s former decision as wrong public-ally and move on stronger and more trustworthy for it. Get rid of your connections with powerful enemies of the American public and you will be doing yourself and all of us a lot of good. If you think yourselves and the FDA can trust them to present the facts to you, your not realizing the financial motives of industries and corporations are the most selfish motives imaginable, driven by the collective greed of a huge mass of individuals invested in one thing, to protect the interests of the organization at any cost, which legally refer to the corporation that takes investments being bound to being profitable, and the corporation being tried as an individual, in spite of the fact that this individual is formed out of the most despicably deceptive conglomerate of all the worst parts of every individual involved in that corporation imaginable. You may as well be trying the largest psychopathic murderers in existence with the most charm and the most cunning formed out of a summation of all of their misplaced and highly lensed protective interests that serve only their corporate bottom line without any regard for any consequence they can get away with, while none of the victims even get to speak their part and these horribly unamerican people get away with merely a warning, and something very wrong is being stolen from the public.

    The vaccine from an individual standpoint is not necessarily the problem so much as those who would have the power are far too deeply in the pockets of organizations that cannot be trusted, that the government simply cannot be trusted with a task of such gravity, since as soon as you start injecting the entire public with any “protective” measure, someone will release the plague to eliminate everyone who does not cooperate. Those that wish to have only sheeple with no determination whatsoever, those corporations that see individuals only as the consumer, who think the consumer serves them and not the former, those powers that seek to coerce and control that are not american and the least american of all, whose only self determination is a profit motive that undermines all of their actions into doing the wrong thing for money.

    I strongly agree with Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD:

    “There is no significant scientific agreement that the influenza vaccine has any health benefits at all; much evidence it is harmful. For example, the only peer reviewed, published meta-review of various flu vaccine clinical studies (the Grier, King, Grier paper) shows statistically that there is no benefit. Additionally, we believe the record will show that there were at least 200 miscarriages associated with receiving the 2009 H1N1 vaccines (while in a “normal” flu season there are from 0 to 7). Therefore we are justified in demanding the removal of these dangerous toxins from the health care system.”

    I am very troubled by this fact:

    “For the 2010-2011 flu season, which begins in the fall of 2010, the seasonal flu vaccine will include [sic] protection against the 2009 H1N1 vaccine.” -

    FDA/CDC says the H1N1 virus was “novel” with pandemic potential, but the swine flu vaccine was “just a change of strain” not needing safety testing. Now after the cover-up of hundreds of deaths from the vaccines, these novel toxins are being added to the annual flu vaccine, I am concerned that I and my family may be exposed to novel viruses for no significant benefit.

    I PETITION THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: that all influenza vaccines be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from the market until full safety testing, the removal of all mercury and other toxins (even in “trace” amounts) and actual, independent, third party proof that the vaccines are safe and effective and will not spread the influenza.

    This Petition is submitted independently but with reference to FDA Citizens Petition Docket No. FDA-2009-P-0418

    This is an important matter to me and I will take your actions in support of my petition for redress into consideration when voting.

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    That’s right gang We’re back in business!

    I managed to scrape together enough funds to renew my domain name! No thanks to you, but Your in luck for sure.

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    One example of my generousness is the things I advertise, since I never make any money from them. I haven’t checked how many impressions yet but certainly a lot more than I promised, and I’m happy to help out. I can only hope my efforts are worth your while because sometimes I severely question if they are worth mine! In any case cheers, sorry for not posting very frequently, and if you know anything about surgery and like doing it so much you’ll almost do it for free, please contact me! I’ve got some fun projects for you. Thanks for your support.

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    censorship within the digg community
    -Is digg is becoming too big for its own good? how can we further separate the meaningful users from the impulsive noobs.

    I see it all the time. Just minding my own business, scrolling through other peoples impressions of some big digg story and I come across a little grey bar sporting the text “show comment”. I almost always read said comment (boredom), and find myself somewhat frequently appalled by how good the comment actually was, and question if the people who voted it down even read and/or understood it. How often is it that the red thumbs down means “I’m too stupid to grasp this”?

    given ( X = “user is too stupid grasp it” ) the red thumb down:
    1 infrequently means X
    2 sometimes means X
    3 frequently means X
    4 oh yea b****? grasp this! (X)

    The digg community is completely self moderated, as most of you already know. For each comment, users can either give a thumbs up or thumbs down, and very rapidly many comments fall deep into the negatives. The question becomes, why? There seem to be three major reasons:

    a) uninformed person posts retarded remark
    b) informed person posts controversial remark
    c) everyone else was doing it

    1 I frequently mod down anything I disagree with
    2 sometimes I mod down comments I disagree with
    3 I never mod down anything simply because i disagree with it
    4 D is my answer, I pick D

    I have no qualms with blatantly false and easy-to-google-the-answer remarks being removed, but what about the comments that have some truth to them but are simply hard for you to swallow? Any comment that makes you think, enough where you realize you would have to challenge your beliefs in order to entertain it is more often than not red-thumbed out of existence. You will not find controversial comments on digg unless you go digging for them, and by then their score is something like -76.

