My basic question is does this water contain sodium fluoride additive, and then, if so, why is it not listed in the ingredients?

Sodium fluoride is a terrible industrial waste byproduct that pesticide manufacturers sell to municipalities to make money since it’s illegal to dump it as it very well should be. It doesn’t have any beneficial effect, and actually weakens bones, making teeth brittle, and doesn’t achieve any of the promised beneficial effects. About the only thing that this toxic chemical does achieve is killing germs, however it’s really not fit for human consumption.

Several studies done in china linked lower IQ in cities with higher levels of fluoride in the water. Very many countries that looked at the substantial evidence rejected water fluoridation. It’s a terrible scam that makes companies rich and steals physical and mental resources from the public creating dumber consumers and voters.

The fact that people accept the definition of “water” that it might contain any number of harmful pollutants, and list only “water” on the ingredients troubles me. The same goes for “milk”, not all milk is created equal, it’s hard to consider an ingredient, what ingredients and lifestyle went into the cow that the milk came from? Specifically if it’s a BGH cow, then it should say BGH milk. It’s amazing how little information is actually in an ingredient list, and a great many people want to keep it that way, but it’s not good for the public at large.

It’s a horrible thing when business takes advantage of consensus realities such as fluoride is good, milk is milk, to sell things. I feel it’s the responsibility of business to create educated consumers who will be more willing to buy better products. If there is no information and none of the products say one way or the other then people will likely buy the least expensive product, which is not necessarily in your interest either.

Making or selling any water that actually can claim to be fluoride free, chlorine free, will not only raise public awareness about the issue, but will also allow you to charge a premium for that product, although quite honestly no water consumed by humans anywhere in the world should contain any sodium fluoride whatsoever.

There are other types of fluoride other than sodium fluoride that are more natural, less intense, and not nearly as bad for people to consume. A small amount may help dental health since it does kill germs, however swallowing it or in any way leaving any of it in the body allows it to build up in ones system and it makes all calcium based structures such as teeth and bones brittle and weak. I would love to see this harmful pollutant taken out of public drinking water everywhere, and also more upfront honestly about it’s inclusion in food products.

Regardless of the legality and how easy it is to get away with not mentioning it, secrecy regarding this topic is exactly what’s allowing them to get away with it for years, and someone needs to take a stand against the policy of ignorance regarding the details of it’s inclusion in beverages and other products. Consumers do not have expensive kits that allow testing of what is actually in the product, and if they can’t trust or rely on the ingredients list, then what other power do they have to make informed buying decisions?

Anything substance that is effectively forced on the entire public and kept shrouded in secrecy can never be any good for the public, so the question becomes who is the responsible body that decides to serve the public interest, that decides to stand out from the sea of groups that server only their own financial bottom line, and be the first to take the stand, in doing what is right, pushing in the direction of increased awareness.