This website is a blog of personal transient thoughts and feelings from years past. This content may not be read or understood by anyone. Information you determine (especially) from INTERNET sources is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. YOU'RE READING IT WRONG; SOME OF IT IS WRONG. THERE ARE CONTRADICTIONS HEREIN. * disclaimer: this is a blog, not legal advice (either). I'm not sure why anyone would think so, but if you are loosing your mind and about to do something crazy there are real life human people who can help you, and there is always a better way than staring at the same word or viewpoint over and over pretending it means something in entirety, when it is just a thought, component, spare part, chunk, stanza, adversarial prose, or otherwise ill intentioned viewpoint stated for what it is, as a contrast to other thoughts. PLESE CONSIDER THERE TO BE AN ASTRIX BETWEEN EVERY SECOND WORD IN REFERENCE TO ABOVE If you view a single statement has having a particular purpose, you are incorrect. If you take in account all other statements, to the contrary, or otherwise indirectly linked, as in normal human thought, you are a lot closer. The purpose is interpretive. If it doesn't make sense, or does make sense, I think both readings are likely wrong. This blog is in the style of you should say what you are thinking, right or wrong. As a practice, sharing is or may very well be the best action. I'm not leaving anything out. Go ahead say it! Don't say I didn't warn you. * So what if actions matter; if thought doesn't? Can actions matter if thought doesn't? I would dare say; before you act; make sure the thoughts behind the action actually matter. But even having checked those facts, can you really be so sure? Your decisive actions are your own, and you will be judged for those. The result of reading any of this shouldn't accomplish any decisive result. If you achieve a result other than mixed feelings, there might be something wrong. Sorry for sharing. Minimize
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