    1 I feel like the comments section on digg should be my personal support forum for the internet
    2 My beliefs are made of stone
    3 My beliefs are made of liquid hot magma
    4 If its controversial, it’s obviously wrong

    The green thumb quickly becomes powerless. A comment that has any negatives will be pushed deeper and deeper very quickly by hoards of people who base what they think about the comment on the score it has already received. Unless you are very careful about what you say, do not even think about defending a comment that has received more than a few negatives, or you too will be moderated out of existence. So even the defenders are forced to censor themselves to be heard, and the real meat of the issue is cast aside.

    at what point is a comment beyond redemption?

    1 -1 to -4 diggs
    2 -5 to -9 diggs
    3 anything less than -10 diggs (-11,-12…)
    4 never

    The insightful commentary that actually makes you think is being disapproved of, while the easy to swallow one liners receive much praise. Is this starting to remind you of anything? Sounds just like network TV to me, or any other “news” organization with major bias against meaningful news, and instead tells viewers easy to swallow sensationalist trivia they have heard countless times before. Welcome to a world where the more cliché a statement is, the more true it must be. The real points fall by the wayside in favor of the popular modern excuses for avoiding discussion of the controversy itself.

    1 Network TV is the lame
    2 Network TV is the awesome
    3 Network TV is the so-so-sometimes
    4 You mean to imply a cliché can be false? Pistols at dawn!
    5 I am a living breathing excuse of a human and I like it

    So I must ask, are you really doing any good when you take an insightful point that you simply disagree with and give it the red-thumb? Or instead are you serving to reduce the quality of the discourse in the digg community, and thereby lessen the intelligence of the community itself as a whole.

    Now… Assuming there is an insightful point in there…
    1 Eliminating just anything that I disagree with is good because then my kind and I feel less threatened (even though the threat still remains)
    2 Eliminating just anything that i disagree with is bad, because I enjoy being offended
    3 Even if it is insightful, if I find it distasteful or offensive, its red thumb time.
    4 The red in the thumb symbolizes the blood I imagine squirting out of your head as I jab my thumb into your eye-sockets. sweet victory!
    5 If there is anything even remotely inaccurate, the comment deserves the thumb down

    The red-thumb has its place, and cuts out a lot of the crap, but it shouldn’t be used to just eliminate perfectly good points that contribute to a discussion simply because they are different than your own point of view. That’s pure censorship, and it has no place on a free internet. Digg is not the free internet however, digg is a community, and that community can do as it pleases, so the question becomes, will the community stand for censorship, and if so, how does that reflect on the community? What types of people will a community that tolerates censorship draw to them? Interesting people? Or copy after copy of the same exact person…

    -What can we do to strengthen the community?
    Erm, you figure it out. I have some suggestions, but what the F ever, zero control as Mr. Individual:

    Perhaps the digg community needs to adopt some form of user rank system (like a karma rating seen on forums), where each user has a rating derived from how much praise/criticism they have received from ALL comments they have EVER posted. This way you can build a reputation where people will know if it is worth their time to read your comments or not, even if they happen to be moderated down. This would increase the significance of the thumb, and hold people to a higher standard where what they say in one place will haunt them in others, and they might choose their words more wisely, thereby increasing the quality of discourse.

    Also it seems strange that there is this discrepancy where we can see all the users who dugg a story, but we cannot see all of the users that un/dugg a comment. Why the sudden anonymity? It’s just an excuse to cast your vote irresponsibly. It would be good to see who was defaming each comment. One upset user cannot really effect you, so it’s not as if they will have the power to ruin your reputation by knowing your identity. If you really mean to say their comment is inappropriate, and it really is inappropriate, than what do you have to hide? Many others will also be on your side.

    “what i think is worth at least three cents” 2006

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    I saw a video which I thought was pretty inspiring, after which I began to write my thoughts. Next I had the computer perform these thoughts and made adjustments to the transcript so that the computer could read the words properly or at least close to properly. I captured the audio using Audio Hijack Pro.

    You can view the end result, which I’ve uploaded to youtube Perception Conception Deception, or you can start by viewing the original quicktime movie posted by Oliver Laric on his site.

    toggle video

    TO even begin to discern reality, from mere glimpses of perception and conception, is not only impossible but incredibly difficult to achieve, alone.

    The shear number of possible alternate interpretations and insights approaches infinity.

    As the number of “eyes” on a situation increases, the more interpretations you will find.

    The compounded impressions are only limited by their lack of imagination as to other possibilities.

