EDIT: I don’t think this post sparked the debate, but I wouldn’t take any of this as evidence that vaccines should be skipped. Can they be used for evil? Certainly. Is the intent evil? No. Do they cause harm? Maybe in some cases. Is the harm greater than the good? Probably not. Vaccines keep us safe but they keep the population growing. Is that really a good thing? Who knows. In any case here is the post:

Forcing anything is the opposite of freedom. No party that can maditorially force some substance on the public can be trusted to be serving the public’s interest. To force someone to take “their medication” is something reserved for patients in a psych ward or death row in a dog pound. To impose technology on the whole of a public is that public’s decision, any members of that community that forcibly try to inject someone else may as well be trying to murder them and restrict their freedom, if isolated communities wanted to mandate such an awful thing, people could at least move away easily, however the government mandating such a thing is both backwards and unfair, and cannot be trusted, especially since vaccines poison much of the youth of the population with mercury anyway, there are any number of mandatory horrible things that are forced on people, from drinking chlorine and fluoride in the water (a devious toxic manufacturing byproduct disposal plan) to waiting at lights when there is no traffic. Forcing people to not fight illnesses themselves and relinquish control to a protective government will only be a weaker populous for it, which is precisely the goals of this bill and much legislation, which will never in fact succeed at digging us out of the financial crisis. Simple education solves more problems including getting sick than any other program. By forcing something physical on people, you may as well be raping them.

A strong government can criticize it’s former decision as wrong public-ally and move on stronger and more trustworthy for it. Get rid of your connections with powerful enemies of the American public and you will be doing yourself and all of us a lot of good. If you think yourselves and the FDA can trust them to present the facts to you, your not realizing the financial motives of industries and corporations are the most selfish motives imaginable, driven by the collective greed of a huge mass of individuals invested in one thing, to protect the interests of the organization at any cost, which legally refer to the corporation that takes investments being bound to being profitable, and the corporation being tried as an individual, in spite of the fact that this individual is formed out of the most despicably deceptive conglomerate of all the worst parts of every individual involved in that corporation imaginable. You may as well be trying the largest psychopathic murderers in existence with the most charm and the most cunning formed out of a summation of all of their misplaced and highly lensed protective interests that serve only their corporate bottom line without any regard for any consequence they can get away with, while none of the victims even get to speak their part and these horribly unamerican people get away with merely a warning, and something very wrong is being stolen from the public.

The vaccine from an individual standpoint is not necessarily the problem so much as those who would have the power are far too deeply in the pockets of organizations that cannot be trusted, that the government simply cannot be trusted with a task of such gravity, since as soon as you start injecting the entire public with any “protective” measure, someone will release the plague to eliminate everyone who does not cooperate. Those that wish to have only sheeple with no determination whatsoever, those corporations that see individuals only as the consumer, who think the consumer serves them and not the former, those powers that seek to coerce and control that are not american and the least american of all, whose only self determination is a profit motive that undermines all of their actions into doing the wrong thing for money.

I strongly agree with Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD:

“There is no significant scientific agreement that the influenza vaccine has any health benefits at all; much evidence it is harmful. For example, the only peer reviewed, published meta-review of various flu vaccine clinical studies (the Grier, King, Grier paper) shows statistically that there is no benefit. Additionally, we believe the record will show that there were at least 200 miscarriages associated with receiving the 2009 H1N1 vaccines (while in a “normal” flu season there are from 0 to 7). Therefore we are justified in demanding the removal of these dangerous toxins from the health care system.”

I am very troubled by this fact:

“For the 2010-2011 flu season, which begins in the fall of 2010, the seasonal flu vaccine will include [sic] protection against the 2009 H1N1 vaccine.” - http://www.flu.gov/individualfamily/vaccination/index.html

FDA/CDC says the H1N1 virus was “novel” with pandemic potential, but the swine flu vaccine was “just a change of strain” not needing safety testing. Now after the cover-up of hundreds of deaths from the vaccines, these novel toxins are being added to the annual flu vaccine, I am concerned that I and my family may be exposed to novel viruses for no significant benefit.

I PETITION THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: that all influenza vaccines be IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from the market until full safety testing, the removal of all mercury and other toxins (even in “trace” amounts) and actual, independent, third party proof that the vaccines are safe and effective and will not spread the influenza.

This Petition is submitted independently but with reference to FDA Citizens Petition Docket No. FDA-2009-P-0418


This is an important matter to me and I will take your actions in support of my petition for redress into consideration when voting.