Then you’re not looking at all. Sorry, I’m just a tiny bit fed up…

BP Oil Slick Cover Up

Oil spills are simply unacceptable. Having oil is simply not worth the risk. Man made disasters are not to interfere with nature. Humanity is not worth it in the sense of being better than all other life that it deserves to tromp around all over the planet and everything else simply because they can. Just because they make ti legal and say that it’s mandated and legitimate does not make it right. Making excuses that things are impossible or cannot be done a certain way indicates one thing and one thing only, you aren’t working with experts. Your working with people who would rather tip toe around the problem hoping it solves itself. Do these people deserve the oil that they would pollute to get?

Undisturbed oil contains a lot more information than anyone in the business of pumping it can appreciate. I would imagine undisturbed oceans would contain even more, considering they are full of beings you would consider alive. It’s funny how humans can’t seem to touch anything without breaking it, but somehow especially when they cause the problem, which makes the least sense of all. Once your already in over your head, it is impossible to get in any further. Once your so deep into your own horrible cyclic trap there is no way you will ever escape the horror that is the limits of your own self preserving imagination. When things do not deserve to exist, some entity must have the power to stop everything.

Does not the fall of society into utter chaos seem appealing? Those that exist keep dying to crave it. Why is it that we cannot simply leave outdated industries out to try, pull them out of the viscous cycle that is the washing machine, and let them try up, and see if they can manage to find something better to do with their time that isn’t polluting the world which is not theirs to pollute at all.

To be so arrogant as to exist in a shared space, this bubble of the planet, and presume total freedom to do anything, and especially if no humans notice, that you should get away with it? Who stands up for the voices of the countless lifeforms that have already died as a result of the oil spill who barely a human board member of the oil industry has bothered to consider a serious threat? Which is the force that makes untold millions of weak voices speak the threat they tried to scream as they were snuffed out of existence? How can one even begin to imagine the harm that has been caused, and why is it that humans are so detached from the horrendous events as to not even notice.

Is it that we too are so weak to fight this force that our outrage also goes unexpressed? How is it possible that we have sacrificed so much control to these powers who we even send young to risk their lives and die to protect, who would de-regulate these horrors of industries and let them romp free on our green world wreaking any havoc they can convince us they didn’t do? A pretty unicorn dancing in a television commercial goes a long way to convincing the poor childish minds of this world that something is safe and friendly, when in reality there is no surmounting the distance this corporate image brainwashed into us on tv sits from the truth of their practices.

They had you at, when you press the gas, it goes, and it’s a sad state of affairs when historic technologies that belong in museums for us to laugh at are still considered the main even as far as transportation goes. There are so may people involved who should have been out of a job a long time ago. The whaling industry use to be the primary source of oil for society, but eventually they went extinct. Modern drilling too is doomed to go the way of the dinosaur. Oil usage itself is also equally doomed. Saving a dying industry to save jobs is hardly worth it when innovative minds will always find something new to do, and given what they know, if they have any tingling of self determinism in them, or awareness of what they have been doing, will always try to do something better when given the choice.

The problem is the lack of choice, the lack of freedom, over decisions. Regulations are double edged in that some of them break up powers that be and ultimately help individuals from being enslaved by their forces. This is the benefit, there is however another type of regulation that is inherently scientific and confusing, where things that are not good for you at all are mandated as necessary food or water additives. They do all these things under the guise of protecting you. I don’t mind that pasteurized milk is available, but shouldn’t there always be some choice? And not just any degree of choice, but total choice in the matter, and of that all matters.

The problem arises at the human minds frequent lack of ability to have at hand all required information to make decisions. The necessary lab work to determine somethings effectiveness is always done rather quickly even by professionals, so how can we expect any degree of professional decision making from any individuals trying to to the lines in the market before the rush? How is it that we can separate and distinguish information more quickly that we might include complete information on the boxes, instead of merely the bare limit to how much they have to say to legally get away with selling it.

How complete is complete enough? Can you tell me the answer to that simple question? Is anything ever complete enough? How can you tell? Quite honestly nothing is ever complete, if you think that there is such an amount as enough care attention or regulation you are wrong. No matter what rules you make people will find ways around them and snaky ways to deceive even the smart individual. Can you as an individual compete against the hundreds of thousands of minds conspiring against you? Under the guise of your protection, often even the most well intentioned regulation is corrupted by corporate and other financial interests that mange to force their products through FDA approval simply to get the stamp, and once they have the approval they try to mandate and force their interests on everyone.

Our enemies have infinite time to think and plan about what to do. It is only the slowness of the public to catch up that industries bank on, keeping everyone confused enough about what is actually going on to make a profit. These types of practices are historic, and so pervasive in society even today that most people don’t even realize they exist. These old clever forces have been around so long they already know very well how to hide their influences from the likes of you. People are ultimately the prey of organizations. You work hard your entire life, blood sweat and tears, accepting meager rewards, only to fatten someone else’s pocket book while selling out your entire friends and family in the process by sharing everything you know about how to sell things to the people you know.

It’s sad but true we are in a deception economy more than ever, and every deception economy is always doomed to failure eventually. The only wise thing to do is move on to a better an better deception that is more complete and more accurate representation of reality, that people who rely on the old ways can no longer succeed, while at the same time, the new ways will also eventually fail too, and it is in this awareness that you can create a more fluid understanding of reality and build better bridges to better futures instead of building a bridge that loops right back to roughly where we were yesterday, to envision and realize tomorrow will propel you into next week, to be propelled will blast you into next month, that innovation does not wait, does not punch in, does not punch out. Innovation avoids being trapped at all costs.

Ending up n someone else’s pocketbook may seem unavoidable but you may think very little is possible, there are always better options than you can imagine, all you have to do is reward innovation first and foremost instead of punishing it or being threatened by it, and it may find a use for you yet other than financial support.

If I had the money I would have solved the oil leak. I would have consulted my personal team of experts, and if possible solved it without talking to the culprits at all. The long drawn out leak is clearly what they wanted, and it is simply unacceptable. Am I the terrorist for secretly sealing their leaking well, or are they fundamentally destroying the planet which cannot defend itself and getting away with it because they have some undeserved jurisdiction over how the problem is solved?

You cannot really allow such practices to exist. Earth is far too valuable and too young to throw to these dogs who would gladly consume every last drop of life on earth and try to move on to destroy more life until they ran out of gas. These beings have no future among us. It is a sorry state of affairs when people passively accept this and non threatening. Will a terrorist plane hit your home today? What if I told you even though there are way more people than you can count, that your percent ownership of the ocean is still probably the most valuable asset you own. There are many assets in this world, and to allow any that lay claim on them to destroy them for everyone else is unacceptable. The only way to have a solid record of history in the distant future is to preserve the life of earth as best as possible without contaminating it with our own petty interests, to clean up all man-made messes and leave earth to more deserving lifeforms to evolve freely.