I’d like to proudly report that I’m just now aware that VidzBigger earned its first cent! I’m not exactly sure when this happen but someone clicked some adsense they were interested in at some point in the month of may. I couldn’t be more pleased to finally see it amount to something I can eat (well, once I reach the payment threshold lol)!

Queries Clicks CTR eCPM [?] Earnings
AdSense for Content top channels 1,938 2 0.10% $0.00 $0.01
AdSense for Search top channels 20 0 0.00% $0.00 $0.00

This is a small drop in the bucket of the long way in even breaking even (I estimate $5,000+ in raw hours of work easily) however its a start at least, and it does feel pretty good to realize this just now that I feel less cynical for a second, 4,999.99 sounds much better than 5k! then slap myself in the face for glowing since by next week it will be more hours than that anyway, however thanks to everyone who has helped and supported VidzBigger thus far. It would not be where it is today if not for your help and support! To me, as of now, VidzBigger is worth at least 4 times what it cost me to make, and possibly much more than that given whats planned, so its not as if I feel exactly cheated, its just that the investment has no practical value when I’m not watching videos, and I plan to spend most of my life not watching videos! I’d rather make videos to watch. If your interested in supporting VidzBigger please donate. Do not click ads you have no genuine interest in! Isn’t 60% too low? I wish I knew how much they made per click i got paid for? I guess once I reach the threshold I’ll have to try something else….. lol Lower payouts on lower value ads is OK if the percent stays consistent…. at 80 rofl but only by relative comparison, even that’s pretty damn low if you ask me.