That’s right gang We’re back in business!

I managed to scrape together enough funds to renew my domain name! No thanks to you, but Your in luck for sure.

Next time this happens, act before it happens! If you buy my domain name for a year it could be very worth your while, If you like I’ll let people know who in part the services of this site are brought to you by, wouldn’t you like it to be you? Well I certainly would!

I’m very flexible person. As long as you don’t stand for something that I completely hate then I don’t see why I wouldn’t support you!

One example of my generousness is the things I advertise, since I never make any money from them. I haven’t checked how many impressions yet but certainly a lot more than I promised, and I’m happy to help out. I can only hope my efforts are worth your while because sometimes I severely question if they are worth mine! In any case cheers, sorry for not posting very frequently, and if you know anything about surgery and like doing it so much you’ll almost do it for free, please contact me! I’ve got some fun projects for you. Thanks for your support.