Victor: I have been using vidzbigger for a while but recently whenever I tried to go to youtube I would get a blank page. However after disabling vidzbigger I could get onto the site. I have since uninstalled vidzbigger until a fix is available. Thanks for the extension though, it was great while it lasted.

All I can say is I couldn’t agree more and I’m very sorry this type of thing would happen to you. It works great for me. There is nothing I can do unfortunately however I might suggest that there could be a conflict of some type that would cause this. Disabling certain plugins might fix it. If its a conflict of interests then thats unacceptable but possible. I try not to be paranoid nutcase however its difficult to not blame the powers that be for being paranoid that I am a threat to them, and they threaten me to try to tempt me into their trap like big stupid spiders and its hard not to want to squish them for not being humans or at least not acting like real ones, I have a funny feeling they will get what they are asking for ultimately and its only out of pity that they aren’t already gone although I’m not sure if they deserve it, they steal pity regardless without asking for it and employ a wide variety of sub human tactics. You ISP could be the culprit. It might be silverlight or the flash version. It could be just about anything! You’re not the only person this has happened to, and others have been force to suffer other consequences unfairly which I feel pretty horrible about responsibility being pinned on me when it wasn’t me that created these problems that might be solved by different or superior hardware being more available.

There is an auto reload feature under display which will click refresh automatically when the screen goes white however refreshing the page only solves this issue for some people. If certain abilities are made available in chrome this entire issue could probably be avoided quite easily. Unchecking share view statistics may also mysteriously solve this problem but you might have to set this via cookies. Clearing all your cookies for youtube might help at least temporarily
All I can say is thanks for using VidzBigger and I hope that it works the way it’s suppose to someday. Let me know if you ever figure it out! I bet someone already knows but doesn’t have the guts to help or explain or would want something in return or are too afraid to ask or volunteer anything or its some test they expect me to solve on my own. I’m glad that you shared this with me and I can only hope more people have the tenacity to bring me information and help me to make this public in a way that works for everyone, so Thank You!

I will try to release a method of changing preferences without running the extension although chances are the problem is not that easily solvable, and without considerable time or effort and this would not make a difference. If we can map effected regions or groups in some consistent way then we could probably take out this particular problem but so far there isn’t much information that I’m aware of that would help.