    There is a tendency when multiple viewers with shared experience are present they will often have “the same” interpretation of an event or situation, a perception of a shared image.

    The shared experiences of similar perceivers or sensors only limits their capacity to come up with unique interpretations

    The fewer unique interpretations you have the less likely any of them actually represent the totality of the reality at work.

    Behind the scenes there may be parties trying to give you a certain impression.

    You may be given the perception that will limit the possible categories of later interpretation of future events that would seem to fall into the same category, but could easily be interpreted in an alternate more revealing fashion to be something else entirely.

    Perception however is not exclusive to presenter and presented, but rather is an independent process between you and that which you are viewing.

    While the presenter may manipulate the thought process of the viewer into realizing complete communication of an idea with the viewer, alternate unintended interpretations are always possible because the viewer is not t he presenter, and the presenter cannot predict the interpretations of every viewer.

    Some statements are very convincing to some, wile very ineffective with others.

    It is the duty of a good speaker to cater to their audiences desires in such that they will keep listening for the rest of the story.

    After all is said and done, the speaker is trying to convey a particular concept or idea in a manner in which is satisfactory that the audience will understand the point.

    The more encompassing the audience, the more variety they audience is a conglomerate of, the more things that audience will see. The more things that audience will understand.

    This means that even more avenues of explanation of perceived events become available.

    As the number of possible perceptions increases so will the potential for distractions and tangents to possibilities.

    The more explaining is required, the more possibility for tangents of various interpretations to occur, however each tangent is an expression, or a possibility of later expression of, an idea that is founded in the heart of experience, rooted in perception and the realities that one has become capable of perceiving.

    The fewer possibilities are presented the fewer possibilities will occur.

    By limiting or presenting any thing as a series of alternatives limits the chances of anything outside the realm of these possibilities from being perceived, but it does not prevent other possibilities from occurring.

    The fewer choices you are given, the more likely you are, to believe that you have no other choice.

    The actuality of the matter is simply that as the number of choices available is decreased, the number of alternate choices still increases and the number of alternate interpretations always approaches infinity.

    The more you consider today the more you are able to consider tomorrow.

    The more you think about, the more things come to mind as you think of things later.

    This means that the more thinking gets done the more interpretations will present themselves and the more possibilities there will be for response.

    Response lies at the core of interpretation.

    Since there are so many alternate interpretations none of them are powerful enough to compete with either of the few possibilities presented, since most people will vote for an interpretation “that counts” in a social sense or bragging power or avoiding shame, instead of with organized, informed, decision making

    The fact that an interpretation counts as “true reality” or not is not determined via vote

    Humans may act in manners that abide by the boundaries they select by making a decision between limited alternatives.

    This is only bad for the contraption that defines human perception, your mind

    The more limited you see the alternatives in the world, the more limited you are to see other alternatives.

    Powerful beings can trap you in a state where you can see no other alternatives.

    There is always a more powerful alternative.

    To be trapped in a state of hiatus or suspension simply because of lack of apparent possibility is fool-hearty

    Anyone who becomes trapped in such a system and cannot seem to break the bounds simply has been unable to discover who their enemies are and have been continuing to trust the wrong people for their guidance as to “actual reality”

    THe people controlling your perceptions of situations may not be as trustworthy as they seem to be.

    Many figures present themselves as authorities on what the not only the BEST thing to do but also convince you that it is also the RIGHT thing to do

    Meanwhile most of the consequences of human actions pertain to self preservation

    And most of the actions these groups of humans take on a large scale pertain neither to their ultimate well being, nor the well being of the systems of life on this planet that support them.

    Since most of their actions are simply selfish, the average human being can be seen as little more than a thief supporting and electing bigger thieves to plunder for their continued lifestyle, as inadequate or unsustainable as that may be.

    No matter how much pollution gets caused by these individuals petty desires, they seek individuals who can keep them placated within this system which is all they know, it is reality as far as they are concerned.

    The problem arises when they come into contact with real reality that they wish to run back and hide in their comfort zone where someone else bears all responsibility over reality and presents a pretty picture to believe in of how things actually are.

    This type of activity only works to limit perception of alternate possibilities, and is fundamentally what this statement is against.

    The only means by which humans can even hope to come to terms with the actual reality that is out there effecting them and limiting their lives, is social, and the more connected we are the more we have to understand and the easier to seek out new and better interpretations of the events that are happening.

    THe more we work together and harness and share our unique perceptions the more quickly we can approach the truth of the situation that we find ourselves in.

    The more easily you can ascertain the actuality of the situation that surrounds you the better able you will be to control that situation in such a way that you can be happy with all of the consequences and become satisfied with your contributions to the security of your future on this planet.

    Your own satisfaction is not sufficient. All parties effected must also know all of the details and also be happy with it.

    Hidden details must not be kept secret from those who stand to be effected, and that could be anyone.

    Everyone deserves complete information and complete understanding.

    THe desires of the few, to pillage and pollute with complete disregard for the consequences the pollution has on other humans and other life-forms, without regard for your life at all except the vote that it counts for, the devaluing of human life to a mere vote between two alternatives is a terrible system of control that must be ultimately stopped.

    It cannot be stopped by individuals already trapped within the confines, but it can be influenced by helping people meander through the confines of their own limited limitless perception devices that are trapped in their own heads,

    as their hearts are so mislead by brand name images and confusing cute animated icons and logos that convey trust and harmlessness,

    it is in the face of such icons that we can be least likely to be comforted that we are receiving the truth

    it is under the harassment of these icons children are so easily mislead

    it is under the barrage of these icons that people are enslaved into worshiping something that does not exist as having value save in the minds of those mislead into believing that they can trust the icon

    No one ever gets to see what they really think of you, these people who make decisions that effect and mislead your lives, who hide behind closed doors and soundproof glass and security guards, discussing your future and how to keep you from finding out their secrets and problems of cost they hide by dumping their toxic waste into the ocean, an ocean which becomes unsafe to eat out of because of the activities of a few invisible humans and your blind support of their icons and the funding you provide them to continue causing problems which ultimately effect the quality of your reality.

    They try to keep you down any way they can. They pound you into the ground into smithereens with television and false messages while the real truth of the matter is waste and wanton disregard for your planet, your home, and your future.

    THe only plans they have for your future is that you become enslaved in their system,
    the more slaves they have the more easily they subsist, for now.

    Those who are intent on subsisting in this manner of becoming a parasite that traps it’s victims for life only to wield a profit at any consequence to any of the futures of any of the parties involved, can not count as government, and must not be allowed to count as accurate perception of reality,

    when the world seen through corporate eyes and interests is taken for reality, every human being touched by the consequences of waste and corruption will suffer.

    Every human being on the planet will suffer for the decisions that you make with complete disregard just to be richer than anyone else.

    There is always a cheaper way to do something, the cheaper way always has less regard for the consequences. Every action that is performed can either contribute to the overall well being of the system that is life on earth, or parasitic and destructive to this system. Every decision for a cheaper price over a better plan is never a good decision for anyone involved in life on this planet.

    The fact that they can save you money by polluting your ocean is never presented as a binary choice

    The fairness of the matter is withheld from you, the actual decision is kept from you, lest you manage to discover it.

    All motives of the “corporation” are for profit.

    You must know this yourself, that if there is EVER a choice between alternatives

    IF they can find a way to GET AWAY with ANYTHING, and save money, THEY WILL

    if they can find a way to control 90% of the members of government from their corporate board rooms, THEY WILL

    if they can find a way to trick you into buying their product and never inform you of ANY of their questionable business practices, THEY WILL

    If you expect someone is out there safeguarding your interests, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG


    you can only protect your interests by understanding them and being aware of them, your interests are your future, your life on this planet and your lives beyond this one.

    YOU must not have limited interests in only a few possibilities.

    You must not be merely interested with being fed and full. Your interests must spread from yourself and connect to everything that creates your existence that it is and has become.

    You must be deeply interested in that which creates you as you are and what your actions will do as you create the you of universe tomorrow.

    IF you fail to understand the system that created you, all the way back to the very beginnings of life, and the intention of that system being present in every life-form, plant or animal, that these systems share a common interest,

    The petty profit seeking interests of a few dumb individuals can defy the common interest of all lifeforms on the planet,

    these business practices may even be legal and upheld in courts of law that do not challenge the protected yet illegally wrong business practices

    There is a larger force at work on the planet, and very few if any human beings respect it, very few if any human beings are even a part of it

    It is your choice and sacred duty to become as close to your true position on this planet as possible, to become independent from all dependencies

    To become truly self aware,
    Self sustaining
    Self renewing
    Self defining
    Non manipulatable whole of human perception

    working together in harmony to perceive reality and eliminate faulty communications and incorrect perceptions and conclusions from clouding the judgement of anyone.

    For without unity in this cause to defy manipulation and secretive practices, to demand total and public disclosure and truth, not simply what they want to tell you.

    To sink within this system of lies, deceit, and undeserved control without doing everything in your power to fight it is unacceptable.

    Together we can win, let our concerns be with doing what is right, regardless of the cost, and a realization that the cost of doing what is right is unworthy of consideration.

    True freedom from the influence of faulty systems is worth any amount of work, you cannot put a price on how much it has cost to get here, and it will take manny efforts to go ever further.

    The hardest thing to perceive is that there is a lot more that matters than ourselves, and the more of it you can see the more powerful you will be to protect that which cannot protect itself from the greedy and self destructive interests of human beings.